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What’s the BIG DEAL with the NEW Airbus A321XLR?!


Get 20% discount on the yearly subscription of Brilliant by using this code 👉🏻 🤍 Thank you BRILLIANT for sponsoring todays video! During the last few years, more and more narrow-body aircraft with extreme range capabilities have appeared. In June 2022 Airbus did the first test-flight with its A321XLR which will have a range of over 4700 nautical miles. So why is this happening? Are Narrow-body's the future of long haul aviation because of its higher efficiency? As expected, its a very complicated story which I will explain to you in todays video. Enjoy! If you want to support the work I do on the channel, join my Patreon crew and get awesome perks and help me move the channel forward! 👇 👉🏻 🤍 👉🏻 Check out our other channel here: Get the Mentour Aviation app and discuss what You think about this! Download the app for FREE using the link below 👇 📲🤍 📲 Join the Mentour Pilot Discord server here! 👉🏻 🤍 I have also created an Amazon page with Aviation books, material and flight simulator stuff that I think you will enjoy! 👉🏻 🤍 Follow my life on instagram and get awesome pictures from the cockpit! 📲 🤍 To find the right HEADSET for YOU, check out BOSE Aviation 👉🏻 🤍 Get some Awesome Mentour Pilot merch 👉🏻 🤍 Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out! Sources: Videos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Photos 🤍 Sources 🤍 🤍 🤍 Chapters Intro: What Airbus Is Doing 0:25 Launching the A321XLR 1:11 Single-aisle Long-haul: Why? 3:30 How Many Passengers? 5:00 Fewer Passengers Means Less Luggage, Cargo 6:27 Enter The A321XLR 8:00 Certification Worries? 9:27 Conclusion/Epilogue – And Boeing? 11:07

The Airbus A320 vs A321: What Plane Is Best?


The A320 was the aircraft that caused European planemaker Airbus to become a household name in commercial aviation. Before it even took flight, the short and medium-haul jet had already amassed over 400 orders and it’s only skyrocketed since. We can compare this to the first Airbus type, the A300, which only had 15. The Airbus A320 series would quickly become a leading product for the company and a staple with airlines worldwide. Only one year after the launch of the A320, Airbus announced a stretched derivative of the now-classic aircraft - the A321. Let's take a look at the two siblings side-by-side and see how they compare to each other. For the purpose of this video, we have the classic A320 and the A321 facing off against each other. However, we will also examine the new versions that have hit the market (the 'neo', or new engine option). While certain models at first glance seem quite clearly to come out on top, it depends a little bit on airline preference and what they intend to use them for. So, let’s get started! Article link: 🤍 Our Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Our Website 🤍 For copyright matters please contact us at: legal🤍

Airbus A321 - becoming an ace of trumps


The Airbus A321 is a medium-range passenger aircraft created by Airbus in the early 1990s on the basis of Airbus A320 and is part of the family. Unlike the medium-haul A320, the A321 is a version claiming longer routes, that for a long time have been occupied by the Boeing 757. However, this desire was limited by technical and corporate capabilities. With the advent of the NEO generation, the situation has changed drastically, and the big brother, who was previously considered practically an outsider, may now become one of the foundations of Airbus commercial aviation. Let's see how it manages that. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to the channel, comment, like! If you want to support Skyships and our work, welcome to our Patreon. We will create some special content for you there: 🤍 Our Facebook: 🤍

EVERY Airline WANTS Airbus A321neo - Here's Why


While the aviation industry is trying to find its bearing from the catastrophe of the pandemic, airlines are opting-in for an airplane that can meet the new standard and requirements, which the aviation industry has set up. The Airbus A321neo is blowing minds with its many abilities and this has caused many airlines to make this airplane a top choice/priority. Is this aircraft specially made to meet the new demands that come with the pandemic or Airbus was fortunate to have had this aircraft figured out. How is this Airbus A321neo plane going to change the way we fly, might be the popping question in your head right now? You’ll find out in this video, as I’ll be sharing detailed facts about the Airbus A321neo, and a lot of details you shouldn’t skip or miss. Want to watch more, please SUBSCRIBE for many more videos like these. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 To watch videos of new planes, check out the links below: New Videos EVERY WEEK

AIRBUS A321NEO Takeoff from Frankfurt | 8 Cameras in Cockpit



The Airbus A321 Has A Problem


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#A321XLR takes off for the first time


Hamburg, 15 June 2022 – Airbus’ first A321XLR (Xtra Long Range) has successfully accomplished its first flight. The aircraft, MSN 11000, took off from Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport at 11:05 hrs CEST for a test flight which lasted approximately four hours and 35 minutes. The aircraft’s crew consisted of experimental test pilots Thierry Diez and GabrielDiaz de Villegas Giron, as well as test engineers Frank Hohmeister, Philippe Pupin and Mehdi Zeddoun. During the flight, the crew tested the aircraft’s flight controls, engines and main systems, including flight envelope protections, both at high and low speed. More info: 🤍

