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Chimaera: The Deep Sea Phantom


The Chimera, or Ghost Shark, looks like it’s skin has been stitched together. Support Animalogic on Patreon: 🤍 Subscribe for new episodes every other Friday: 🤍 - SOCIAL MEDIA 🤍 🤍 🤍 For more of Danielle's drawings: 🤍 - CREDITS Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau Hosted by: Danielle Dufault Edited by: Jim Pitts Story Editor: Cat Senior Associate Producer: Andres Salazar - Examining the nature of the beast.

How Chimaera Mythology Became Reality | Monstrum


PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to: 🤍 ↓ More info below ↓ You can learn more about CuriosityStream at 🤍 Don’t miss future episodes of Monstrum, subscribe! 🤍 Follow me to It's Okay to Be Smart! 🤍 The impossible, three-headed monster of Ancient Greek mythology, the Chimaera, may have started off as a fantasy, but today, the word “chimera” can be used to refer to anything that seems impossible. This includes the real-life, interspecies animals humans have successfully created. Watch to find out how myth directly influenced science, not only in language, but in how we approach the possibility of an interspecies future with Dr. Zarka and special guest Joe Hanson of Its Okay to be Smart. #chimera #chimaera #MonstrumPBS Written and Hosted by: Dr. Emily Zarka Director: David Schulte Executive Producer: Amanda Fox Producer: Stephanie Noone Illustrator: Samuel Allen Editor: Derek Borsheim Produced by Spotzen for PBS Digital Studios. Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 - BIBLIOGRAPHY: Alfred, Austin. “On the Killing of the Chimaera.” The National Review, Vol. 10, Issue 57, 1887, pp. 395-414. Apollodorus. The Library, Book 2, Trans. J.G. Frazer, 2017. 🤍 Bazopoulou-Kyrkanidou, Euterpe. “Chimeric Creatures in Greek Myhtolgoy and Reflections in Science.” American Journal of Medical Genetics, 100:66, 2001, pp. 66-80. Daniels, Cora Linn and C. M. Stevens. Encyclopedia of Superstitions, Folklore, And the Occult Sciences of the World: a Comprehensive Library of Human Belief And Practice In the Mysteries of Life…,J. H. Yewdale & sons co., 1903. Exploring the Cultural History of Continental European Freak Shows and ‘Enfreakment,’Eds. Anna Kérchy and Andrea Zittlau, Cambridge Scholars Publisher, 2012. Huber, Thomas, Geoffrey Faulkner, Philip Hugenholtz. “Bellerophon: a program to detect chimeric sequences in multiple sequence alignments.” Bioinformatics, Vol. 20, Issue 14, 2004, pp. 2317-2319. Hesiod. The Theogony, Trans. H.G. Evelyn-White, Loeb Classical Library, Vol. 57, William Heinemann, 1914. 🤍 Homer. The Iliad, Book 6. Trans. A.T. Murray, Classical Library, Vol. 1, Harvard University Press, 1924. 🤍 Kaplan, Matt. “Beastly Blends—Chimera, Griffon, Cockatrice, Sphinx.” The Science of Monsters: The Origins of the Creatures We Love to Fear, Scribner, 2013, pp. 33-50. Magnani, Thomas A. “The Patentability of Human-Animal Chimeras.” Berkeley Technolgy Law Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 1, Article 24, 1999, pp. 443-460. Marshall, Eliot. “Legal Fight Over Patents on Life.”, Jun. 17, 1999. Mayell, Hillary. “Life is Confusing for Two-Headed Snakes.” National, March 22, 2002, 🤍 Mayor, Adrienne. The First Fossil Hunters : Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myth in Greek and Roman Times, Princeton University Press, 2011. Rackstrow's Museum. A descriptive catalogue (giving a full explanation) of Rackstrow's Museum: Consisting of a large and very valuable collection of most curious anatomical figures, and real preparations: also figures resembling life; with a great variety of natural and artificial curiosities. To be seen at No. 197, Fleet-Street, betwen Chancery-Lane, and Temple-Bar, London. [s.n.], M,DCC,LXXXVII, 1787. Roes, Anne. “The Representation of the Chimaera.” The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol. 54, Part 1, 1934, pp. 21-35. Schmitt, Marilyn Low. “Bellerophan and the Chimaera in Archaic Greek Art.” American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 70, No. 4, 1966, pp. 341-347. The Dome: An Illustrated Magazine and Review of Literature, Music, Architecture, and the Graphic Arts…. Vol. 4, Unicorn Press, 1897-1900. "The Two-Headed Girl." Good Health, vol. 5, no. 10, 1871, pp. 212-213. Zimmerman, H. E. "Ye Olde Curiositie Shoppe." Amateur Photographer's Weekly, Vol. III, No. 73, 1913, pp. 496.

