Cozy Cottage by the River: Relaxing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video 🌙🏡🌳

Night Dreams

Night Dreams

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Welcome to The Cozy Cottage by the River with Soothing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video. This video is perfect for those who want to unwind and relax after a long day. Immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of the river and the soothing stream as you watch the night sky. The video features a cozy cottage by the river, surrounded by trees and nature. You can hear the sounds of crickets, frogs, and other night creatures, creating a calming and serene atmosphere. Our video is perfect for meditation, relaxation, or as a sleep aid. Let the sounds of nature transport you to a place of tranquility, away from the chaos of everyday life. The video is also great for creating a peaceful ambiance in your home or office. We hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more relaxing videos like this one. Thank you for watching! _ Visit my channel : 🤍🤍 Spring Videos: 🤍 Rain videos: 🤍🤍 Autumn Videos: 🤍🤍 Crackling Fireplace Videos: 🤍🤍 Christmas Videos: 🤍🤍 Snow Videos: 🤍🤍 Halloween Videos: 🤍 _ If you need a peaceful place where refocus your mind or have some relax, you found it. I create realistic 3d videos where you can immerse yourself to calm down and escape from ordinary life. You can use them to concentrate on study or fall asleep. SOUNDS: Nature is our mother and all of her sounds are lullabies for our stressed minds. All you have to do is capturing the external positive energy of these sounds and bringing it inside of your mind. This energy slowly vibrates into your heart and magic happens: Relax, Healed, Focused, Peaceful. VISIONS: When you dream you can go everywhere. Limit is not a possible word. Unlock your imagination and feel free to take your mind where it wants. Our minds have a sort of hidden gate, you can explorate by yourself or if you need help this channel is here for that. SOFTWARE USED: Blender 3 Unreal Engine 5 After Effects Davinci Resolve COPYRIGHT: Mixing: Night Dreams Artwork: By Nightdreams Credits: Night Dreams

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Cozy Cottage by the River: Relaxing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video 🌙🏡🌳
Cozy Cottage by the River: Relaxing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video 🌙🏡🌳
Cozy Cottage by the River: Relaxing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video 🌙🏡🌳
Cozy Cottage by the River: Relaxing Stream and Night Sounds - Relaxing Ambience Video 🌙🏡🌳
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-04 16:38:25


2023-09-02 00:02:57

There are many night relaxing videos with river lakes frogs and crickets but this one is the most relaxing in my opinion! Thanks very beautiful animation ;)

2023-08-06 04:11:29


2023-08-05 18:48:59

Wow Super ! Thanks 🤩😘

Sounds Of The World Extended
2023-08-04 01:05:20

This scenery is so beautiful and relaxing. I wish my channel had videos like that. I enjoyed watching this one. Thanks for sharing.

Alicia Estrada
2023-07-29 07:09:32

Sweet Sleep 💤💜🌙 xoxo

gizmo white
2023-07-17 21:55:40

Thank you this is just what I needed to help me 🙏

2023-07-14 17:46:59

Great night of relaxing sleep! I just noticed the reflection on the door from the porch chair! I love your detail.!

Sarah Neufeld
2023-07-14 08:34:36

The longer I look at this one, the more impressed I am by all the subtle movement. The branches of the tree, the swaying lights, the blossoms on the bank; it all looks really natural, and that seems extremely hard to pull off. Very well done.

2023-07-13 20:22:01

This is the most beautiful and relaxing sleep video I have seen and I have seen hundreds. So tranquil and beautiful! Thank you so much! I recently went through a small unpleasant unpredictable situation. This has helped me to restore my peace. God bless you!

Teresa S
2023-07-01 03:07:45


2023-06-22 20:07:13

This is my favorite ambient video ever! You are very talented Night Dreams.

2023-06-11 05:56:13


Música Relajante
2023-06-11 05:18:51

I wish I had this music to listen to over the years, it’s so perfect so peaceful so relaxing and it helps a lot. It’s okay to be sad it’s okay to be alone. You are stronger than you know ❤

2023-06-08 23:38:39

I absolutely love this

Jane James
2023-06-08 02:09:48


2023-06-07 00:37:19

This is absolutely beautiful in every way. The only critique I have, and obviously it may just be me, but I do think the cricket is a tad bit repetitive and alarm clock sounding. Other than that it’s nothing but perfection, and your work is phenomenal.

Deeann Kan 🦋
2023-05-30 06:34:35

Love this one so much!!!!❤❤ 😮😊

Shawn Eldridge
2023-05-26 11:35:43

(( 🧘 )) looks like a very nice spot to do some meditation are just to relax here.
Whatever the case may be, it's just a lovely night to have some alone time, which by the way we all can use that every now and then.
Enjoying this

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