Comparison of Airbus A321 XLR and Boeing 737 max 9


Comparison of Airbus A321 XLR and Boeing 737 max 9. The Boeing 737 Max is a longer version of the 737-900, with a fuselage that is longer than the Max 8. Boeing has increased the range of its aircraft to 6,676 kilometres. With an order for 201 planes in 2012, Lion Air was the first customer. It took off for the first time on April 13, 2017. The inaugural flight of the Airbus A321 took place in 1993, and it is predominantly employed by American, China Southern, and Delta airlines. Airbus has constructed 2418 planes so far and will continue to do so until 2021. It now has a new variation, the A321 neo. #A321neo #B737max #A321xlr #USA #Boeing #Airbus #aircraft

10 Things You Must Know About The Airbus A321XLR


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 - Enter promo code LONGHAUL for 83% off and 3 extra months for FREE! With a HUGE range of 8700KM, the Airbus A321XLR is a game-changing aircraft that is coming sooner than you might think... Here are 10 things you should know about this ultra long-haul narrowbody aircraft. The A321XLR could change a lot about how we fly currently, and there’s certainly more we could discuss here. Are you looking forward to the new possibilities, or would you prefer widebodies for longer flights? Let us know your thoughts about this, and the wider possibilities and adoption, of the A321XLR in the comments. With thanks to our video sources: 🤍 Simple Flying: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍



This Airbus A321 Neo of Wizz Air had to go through some rough tests before its delivery from Hamburg Finkenwerder. In this video you can see a typical test procedure of a new plane before it gets delivered to the airline. Brake tests, rejected takeoffs and high speed taxi tests are always a part of the certification process. The Wizz Airbus A321 neo departed about five hours after the brake test and I filmed it departing right in front of a big ship which was on its way to the harbour of Hamburg on the river Elbe. The Sprit Airbus A320 neo which is also included in this video departed for a test flight and returned to Hamburg Finkenwerder right before sunset. Great looking livery in my opinion. If you take a look at the landing footage of the Spirit Airbus A320 neo you can see the brake marks of the Airbus A321neo which rejected its takeoff in the morning hours. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.

Wizz Air A321neo - The World's Densest Airbus A321!


I flew the densest A321neo configuration in the world 😱 SHOP MERCH: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Referral links: $40 OFF AIRBNB: 🤍 END YOUR FEAR OF FLYING: 🤍 FREE GUIDE: Top 5 Tips For Finding The Cheapest Flights - 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Paid: $122 roundtrip My camera gear - Big camera: 🤍 GoPro: 🤍 GoPro mount (put it anywhere): 🤍 Wide-angle lens: 🤍 Zoom lens:🤍 Clip microphone: 🤍 FAQ: Info about me: 🤍 Draw My Life: 🤍 Airline: Wizzair Aircraft: Airbus A321neo ACF Aircraft registration: HA-LVA Flight date: August 18th, 2019 Route: Gothenburg - Budapest Flight numbers: W62406 Seat: 29F Contact for general questions and business inquiries: hi🤍 ———————————————————————— Music: 🤍 ———————————————————————— This video and its sound are protected by YouTube copyright, ​and any unapproved use in other videos will be reported.

TRIP REPORT | The Best European Airline! | Turkish Airlines A321 | Istanbul to Vienna


Turkish Airlines Trip Report flying from Istanbul to Vienna onboard one of the Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 Sharklets on a lovely summer afternoon over Eastern Europe. A super-comfortable flight from Istanbul to Vienna onboard a Turkish Airlines A321. When you fly with Turkish Airlines, even if it is on a short European flight, you see perfectly why they were awarded several years in a row as The Best European Airline. Turkish Airlines can't be compared with any other European legacy airline. It's as simple as that. They are well above any other European flag carrier. The onboard service is just delicious and you even have 2 options for the hot meal! The planes are equipped with WiFi, personal screen, the legroom is good in all seats... Based on my personal experience, Turkish Airlines deserves all the prices they earned all these years. Even now, when all legacy airlines are reducing services, Turkish Airlines keeps the same high standards they had before the pandemic. And now, with the new Istanbul airport, they also have most probably the best European airport. It's completely new, huge and full of everything you can imagine. Of course, other airports in the world can beat the new Istanbul airport, but I can't recall any in Europe. Can you? Have you ever flown with Turkish Airlines? How was the experience? Have you been to the new Istanbul airport? What do you think about the Turkish Airlines onboard service? What is your favorite airport? Do you think Turkish Airlines is the best airline in Europe? Lots of things to talk about! As always, see you in the comments section! ✈ BECOME A MEMBER! Join the OnBoardHD crew and support your favorite channel! More info here: 🤍 FLIGHT INFO: · Airline: TURKISH AIRLINES · Airplane: Airbus A321 Sharklets · Flight number: THY1887 - TK1887 · AIRPORTS: - Departure: Istanbul (IST- LTFM) - Arrival: Vienna (VIE - LOWW) · Departure Gate: A11 · Seat: 8F · Registration: TC-JTP · Date of recording: September 2021 · Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra (in UHD 4K). - TOP PLAYLISTS OnBoardHD - ✈ Latest Uploads: 🤍 ✈ Most Popular Reports: 🤍 ✈ UK Holiday Flights: 🤍 ✈ Low-Cost Trip Reports: 🤍 ✈ Train Trip Reports: 🤍 ✈ RYANAIR Trip Reports: 🤍 ✈ Vlogs: 🤍 ✈✈ TWITTER: (🤍onboardhd) * MUSIC: - Masked Raven by Vexento in NCS 🤍 - Roa - Moonlight Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 - CHAPTERS - 00:00 Intro 00:23 Istanbul New Airport 03:08 Boarding the A321 05:48 Taxi & Takeoff 10:00 Cruise & Great Catering 14:04 Approach & Landing Vienna 18:30 Disembark & Vienna Airport © All rights reserved. This content may not be uploaded anywhere. You can share the Youtube link. Contact me on Twitter: 🤍OnBoardHD #TripReport #TurkishAirlines #Airbus321