The Mysterious Ghost Shark


The Chimaera, or Ghost Shark, exhibit a morphology unlike any other creature. They are named after the Chimera, a Greek monster that is made up of parts of different creatures. With seemingly only one gill on either side of their body, upper jaws fused to their skull, no scales, and eyes that are backed with a reflective tissue layer that makes them seem to glow in the dark, the Chimaera have an eerie and ghostlike appearance. They seem to move like ghosts too; as rather than most sharks that generate propulsion using their tails, ghost sharks use their large, wing-like pectoral fins to glide through the water - a characteristic more suited to a bird than a fish. #deepsea #wildlife #nature #animals #ocean #fish #science #biology Find out more: 🤍

Creepy Chimaera | Nautilus Live


E/V Nautilus is exploring the ocean studying biology, geology, archeology, and more. Watch 🤍 for live video from the ocean floor. For live dive updates follow along on social media at 🤍 and 🤍 on Twitter. For more photos from our dives, check out our Instagram 🤍nautiluslive.

Facts: The Chimaera (Ghost Shark)


Quick facts about this big-eyed creature of the deep! The chimaera (ghost shark, ratfish, spookfish, Chimaeriformes). Chimaera facts! Facebook: 🤍 Flickr: 🤍 If you like my videos, you can support my channel here: 🤍 - References and Helpful Links 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 \ 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ocean: The World’s Last Wilderness Revealed 🤍 - Music: Bittersweet - Images Licensed Under Creative Commons/Public Domain By Xtylee - Own work, CC BY 3.0, 🤍 Albert Günther [Public domain] By Doug Costa, NOAA/SBNMS - 🤍 Public Domain, 🤍 National Oceanographic and Atmospheric AdministrationImage courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Northeast U.S. Canyons Expedition 2013. [Public domain] By Sidney Hugh Reynolds - 🤍 Public Domain, 🤍 By © Hans Hillewaert, CC BY-SA 4.0, 🤍 By OpenCage Systems - 🤍 CC BY-SA 2.5, 🤍 Videos Licensed Under Creative Commons/Public Domain 🤍 Sasuke Tsujita 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 NOAA 🤍 🤍

280 million-year-old fossil reveals origins of chimaeras


Chimaeras are difficult to place on the tree of life because they're so weirdthey're most closely related to sharks, but they also have features of other fishes and even four-legged creatures like mammals. Now, the discovery of a 280-million-year-old fossil from South Africa reveals the evolutionary history of these strange creatures, and sheds light on their early development as they diverged from their deep, shared ancestry with sharks. Learn more At Forefront of Medicine: Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Make an appointment today at 888-824-0200.

Evolution of Chimaeras and rays


Illustrations by Satoshi Kawasaki 0:00 Phylogenetic tree 0:19 Chondrichthyes 0:55 Holocephali 1:14 Paraselachimorpha 3:52 Holocephalimorpha 6:12 Batoidea

Mass Chimaeras


Live long enough to Mass Chimaeras... Thanks YoonitVector for the Request! Easy Challenge, Live long enough to see yourself become a rtrd, mass chimeras Want to request a 4v4 RT / 1v1 Strategy or even a custom game? You can do so 🤍 & Tip £13.37 to be credited & have your request fulfilled and posted as a Youtube Video! Thanks for your support, much love, WTii ^~ DONATE - 🤍 PATREON - 🤍 TWITCH - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 DISCORD - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 OFFICIAL SUBREDDIT - 🤍 Enquiries - wtiiwarcraft🤍 Business Address (Contact me 🤍WTii7641 on Discord if sending anything first!) WTii PO BOX 12774 CHELMSFORD CM1 9AN #warcraft3reforged #warcraft3 #wtiiwarcraft #wc3

