Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe

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Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe Subscribe to Science Time: 🤍🤍 Brian Cox talks about the early Universe and it's subsequent evolution. From quantum mechanics to large scale structure of the Universe Cox explains how we are able to unlock the secrets of the Cosmos. It is astonishing to think how modern physics of the 20th century has unveiled some of the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. And yet again...We may be on the verge of discovering the mechanisms that explain in great detail our Universe and our place in it. #ProfBrianCox #Universe #science Sources: 🤍🤍 🤍 🤍🤍 "MIPIM 2013 day one: Professor Brian Cox talks on the Manchester stand MIPIM 2013" by EG Focus is marked with CC BY 2.0.

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Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe
Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe
Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe
Brian Cox - Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics of The Early Universe
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Phillip Bedwell
2023-05-12 06:04:15

This is so interesting 🤔

Bob Franklin
2022-12-19 19:40:02

Ponce voice

Dean Irvine
2022-10-25 15:26:13

could anybody please tell me is antimatter monopole or diapole ?

Josef Navrátil
2022-10-14 15:46:19

my opinion

Dean Crossley
2022-10-03 17:52:36

Love and like your clips and style of narrating, keep on keeping on cheer's our kid xdx

2022-09-05 21:14:01

Kingdom of God is laid out before the eyes of men but men do not see it

Nathaniel Anderson
2022-07-23 21:45:14

The Big Bang is not a fact . It's a theory. We have more evidence of Bigfoot than we do for the Big Bang.

Andrew K
2022-06-24 20:00:39

Would anyone happen to know the book he mentions at y8fcNDZkgqk&t=8m07s 8:07 ? Thanks!

New Boy Genius
2022-05-15 21:53:58 #HoodNews 🗞

2022-04-05 21:39:20

Maybe the Big Bang is the result of a particle with gargantuan mass in some infinite vacuum that became unstable and decayed into all the matter and energy the universe is made of today. I call it the Genesis Particle. Could a Genesis Particle model have combined gravity with the other 3 forces?

Van sf
2022-04-04 05:57:06

The theory of big bang can never be any part of understanding the universe parallelly to objective reality without any human subjective interpretation

The Universe
2022-04-04 05:40:32

It would be very fascinating to know what complimentary relation does BEC has with Quark Gluon plasma

Jane Doe
2022-04-03 14:22:57

God is the strings.
God quietly moves what God feels God should move.
The strings are theoretical and physically there.
They are as small and as big as God wants.
God is the largest particle in the multiverse.
In existence.
God is also the smallest particle in existence.

Tahsin Faiyaz
2022-04-02 14:35:03

Hi Josh Birk from the 3rd street saints

john hartman
2022-04-02 09:53:37

If red-shift is a misunderstood concept, you all just wasted a lot of our time taking a house-of-cards to a beginning. Relativity does not work until your data is "transformed." This means that it is a theory that creates itself, even if it is not true by changing length, mass, and time. There is and always has been a NON-TRANSFORMED reality left behind ignored. Lastly, describing is NOT understanding. Math can lie to you by being analogous.

Football old boy
2022-04-01 07:24:00

And that is how the iPhone was made. Depressing ain't it that we used all this chance, fate and genius to create devices designed to no longer talk in person!

Robert Canoue
2022-03-31 16:30:36

Idea for a video,discuss please, what happens to are planet as the the overall mass decreases,from sending millions of tonnes of spaceships,satelites,ect.into space.Would decreasing the mass,however small,increase the speed the earth is going,gravity,and cause global warming?,just bored,was wondering your thoughts

Jade Thom
2022-03-30 15:44:21

Thank you oh so much for interrupting these explanations with brain dead advertising every three minutes. If you are any way involved in advertising, you should be chained up and left at the low tide mark.

Alex J
2022-03-30 08:32:35

Scientists still cant define energy. We need a bigger particle collider.

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