Beautiful FEMALE PILOT Landing Airbus A321 Cockpit View


Welcome on board the flight deck of this Airbus A321 for a beautiful landing on a very bright sunny morning! Christine is the pilot in command today, landing, without sunglasses, like a super hero, on Runway 12, Tel Aviv - Natbag Airport. Watch the full landing, from gear down at around 200ft above ground level, all the way to the threshold of the runway with the Airbus GPWS callouts announcing each stage of the final descent. The weather during today's landing is perfectly clear but the low morning Tel Aviv winter sunshine causes a huge amount of glare into the A321 cockpit. Despite her perfect efforts in hand flying the Airbus to touchdown, Christine almost forgets to engage the reverse thrust with the automated Airbus voice announcing for her to retard the thrust levers and the Captain to advise her of the mistake. Being the true professional, she instantly recognises her mistake and immediately re-engages reverse thrust to bring the aircraft to 80 knots, with continued deceleration to a safe speed for vacating the runway and taxiing to stand at Natbag. Thank you for watching this video everybody! Please like, subscribe and tap the bell if you enjoy this aviation content. Flight info Aircraft - Airbus Industries Airbus A321-111 Airline - Air Méditerranée. Aircraft registration - F-GYAP Pilot in command - First Officer Christina. Captain - Unknown. Flight date - November 2014. Flight number - Unknown. Location - Tel Aviv Ben Gurion - LLBG Israel Filmed with - GoPro Hero 2014 Flight events 0:00 - Approach is already established and stable. 0:09 - Landing gear is deployed. 0:30 - Landing checklist performed. 1:25 - GPWS announces 400 feet above ground level. 1:53 - GPWS announces 50 feet above ground level, Captain advises to retard thrust lever. 1:59 - Reverse thrust is engaged but released too early! 2:07 - Reverse thrust re-engaged. 2:27 - 80 knots, Captain takes control. 2:50 - Vacate runway. ➤ Follow us on Instagram:🤍 - - - - - - This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed) source - 🤍 CC license here -🤍

American A321 First Class vs Economy


In what is turning into a series of 3 videos comparing two aspects about a particular airline with back to back flights...and continuing with TJG's Week of Chaos, in this video I show the differences between American's A321 First Class versus Economy Class from Baltimore to Charlotte to Denver. This trip started just 24 hours after the last finished and had me going back out west to catch Avelo Air's very first flight the next day. After doing tons of research, the literally ONLY way I could make it was to take 4 separate flights and overnight in Denver for a few hours. This definitely was the most chaotic portion of my week and had me solely running on coffee for a few days, but it was worth it. As I typically preach, I'm not the biggest fan of American's A321 offering, but these two flights were on the better side so it was a good chance to compare the two classes. Hope you guys enjoy! Flight Info: Airline: American Airlines Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A321 (N916US / N572UW) Seat: 4A / 23F Flight Time: 1 hr 1 min / 3 hr 40 min Flight #: AA871 / AA479 Takeoff: Baltimore-Washington (Thurgood Marshall) International Airport Connecting: Charlotte Douglas International Airport Landing: Denver International Airport Filmed: April 27, 2021 Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, iPhone X Hop on over to my channel to view more travel videos! 🤍 Follow me on Instagram! 🤍 Everything in this video is protected by YouTube COPYRIGHT. Do NOT use unless granted permission. © thejazzguy13 Aviation 2022

Trip Report: American Airlines Airbus A321: MAIN CABIN


On January 11th, I flew on an American A321 from Miami to Orlando in the main cabin. Here's how the flight went. New videos are posted every Friday at noon EST. Plz comment, like, and subscribe!