Fast Tech Chimaeras


All a Bucket load of Chimaeras need is backup Anti Air... we got AA right guys?... Right? Thanks Xendr121 for the Request! Its time to unleash your inner evil persone. Play nightelf and straight tech to Chimeras. And dont forget to be the absolutely useless teammate. Let them eat theier own medicine Want to request a 4v4 RT / 1v1 Strategy or even a custom game? You can do so 🤍 & Tip £13.37 to be credited & have your request fulfilled and posted as a Youtube Video! Thanks for your support, much love, WTii ^~ DONATE - 🤍 PATREON - 🤍 TWITCH - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 DISCORD - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 OFFICIAL SUBREDDIT - 🤍 #warcraft3reforged #warcraft3 #wtiiwarcraft #wc3

The Elusive Deep Sea Chimaera #shorts


Ghost Sharks of the Deep Sea. There is a revenant that haunts the depths. At around 2,600 m (8,500 ft) deep, the Chimaeriformes, or Ghost Sharks, are an order of cartilaginous fish that diverged from true sharks 400 million years ago. With only one gill opening on each side, upper jaws fused to their skull, no scales, and large sensitive eyes that seem to glow, they appear ghostlike. They even move like ghosts, as rather than using their tail to generate propulsion, they use their large, wing-like fins to glide through the water while using less energy. The stitch-like lines that can be seen around their body make up the lateral line system, allowing them to sense the movements of prey nearby. Footage from EVNautilus, NOAA, MBARI, MarumTV.

Gary's Commentary on Chimaeras


Science is hard at work using genetic manipulation to create ungodly beasts. Gary reviews one of the latest examples. 🤍 🤍

Chimaeras, the sharks’ forgotten cousins. Deep water monster. Deep sea creature.


Chimaeras, the sharks’ forgotten cousins. Deep sea monster. Deep water creature. Dive deep deep down into the ocean, long past the point where the sun’s rays can penetrate, and you will enter the realm of this fishes. Meet the Ghost Sharks. Chimaera, also known as ghost sharks, rat fish, spook fish and rabbit fish. Chimaeras have large eyes, a single gill opening, and a small mouth with a particular pair of teeth in the lower jaw which pops out from the mouth like rodents’ incisors. Due to their teeth, chimaeras are commonly known as ratfish or rabbitfish. Large translucent-green eyes help them to see in the dark deep-sea. Relatives of sharks and rays, these deep-sea denizens split off from these other groups some 300 million years ago. Even though ghost sharks have been gliding through the depths since long before the dinosaurs, we still know very little about them, because they commonly live in deep waters up to 3000 meters, and it’s challenging to study them in their natural habitat. Unlike those more well-known sharks, chimaeras don’t have rows of ragged teeth and feeding mainly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates, such as crabs, molluscs, octopuses, marine worms and sea-urchins. Crushing them with their 3 rows of tooth plates. Like sharks, chimaera use electroreception to find their prey in the dark. A pattern of open channels on their heads and faces, called lateral line canals, contain sensory cells that sense movement in the water and help the ghost sharks locate lunch. Like sharks and rays, chimaeras have cartilaginous skeletons, and the males possess external reproductive organs derived from the pelvic fins and used to introduce sperm into the body of the female. Male chimaeras, unique among fishes, also possess a supplemental clasping organ, the tentaculum, on the forehead and in front of each pelvic fin. They have slender tails, from which the name ratfish, applied to some, has been derived. There are about 52 species of chimaeras, ranging in length from about 60 to 200 cm and in colour from silvery to blackish. They are weak swimmers and are delicate when caught, dying quickly out of water. Chimaeras are oviparous, which mean that they lay eggs cases in the sand or buried in it. TFemales lay large, elongated eggs protected by horny coverings. The hatchlings are developed like miniature adults. Like sharks, chimaera are vulnerable to commercial fishing pressure. Chimaeras are edible and are sold as food in some areas. Their liver oil once provided a useful lubricant for guns and fine instruments. They're long-lived - it's thought they live up to 30 years, likely longer. They also reach sexual maturity late. As a deep-sea species, chimaera are at further risk from deep-sea trawling. A largely indiscriminate method of fishing in which they're caught as bycatch. Music author TommyMutiu by Pixabay #chimaeras #deepseacreatures #deepwatermonster #fish For copyright matters please contact us at: kilofact🤍