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[4K] – Full Flight – American Airlines – Airbus A321-231 – PHL-BOS – N167AN – AA1162 – IFS Ep. 652


Leave a like if you enjoyed the video! Remember to subscribe and support Skylite Productions on Patreon! New videos are posted daily at 2:00pm central on Monday through Friday and 10:00am central on Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for watching! Inflight Series Episode 652: Flight Information: Aircraft Operator – American Airlines Flight Number – 1162 City Pair – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL) – Boston, Massachusetts (BOS) Equipment – Airbus A321-231 Equipment Tail Number – N167AN Equipment Age – 6 Years 2 Months Livery – American Airlines (Flagship Valor Livery) Flight Date – October 19, 2022 Flight Time – 1 Hour 7 Minutes Seat – 23F Seat Class – Main Cabin Detailed Times: 0:00 – Intro 0:04 – Pre-Flight (Philadelphia International Airport) 0:27 – Pre-Flight (Aircraft) 0:46 – Boarding 1:07 – Cabin 2:53 – Outbound Taxi 19:39 – Takeoff 29:42 – Inflight 53:23 – Landing 1:05:32 – Inbound Taxi 1:09:47 – Post-Flight (Aircraft) 1:11:09 – Post-Flight (Boston Logan International Airport) 1:11:24 – Outro Featured Music: Fragments by Sappheiros 🤍 Featured Equipment: iPhone 13 Pro Business/Use Contact Information: Email – bryce.rea.sla31🤍 Other Links: Patreon – 🤍 My Flight Radar – 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Flagship First Patreon Supporters: Caleb Hays Christopher Saj #FullFlight #AmericanAirlines #AirbusA321 © Skylite Productions 2022 – All footage & sound presented in this video is property of Skylite Productions.

Flagship First Class JFK to LAX in American Airlines A321


Flagship First is the only True First Class in the United States, at least according to American Airlines. But watch this video to decide for yourself! In this video, you’ll see what it’s like in Flagship First on one of American Airlines’ most Premium Routes onboard an American Airlines A321. Flagship First is American Airlines’ most luxurious of First Class experiences and you’ll see it all, from the current “version” of a Flagship First Lounge, the Flagship First food, Flagship First seat, and even the Flagship First service. In the current reality of travel, premium experiences are tough to find, but American Airlines has retained a surprising level of luxury in Flagship First between JFK and LA, San Francisco, and (777-300 flights) Miami. The American Airlines A321T is a special airplane with an interior especially designed for these premium routes. In this video, we’ll walk through the entire cabin to see the 36 Main Cabin seats, the 36 Main Cabin Extra seats, the 20 lay-flat Business Class Seats, and the 10 Flagship First suites. But, as always, let me know what you think of Flagship First. 0:00 Introduction 1:11 What is Flagship First 2:44 American Airlines JFK Flagship First Club 4:27 Boarding American Airlines Flagship First A321 6:48 In the air in American Airlines Flagship First 8:55 Flagship First Inflight Meal 11:14 Flagship First JebScore Rating For more trip reports, please subscribe to my channel! 🤍 Check me out on Instagram: 🤍 Check me out on Twitter, too: 🤍 And don't forget to take a look at my travel blog: 🤍 Music: Endless Dreaming – Digital Camel Make It Rain – Daxten Concussion – Nihoni Davds Harp – JOYSPRING A Genuinely Good Guy – Gerhard Feng Granny Dance – Scoobadive Between The Lines (COE Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Elijah N Endless Dreaming – Digital Camel Fierce Love – JOYSPRING Like It Like That (Instrumental Version) – Mindme

Airbus A321 : le monocouloir qui peut parcourir 7 400 km


Avec la version long-courrier de son A321, Airbus entend offrir aux compagnies aériennes la possibilité de conquérir de nouveaux segments de marché.

CONDOR Review | Airbus A321 | Heraklion - Frankfurt | Economy | 4K


✈ Flight Information: Route: Heraklion (HER) - Frankfurt (FRA) Date: 20.05.2022 Airline: Condor Aircraft Type: Airbus A321-211 Duration: 3.10h Seat: 4F Registration: D-ATCC Ticket Price: 29€ Flight Number: DE1663 Class: Economy 📸Camera: DJI Pocket 2 iPhone 13 GoPro Hero 7 Black ✔Visit me on Instagram: 🤍 📞Contact: german.aviator🤍 Thank you for watching, rate and share this video if you want! 🎧Music: Music by 🤍TELL YOUR STORY music by ikson™ Andrew Applepie | 🤍 Andrew Applepie: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 00:00 At Heraklion Airport 00:55 Boarding 01:42 Seat 4F 03:10 Taxiing 03:58 Takeoff 05:40 Inflight Service 06:33 Flight Impressions 07:25 Descending 08:00 Frankfurt from Above 08:37 Landing 10:10 Air Traffic at FRA 11:00 Deboarding #condor #economyclass #a321 ©2022

TRIP REPORT | WIZZ AIR HUNGARY Airbus A321 (ECONOMY) | Warsaw - Vienna


In today's Trip Report I am flying from Warsaw to Vienna with Wizz Air Hungary on board their Airbus A321 in Economy Class. So please make sure to have your seatbelt securely fastened, put your backrest in an upright position, grab yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy the video! I would simply make my day if you leave a like and a comment to support me. If you do not want to miss any upcoming videos, make sure to subscribe to my channel. - SOCIAL MEDIA - ✈ Follow me on Instagram 🤍flywithdominik ✈ Follow me on Twitter 🤍flywithdominik ✈ Check out my Flightradar24 statistic 🤍 - FLIGHT INFORMATION - ✈ Airline: Wizz Air Hungary ✈ Aircraft: Airbus A321 ✈ Registration: HA-LTC ✈ Seat: 2F ✈ Flight Time: 1 hour 20 minutes ✈ Flight Number: W6 1343 ✈ Route: Warsaw (WAW) - Vienna (VIE) ✈ Cabin Class: Economy Class ✈ Fare Type: Basic ✈ Date: November 2019 - EQUIPMENT - ✈ Samsung Galaxy S9+ ✈ Final Cut Pro X ✈ Adobe Photoshop ✈ MacBook Air 2020 M1 - COLLABORATION DISCLAIMER - This video does not contain product placements. I paid the ticket on my own and the airline was neither involved or informed about the production of this video. - COPYRIGHT - Please do not copy or use this video without my permission. © flywithdominik 2022

Airbus A321 - превращение в козырного туза


Airbus A321 - среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет, созданный концерном Airbus в начале 1990-хх, на базе лайнера Airbus A320 и являющийся частью семейства. В отличие от среднемагистрального A320, A321 является версией, претендующей на более дальние маршруты, долгое время занятые лайнерами Boeing 757. Тем не менее, стремление это было ограничено техническими и корпоративными возможностями. С появлением поколения NEO ситуация кардинально изменилась и большой брат, считавшийся ранее, практически, аутсайдером, теперь может стать одной из основ коммерческой авиации Airbus. Давайте посмотрим, как ему это удастся. Приятного просмотра! Ссылка на вебинар Siemens "Инженерный анализ и квалификационные испытания космической техники": 🤍 Подписывайтесь на канал, комментируйте, ставьте лайк! Наша группа ВК: 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Вступайте в Air Public - одну из самых активных страниц, посвященных авиации Вконтакте: 🤍

Delta A321 Comfort Plus Trip Report


Instagram — 🤍iTripReport Snapchat — 🤍iTripReport Twitter — 🤍iTripReport Email — iTripReport🤍 PayPal Tip Jar — 🤍 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome onboard this Delta Air Lines A321 Flight Number: DL748 Date: June 2, 2020 Class: Comfort Plus Seat: 13A Origin: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Destination: San Diego International Airport (SAN) Flight Time: 03 Hours 53 Minutes Wheels up time: 5:55 PM Landing time: 6:48 PM Aircraft: Airbus A321 Registration: N321DH Recorded with: iPhone Xs, GoPro Hero 8 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫Intro Music By♫ ●DJ Quads - I Got A Story - 🤍 ●Soundcloud - 🤍 ●YouTube - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Got any suggestions on where I should go next? Let me know!!! Welcome to iTripReport's flight reviews, which I focus on reviewing both the soft product and hard product of airlines around the globe. I strive to give you guys a first person perspective of different aspects of the flight. Including the ground service, onboard service, and those views that come with the flight. As you can see, I record quite a lot of the experience to make sure I record what you want to watch. As always, thank you so much for watching.

The Comparison of A319 vs A320 vs A321 neo Airbus Aircraft


The difference of A319 vs A320 vs A321 neo Airbus Aircraft The Airbus 320 neo family Aircraft are one of the highest selling fleets in the world but we always wonders about its difference in classes and upgrades. in this video we gone explore its types and classes. Follow us on social sites Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 🤍 Website : 🤍 🤍 Which is better ? Airbus A320 neo or Boeing 737-8 max 🤍 The Most Powerful Passports Of 2019 🤍 Which is Bigger ? Antonov AN225 vs Airbus A380 🤍 Luxurious Helicopter cabin tour : Part 5 🤍 Top SIX Airlines in India - 2019 : by its Market share, Punctuality , Fleet size, Destinations. Baltic Aviation Academy, TRTO, Type rating training, Full Flight Simulator, FFS, Airbus A320, A320, Cold and Dark, Cockpit, Airplane, Pilot, ATPL, Simulator 🤍 The 10 Best Airports In The World In 2019 : Skytrax Awards 🤍 HAL Helicopter Ambulance displays at Aero-India 2019 🤍 #A320 #Airbus #A320 #321neo #AirbusA320neo #A320neo #Airbusplant #AirbusFAL

American A321 (A32B) Main Cabin Review


Instagram — 🤍iTripReport Snapchat — 🤍iTripReport Twitter — 🤍iTripReport Email — iTripReport🤍 PayPal Tip Jar — 🤍 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome onboard this American Airlines A321 Class: Main Cabin Origin: San Diego International Airport (SAN) Destination: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Flight Time: 02:30 Minutes Wheels up time: 7:21 AM Landing time: 11:51 AM Aircraft: Airbus A321 Registration: N140AN Recorded with: iPhone Xs ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫Intro Music By♫ ●DJ Quads - Wings ●Song/Free Download - 🤍 ●Follow DJ Quads - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to iTripReport's flight reviews, where we review everything from the service to the flight. We make sure to to put every single detail on each of our flights, from a first person real time perspective. We record everything from the cabin to the flight itself, this video will make sure to include everything you are looking for in a flight! Enjoy!