Chondrichthyes Diversity (Sharks, Rays, Chimaeras)


Les chondrichtyens forment une classe de vertébrés rassemblant environ 1200 espèces dont les requins, les raies et les chimères. Cette vidéo a pour objectif de vous donner un aperçu de la diversité de ce groupe dans la globalité. Dans l’esprit des gens, requin égal bien trop souvent grand mangeur de mammifères style grand requin blanc mais les modes de vie des requins sont bien plus diversifiés. Les raies sont des animaux étranges dont beaucoup de personnes sous-estiment la grande variété de forme et de taille existante. Les chimères sont quant à elles sont un tout petit groupe d’une quarantaine d’espèce mais elles sont les reliques d’un passé hautement diversifié incluant tout le groupe des holocéphales. Chondrichthyes are a class of vertebrates comprising about 1200 species including sharks, rays and chimaeras. This video aims to give you an overview of the diversity of this group as a whole. In people's minds, sharks all too often equate to mammal eaters such as the great white shark, but shark lifestyles are much more diverse. Rays are strange animals whose wide variety of shapes and sizes are underestimated by many people. Chimeras are a very small group of about 40 species but they are relics of a highly diverse past including the entire group of holocephals. Corrections : La Raja pulchra est Raja microocelata La Raja brachyura est une Raja clavata Twitter : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #sharks #requins #Chondrichthyes

Riflemen vs Chimaeras (fully upgraded/100 limit)


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Scumbag Chimaeras


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Ghost Shark Chimaeras by Researchers of New Zealand's National Institute (NIWA) | First-Time


In this video, I'm gonna tell you about the baby of an alien-like ghost shark chimaeras newly discovered by researchers of New Zealand's National Institute (NIWA) for the first time. The baby shark was found 4,000 feet below sea level. Researchers of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Center(NIWA) found alien-like newly hatched ghost sharks. This creature belongs to one of the more than 50 known species of ghost sharks, also known as (ghost shark) chimaeras, which live in deep water. They are called "alien-like ghosts sharks" because spectre-like bodies emerge from the deep-sea gloom. This newly hatched ghost shark chimaera was found under 40 feet deep water in the net during a recent NIWA trawling survey. The scientists can then compare the neonate to an adult of the same species, to better understand about colour, size and dietary habits change between baby fish and shark. In short, the video is a piece of virtual information about ghost shark chimaeras by the researchers of New Zealand's national institute (NIWA) for the first time. #firsttime #babyshark #alienshark #inworldshistory #ghostshark #alienghostshark #niwa #chimaeras #alienlikeghostshark #neonates #NewZealandsNationalInstitute #newlyhatchedghostshark _/SOCIAL LINK\_ Facebook: 🤍 Blogging: 🤍

Grubby | WC3 4v4 | Mass Chimaeras On NEW MAP!


MASS CHIMAERAS! (Game played on 8-February-2021) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: 🤍 Click Here for My Live Stream: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on FB: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on IG: 🤍 Hi! I've been a pro-gamer for 12 years, and I'm a big fan of Blizzard games like WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm. My channel is welcoming to new and experienced players alike. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here: 🤍 #Grubby #Warcraft3 #WarcraftReforged

Grubby | WC3 4v4 | Archers vs Chimaeras!


Archers vs Chimaeras! (Game played on 8-February-2021) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: 🤍 Click Here for My Live Stream: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on FB: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on IG: 🤍 Hi! I've been a pro-gamer for 12 years, and I'm a big fan of Blizzard games like WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm. My channel is welcoming to new and experienced players alike. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here: 🤍 #Grubby #Warcraft3 #WarcraftReforged

Creepy Ghost Shark With Parasites | Nautilus Live


NAUTILUS LIVE 2014 | Found while exploring the Kick 'em Jenny submarine volcano near Grenada, the team spotted a Chimaera, or "ghost shark" who appeared to have parasites. An ancient deep water fish, their closest living relative is the shark. E/V Nautilus is exploring the ocean studying biology, geology, archeology, and more. Watch 🤍 for live video from the ocean floor. For live dive updates follow along on social media at 🤍 and 🤍evnautilus on Twitter. For more photos from our dives, check out our Instagram 🤍nautiluslive.