Smooth COCKPIT Landing! Airbus A321-200 into Copenhagen Airport


Have you ever wanted a SCALE MODEL of a PLANE you've SEEN or FLOWN? Search no more, go to: 🤍 -DISCLAIMER- Please note this video is edited for entertainment purposes and does not reflect 100% the procedures performed by SAS and their crew. A beautiful sunset above the clouds, and a great evening view beneath. The Airbus A321 is a lovely bird to fly, and we enjoy every minute in the jumpseat! We always aim to satisfy you with new high quality videos, so here you have another 4K video from the flight deck of an aircraft. _ PayPal: If you like our content and want to help the channel grow, then feel free to donate via our PayPal page - 🤍 _ Equipment details can be found on our channel. © PlanesWeekly

Airbus A321: si no está roto... sigue mejorándolo


El A321 es un avión de fuselaje estrecho y de alcance intermedio de Airbus, creado a principios de los años 90 sobre la base del A320. A diferencia de su antecesor, el A321 fue creado para reclamar las rutas de mayor alcance, que durante muchos años estaban dominadas por el Boeing 757. Pero este deseo fue limitado por las capacidades técnicas y corporativas de Airbus. Con la llegada de la generación NEO, la situación cambió drásticamente, y el gran hermano, que antes era prácticamente un marginado, ahora podría convertirse en uno de los fundamentos de la aviación comercial de Airbus. Si te gustan los aviones de Airbus, te invitamos a ver nuestra serie de videos sobre las creaciones del concorcio europeo: 🤍 Este vídeo es una traducción hecha por Cat Translate. Si quieres ver más canales traducidos por nosotros, visita nuestra página web: 🤍 . ¡Si eres un amante de la aviación y del espacio, asegúrate de suscribirte a nuestro canal, porque hay muchos vídeos por venir!

Condor Airbus A321 Stuttgart-Funchal Cockpit-Flug mit Audiokommentar vom Flugkapitän


Informationen & Shop: 🤍 Crew: Flugkapitän: Bernd Krohme 1. Offizier: Daniel Hägele Flugzeug: Airbus A321-211 D-AIAD

Time Capsule: Delta Pilot Left A Letter In An Airbus A321


On March 23rd 2020, Delta Air Lines First Officer Chris Dennis flew an Airbus A321 to the desert for storage. After a chilling visit recognizing the impact of the crisis on aviation, the pilot left a letter onboard the aircraft that served as a time capsule. Now, as that aircraft comes back to service, it represents the light at the end of the tunnel and the return of air travel across the United States after one of the worst years in memory for airlines. Article Link: 🤍 Video source links: Delta A321 🤍 Delta A321 🤍 737 MAX 8 Southwest 🤍 737-800 American 🤍 Photos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Simple Flying: Visit our website where we publish 150-200 news stories per week: 🤍 Listen to our weekly podcast: 🤍 Download our iOS & Android app: 🤍 Daily email digest sign up: 🤍 Check out our second YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 #aviation #flight #avgeek #airlines #flying

NEW LOWEST LANDING? Wizzair Airbus A321neo Landing at Skiathos Airport | JSI Plane Spotting [4K]


Subscribe here ➤🤍 Yet another spectacular landing at Skiathos Airport, possibly lower than the famous Air Italy 737-800 approach! Watch this Wizzair Airbus A321neo approach and land on runway 01 at Skiathos Airport, the "second St Maarten" of Europe, following a substantially shallow approach. Watch this A321 just fly just a few feet over plane spotters' heads for a prompt landing on the runway. Enjoy the beautiful sight of this A321 flying low over the airport beach, as the jetblast of its engines blasts the spotters and dirt below! What are your thoughts, do you think these unusually low approaches are deliberate? ➤ OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🤍greatflyer_official ➤ Facebook page: 🤍 ➤ Camera: Sony FDR AX-53 🤍 4K NTSC, iPhone 12 Pro ➤ DISCLAIMER: "Low landing" is an unofficial term used among plane spotters. The landing phase officially begins at 50ft above the threshold - a "low landing" is usually the result of a shallow approach, leading to the 50ft spot height being crossed even before the runway threshold, resulting in a low approach for plane spotters to enjoy. ➤ Thumbnail credits: ATH Spotter - Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiadis #landing #planespotting #aviation #airport #wizzair #airbus #flight #skiathos #pilot #flightsimulator #takeoff #cockpit #airplane #boeing #airlines

Обзор самолёта Airbus A 321 тест драйв в полете и на земле КАК ЛЕТАЮТ САМОЛЕТЫ В ПУЛКОВО