Asphyx - 06 - Incarcerated Chimaeras


Band: Asphyx Paese/Country: Olanda/Holland Album: Asphyx Anno/Year: 1994 Titolo/Title: Incarcerated Chimaeras

Porcupine Tree - Chimera's Wreck (Official Audio)


Chimera's Wreck (Official Audio) Over a decade in the making, CLOSURE / CONTINUATION is released through Music For Nations/Sony on 24th June 2022. It is available as a seven track album on standard CD/double vinyl/coloured vinyl or limited cassette. The deluxe LP version comes on audiophile approved crystal clear vinyl as a 3xLP 45rpm boxset with two bonus tracks; the deluxe CD & Blu-Ray boxset comes with three bonus tracks, instrumental versions, and high resolution 96/24 stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos versions of the album, all housed in an exclusive art book. Preorder CLOSURE / CONTINUATION: 🤍 LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 🤍 LISTEN ON APPLE: 🤍 LISTEN ON YOUTUBE MUSIC: 🤍 Follow Porcupine Tree FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍



Provided to YouTube by MGM Chimaeras · Dimly Aleman Elated Directory ℗ 2022 Dimly Aleman Released on: 2022-09-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Blakkwood - Chimaera (prod. DOM)


Music video by Blakkwood Records performing Chimaera featuring Viktor Sheen, Renne Dang, Amco, Sharlota, Fosco Alma, L.D. Produced by DOM. (c) 2015 Blakkwood Records s.r.o. Lyrics: 🤍 Make-up: Alice Kafková Hair styling: Barbora Javůrková 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Graceful Chimaeras


In September 2009 we laid an extension cable in shallow water from our Folger Passage node up to Folger Pinnacle, where an instrument platform will be installed in June 2010. After laying the cable, the next task was to stabilize it. We prepared burlap bags filled with sand, planning to pin the cable down with them. The sand bags were loaded onto the ROPOS tool tray, and ROPOS ferried the tool tray to the seafloor. However, when it reached the rocky bottom, a sudden swell drove ROPOS downward, smashing the tool tray onto the rocks. It snapped. With the heavy surge, it was too dangerous to reach many of the sand bags or attempt to recover the broken tool tray. The dive was aborted and we were forced to leave them on the seafloor. ROPOS dove to inspect the broken tool tray and found numerous chimaeras, cartilagenous fish related to sharks. These beautiful fish are also informally known as ghost sharks, ratfish (not rattails) or rabbitfishes (but not true rabbitfishes of the Siganidae family). Like sharks, their skeleton is made of cartelage and their skin is smooth, lacking scales.

Incarcerated Chimaeras


Provided to YouTube by Century Media Incarcerated Chimaeras · Asphyx Asphyx ℗ 2007 Century Media Released on: 2012-07-13 Composer, Producer: Not Documented Auto-generated by YouTube.

Gyrocopters vs Chimaeras


Perseus vs Chimera - Fight Scene - Wrath of the Titans (2012) Movie Clip HD


Perseus (Sam Worthington) vs Chimera - Fight Scene - Chimera attacks village - Chimera Chaos Scene - Wrath of the Titans (2012) Movie Clip HD TM & © Warner Bros. (2012) Fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

User's Guide: TVR Chimaera


Chimera, Chimaira, or as TVR wanted it... the Mighty Chimaera! 🤍 .

Colorful Chimaeras


Enjoy these beautiful chimaeras from the deep! Filmed aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. Video by GFOE filmmaker Art Howard.