Обзор самолета Airbus A 321 ЭЙРБАС тест драйв в полете и на земле Аэробус А320

Airbus A321 а/к Аэрофлот | Рейс Санкт-Петербург - Москва


Перелет на самолете Airbus A321-200 авиакомпании Аэрофлот из Санкт-Петербурга (аэропорт Пулково) в Москву (аэропорт Шереметьево) Информация о рейсе: Авиакомпания: Аэрофлот (SU) Номер рейса: SU 23 Маршрут: Санкт-Петербург - Москва IATA: LED-SVO Дата: июль 2022 Время в пути: 1:30 (факт. 1:05) Борт RA-73725 (ранее VP-BFX) - Airbus A321-200 Место: 31A Стоимость билета: 1500 руб + 360 руб выбор места у окна - Включите субтитры - там много дополнительной информации. - Поддержать канал финансово: 🤍 (разовые пожертвования) 🤍 (ежемесячная подписка) Все деньги пойдут на покупку билетов на редкие и уникальные самолеты, а так же на рейсы в очень интересные и удаленные аэропорты. - Подписывайтесь на мои соц. сети: 🤍 - фотки и видео с моих путешествий 🤍 - фотки и видео с моих путешествий 🤍 - информация по новым рейсам в РФ и СНГ 🤍 - Дзен - Снято на камеры: - Canon G7X mark II - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - GoPro Hero 7 - E-mail для связи: youtube🤍 #аэрофлот #aeroflot #a321 #airbusa321 #шереметьево #пулково Содержание: 0:00 Интро 0:20 Аэропорт Пулково 7:10 Посадка на рейс 10:06 Карта полёта 10:22 Буксировка, запуск двигателей и руление 12:42 Взлёт 17:36 Полёт 20:18 Питание 20:33 Инструкция по безопасности и бортовой журнал 22:11 Снижение 25:53 Посадка в Шереметьево 30:58 Выход из самолета 31:55 Аэропорт Шереметьево

Airbus A321 NEO Go Around at Madeira Airport


TAP Air Portugal Airbus A321-251NX Go Around at Madeira Airport #goaround #shorts #airbus

Trip Report | American Airlines Airbus A321 (Main Cabin) | Tampa - Charlotte


[4K] Trip Report onboard an American Airlines Airbus A321 from Tampa to Charlotte in Main Cabin. AIRCRAFT INFO Airline: American Airlines Aircraft: Airbus A321-231 Reg #: N539UW Age: 11 years old Engine: 2 x IAE V2533-A5 FLIGHT INFO Flight #: AA2905 Flight Date: 8/24/2021 Departure Airport: Tampa Int'l Airport (TPA) Scheduled Departure: 5:33 PM (EDT) Actual Departure: 5:30 PM (EDT) Arrival Airport: Charlotte Douglas Int'l Airport (CLT) Scheduled Arrival: 7:26 PM (EDT) Actual Arrival: 7:23 PM (EDT) Flight Ticket Cost: $52.35 Seat Cost: Free (Seat purchase refunded) FILMING EQUIPMENT iPhone 12 Pro Max was used to film this Flight Report. A phone window mount was used for takeoff/landing. PUSHBACK, STARTUP, TAXI, TAKEOFF, LANDING FULL VIDEOS Full videos of the pushback, startup, taxi, takeoff, and landing are all in one video! Link below: 🤍 FEATURED SPOTTERS (No spotters have spotted this flight.) All photos featured on this channel shall not be copied nor used by anyone without the permission of the spotter. Follow our Instagram/Facebook, 🤍AbusadaAviation, for LIVE updates during our trips. All trip information can be found there! We also have TikTok as well, so go check us out 🤍AbusadaAviation! Thank you for watching! Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or ideas for future Trip Reports or any aviation-related content! Remember, the more you help out, the more you enjoy!!! CHAPTERS OF THIS VIDEO 0:00 Welcome/Introduction 1:11 Check-In 1:49 TPA Landside Terminal 2:05 Train to Airside F 2:51 TSA 3:13 Airside F Overview 3:26 Our Aircraft, N539UW 3:56 Gate F79 Overview 4:40 Boarding 5:04 Cabin Tour 6:09 My Seat, 7A (Main Cabin) 7:22 Pushback/Engine Startup 8:55 Taxi to Runway 19R 9:10 Takeoff Runway 19R 11:11 Turbulence/Weather Overview 13:19 In-Flight Entertainment 13:56 More Clouds 14:35 Snack/Drink Service 15:22 Lavatory Overview 16:00 Window Views/Descent into CLT 16:29 Important Info Regarding American A321 18:10 Final Thoughts 20:33 Landing Runway 36L 21:19 Arrive/Conclusion 22:10 Final Ratings/Thank You For Watching!!!

Delta A321 cabin tour


Cabin tour of one of Delta airlines brand new Airbus A321s This A/C holds a total of 192 people. 20 first class, 29 economy comfort and 143 in the main cabin

🇪🇸 Barcelona BCN - Paris CDG 🇫🇷 Air France, Airbus A321 + Business Lounge [FULL FLIGHT REPORT]


📹 MY CAMERA : IPhone 13 Pro MAX 📱 and SONY FDR AX-53 (No tripod , only Hand held) No comentary , no music 1:04:22 Flying over Toulouse Airport / Airbus factory 1:17:01 Beautiful view of Paris (Eiffel Tower, Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe) 1:36:21 BONUS : Some pictures Of Barcelona/ Catalunya (Park Güell, Plaça Reial, Sagrada Familia, Montjuic Castle / Park, La Rambla, La Boqueria, Palau de la Música Catalana, Cathedral de Barcelona, Columbus Monument, Playa de Sant Sebastia Flight AF1549, Air France Airbus A321-200 (F-GTAT) Economy class Seat : 5E, 5F Skyteam, VIP Lounge /salon (Flying Blue Gold member) + SkyPriority check in Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN), Spain to Paris Charles de Gaulle , Roissy CDG June 18 , 2022 1:02 Terminal 1 2:01 Sky Priority Check-in / Baggage drop off 3:17 Security check 3:47 Duty Free zone / international zone 4:51 VIP / Skyteam Business Lounge /salon 12:48 Boarding Hall 23:58 Plane Spotting 26:16 Gate B28 34:14 Boarding 36:46 Seat 5E, 5F 42:28 Push Back / taxiing 51:02 Take off / Engine Roar !! 1:04:22 Flying over Toulouse Airport / Airbus factory 1:05:05 Snack / baverage 1:07:27 no Wi-fi on board 1:08:00 Starting approach 1:17:01 Beautiful view of Paris (Eiffel Tower, Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe) 1:20:03 Landing 1:25:35 Arrival boarding gate / Exit plane 1:32:42 Baggage claim 1:35:08 Exit Airport / Parking 1:36:21 BONUS : Some pictures Of Barcelona/ Catalunya (Park Güell, Plaça Reial, Sagrada Familia, Montjuic Castle / Park, La Rambla, La Boqueria, Palau de la Música Catalana, Cathedral de Barcelona, Columbus Monument, Playa de Sant Sebastia Paris Barcelone No more quarantine, no more travel ban, no more RPC test ! no more masks ! Thanks to 2Pfizer vaccine Razgriz Flight Report / Plane Spotting Economy class Premium Eco Business class / affaires First class / la première Trip Report / Airplanes Flight experience

VLOG TRIP REPORT | CONDOR Airbus A321 (ECONOMY) | Skiathos - Dusseldorf


In today's Trip Report I am flying from Skiathos to Dusseldorf with Condor Flugdienst on board their Airbus A321 in Economy Class. So please make sure to have your seatbelt securely fastened, put your backrest in an upright position, grab yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy the video! I would simply make my day if you leave a like and a comment to support me. If you do not want to miss any upcoming videos, make sure to subscribe to my channel. - SOCIAL MEDIA - ✈ Follow me on Instagram 🤍flywithdominik ✈ Follow me on Twitter 🤍flywithdominik ✈ Check out my Flightradar24 statistic 🤍 - FLIGHT INFORMATION - ✈ Airline: Condor Flugdienst ✈ Aircraft: Airbus A321 ✈ Registration: D-AIAG ✈ Seat: 5F ✈ Flight Time: 2 hours 55 minutes ✈ Flight Number: DE1691 ✈ Route: Skiathos (JSI) - Dusseldorf (DUS) ✈ Cabin Class: Economy Class ✈ Fare Type: Light ✈ Date: July 2021 - EQUIPMENT - ✈ Oneplus 8 Pro ✈ Final Cut Pro X ✈ Adobe Photoshop ✈ MacBook Air 2020 M1 - COLLABORATION DISCLAIMER - This video does not contain product placements. I paid the ticket on my own and the airline was neither involved or informed about the production of this video. - COPYRIGHT - Please do not copy or use this video without my permission. © flywithdominik 2022

Delta Airlines BRAND NEW A321neo First Class from Boston to SFO


Watch this video to see what it’s like to fly onboard Delta Airlines’ BRAND NEW Airbus A321neo from Boston to San Francisco. Not only that, this flight ended up showing me the professionalism of pilots and airport workers! This new airplane is designed to save fuel and elevate customer comfort. This trip in Delta’s new First Class lasted six hours and this video will highlight everything! From what makes the Delta A321neo such a special plane, to the Delta First Class food and seat. We’ll even share the Delta Inflight Entertainment and service. 0:00 Introduction 2:35 Boarding the Delta A321neo 4:36 Departing Boston on the Delta A321neo 7:26 Delta A321neo Jebscore 8:49 Emergency Landing Check me out on Instagram: 🤍 Check me out on Twitter, too: 🤍 And don't forget to take a look at my travel blog: 🤍 Music: Solution in Sight - Kikoru Coming to Get You (Instrumental Version) - Lvly Venetian Blinds (Instrumental Version) - Mattias Tell On and On (Instrumental Version) - Lars Eriksson It's All for You (Instrumental Version) - Volcan Peaks

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