Okeanos Explorer Video Bite: Longnose Chimaera Steals the Spotlight


The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer ROV Deep Discoverer and ROV Seirios EX1711 Dive 10 2017-12-12 17:24:24 UTC Gulf of Mexico, Green Canyon Area, St. Tammany Basin ~1500 meters below sea level A longnose chimaera enchants scientists when it swims into the ROV camera view. The Inner Space Center is the official live streaming partner of the Okeanos Explorer. Using cutting-edge equipment, the ISC transcodes and distributes all three simultaneous live streams to the Internet and participating scientists. Note: During Okeanos Explorer live dives, you may also hear communications between those on the bridge (where the captain is driving the ship) and navigators helping direct ROV pilots. Scientists will be on the left channel of audio and ROV/navigation will be on the right channel. Watch live: 🤍 🤍

Ghost Shark facts: aka Chimaera Facts | Animal Fact Files


Ghost sharks are also known as chimaeras. There are currently 50 classified living species, though more information may reveal more as these fish tend to live deep in the ocean. These are bottom-dwelling animals with tooth plates used for crushing their food. Some people so they look creep, like ghosts, hence their common name, though ghost sharks aren't actually sharks. Sharks are, however, their closest living relatives. Scientific Name: Subclass - Holocephali Range: oceans worldwide except Antarctic waters Size: up to 5 feet (1.5m) but that's including the tail! Diet: clams, mussels, crabs, sea urchins, octopuses, etc. Lifespan: 30 years ✨ Animal Fact Files Patreon Supporters get early access to videos, get their video requests moved to the top of our request list, and more! ✨ 👉 🤍 You can learn more on: Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 - Image and Video Credits: - 🤍 NOC News - 🤍 Devon Bowen - 🤍 MARUM − Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Bremen - 🤍 Jean-Lou Justine - 🤍 MAREANO/Havforskingsinstituttet - 🤍 Research Credits: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Overfishing puts more than one-third of all sharks, rays, and chimaeras at risk of extinction.


The great white shark is the world's largest known predatory fish. It has 300 teeth, yet does not chew its food. Sharks rip their prey into mouth sized pieces which are swallowed whole. The shark’s heavy, torpedo shaped body allows it to cruise efficiently for long periods of time, and then suddenly switch to high speed bursts in pursuit of prey—sometimes leaping out of the water. It feeds on a broad spectrum of prey, from small fish, such as halibut, to large seals and dolphins.

Warcraft 3 | Sneaky 100 FOOD Chimaeras!


What happens when you sneak 100 food of Chimaeras? Want to request a 4v4 RT / 1v1 Strategy or even a custom game? You can do so 🤍 & Tip £13.37 to be credited & have your request fulfilled and posted as a Youtube Video! Thanks for your support, much love, WTii ^~ DISCORD - 🤍 PATREON - 🤍 TWITCH - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 OFFICIAL SUBREDDIT - 🤍 Enquiries - wtiiwarcraft🤍 Business Address: WTii PO BOX 12774 CHELMSFORD CM1 9AN #warcraft3reforged #warcraft3 #wtiiwarcraft #wc3

Grubby | WC3 | Chimaera BASETRADE!


Chimaera BASETRADE! (Game played on 20-October-2020) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: 🤍 Click Here for My Live Stream: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on FB: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Click Here to Follow me on IG: 🤍 Hi! I've been a pro-gamer for 12 years, and I'm a big fan of Blizzard games like WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm. My channel is welcoming to new and experienced players alike. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here: 🤍 #Grubby #Warcraft3 #WarcraftReforged

Duel of the Chimaeras


My Chimaera fleet beats a Samurai Chimaera.

Dominions Of War - Druids And Chimaeras| Warcraft III Reforged


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BRK WotLK Chimaera


Cunning pets! Tame Beast tricks! Pet macros! It's all here, foshizzle!

Just Give Me ONE CHIMAERA! | WC3 | Grubby


Time for another of these rare but great 2v2 games, and we're going Night Elf again, and while you might think the star of the show will be my solo Demon Hunter, it will turn out to be another solo unit! Just Give Me ONE CHIMAERA! (Game played on 13-June-2022) Join my Discord! 🤍 I also have a HOTS channel: 🤍 And my AOE4 channel: 🤍 Join this channel to support & get perks: 🤍 Subscribe to become a Grubby Follower: 🤍 Catch a live Twitch stream: 🤍 Pics of food and my doggo? Instagram: 🤍 Insightful and interesting tweeting by yours truly: 🤍 Still use Facebook? I guess I have one: 🤍 I love gaming the most when it is a shared experience with others. Coming together for an appreciation of gaming, competition and self improvement is what my YouTube Channel is all about. You’re welcome to be a part of this community - sub & enjoy the hangout! #Grubby #WC3 #Warcraft3

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