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Apple Watch Ultra In-Depth Review: The Right Tool?


Here's the Apple Watch Ultra Review for people who want to put this watch to the test. I push the Ultra to the extremes with a non-stop 14-hour journey to see if it can handle the Alps, plus of course, plenty more day-to-day usage thoughts. The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s real first foray into a watch suited for endurance sports, and other sporty adventures. Sure, Apple’s WatchOS 9 update for many of their other watches, including the recent Apple Watch Series 8, have brought a massive slate of new features aimed at that crowd – such as running power, triathlon support, and more. But historically, one of the biggest blockers to many athletes using an Apple Watch was lack of battery life, combined with lack of buttons. The Ultra aims to solve both of those concerns, while adding in a number of other features along the way, such as the emergency siren. I’ve been testing the Apple Watch Ultra, and in particular, yesterday I put it to the ultimate test: Could it survive a 14+ hour non-stop trail run/hike through the Alps? And if it could, how well would it handle such a mission. In this review I’ll cover that, plus plenty more in terms of day-to-day use, as well as other new features like the new emergency siren and the action button. Full data sets and in-depth written review: 🤍 0:00 Quick Overview 0:51 The Pricing & Hardware Differences 2:39 What's New! 3:27 Diving/Depth App 4:10 Activity/Daily Tracking 5:03 Sleep & Wrist Temp Tracking 6:39 Sport/Workout Detailed 10:09 Backtrack, Waypoints, and Compass 12:32 Emergency Siren 14:08 Battey Life Testing 15:57 GPS, HR, and Elevation Accuracy 17:00 Is it worth it? #AppleWatchUltra #AppleWatch #Apple

The Best Sports Tech Black Friday Deals!


The Best Deals: 🤍 Here's your complete guide to sports tech deals, sorted by category and updated constantly throughout the day, often hourly with new deals. Most links here help support the site – which I greatly appreciate! 0:00 The Game Plan 0:44 Watches & Wearables 9:42 Smart Trainers & Smart Bikes 11:58 Cycling Bike Computers 12:50 Action Cams & Drones 14:40 Misc Sports & Fitness 15:59 DCR Geeky Gadgets 17:17 European Deals #SportsTech #BlackFriday #GoPro #Garmin

Garmin Instinct Crossover In-Depth Review: More Than Just Hands!


Here's your new Garmin Instcint Crossover In-Depth Review, complete with accuracy testing and plenty more! As with most Instinct things, whether or not it's pretty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people love this style, others hate it. However, setting aside fashion considerations – what I can tell you is that this thing has all the power of the Instinct 2 series inside it. Except, in areas it has more powerful things, like a new expanded GPS chipset. As well as the mind-bogglingly large slate of updates the Instinct 2 series has received since launch back in February, including things like HRV Status tracking, native running power support, and more sport modes. Albeit confusing, this is not called the Instinct 2 Crossover, despite being based on the Instinct 2 series. But hey, ya can’t win ‘em all. Instead, it’s got two hands. Those hands show the time of day as you’d expect, but also are used in other areas. On the heart rate zone page? The hands become a dial on the gauge. Looking at your steps for the day? The hands become a progress meter. And during a workout or umpteen other times, they instantly swing out of the way, simply becoming a line on the horizon. But with all that, they ditched the small circle portion of the display seen at the top of previous Instinct editions. #InstinctCrossover #GarminInstinct

COROS APEX 2 & APEX 2 Pro In-Depth Review: Features, Tested, Accuracy!


Here's your complete in-depth review of the COROS APEX 2 & APEX 2 Pro watches, from the new features, how they differ, and then a complete accuracy deep-dive. Today COROS has announced the long-teased COROS APEX 2 series watches, including both a base model and a Pro model. While I had considered doing entirely separate reviews for both of these, the reality is they’re virtually identical watches same some minor internal spec differences. Thus, I’ve gone with one consolidated review. And to make things even more fun – I’ve been wearing both watches side by side (well, on opposite wrists) just to see how they handle and differ. The new APEX 2 series is best viewed through the lens of being a smaller VERTIX 2 (released one year ago). It’s got virtually all the same software features as the more expensive Vertix 2, and in fact, with the Vertix 2 priced virtually all of October at $499, it’s been the same price as the new-announced APEX 2 Pro. But, we’re getting distracted. Ultimately, COROS sees these two models (APEX 2 Pro vs Vertix 2) differentiated by style/materials, more so than software. The 1.3” screen COROS APEX 2 Pro includes a revamped optical heart rate sensor, adds multiband GNSS/GPS, adds music storage for MP3’s (no streaming service), and includes offline maps, touchscreen, WiFi, and HRV readings. It also includes a battery life up to 75 hours depending on the mode (25 hours for multiband usage though). The APEX 2 PRO comes in at $499, whereas the base APEX 2 slides in at $399, but lacks the multiband GPS and larger battery life, and has a slightly smaller screen. 0:00 Quick Overview 0:41 What's New in APEX 2? 3:15 APEX 2 vs APEX 2 PRO 4:40 Daily Usage and Features 6:48 Sport Modes & Navigation/Mapping 9:58 A Brief Musical Note 10:46 GPS & HR Accuracy Deep-Dive 16:09 Wrap-Up & Recommendations #COROSAPEX2 #APEX2PRO #APEX2

Garmin MARQ Athlete (Gen 2) Review: The Best Money Can Buy?


Here's everything you need to know about what a $1,900 GPS running watch looks like! Alternatively: Trainer & Chill T-Shirt: 🤍 It’s landed, the watch the 1% have been waiting for: The $1,900 Garmin MARQ Athlete, 2nd Gen edition. This watch builds upon the previous Garmin MARQ & CHRONOS lineups of fancier Fenix variants, but now switches over to the Garmin Epix series as the underlying platform. The previous MARQ editions were based on the Fenix 6 series. Of course, the Epix and Fenix 7 units are virtually identical in terms of features, just with different displays. The Epix-based MARQ Athlete now utilizes the AMOLED display instead. As with the previous MARQ editions, the differences are almost entirely based in hardware and the outward design of the watch. Aspects like case materials, buttons, and even a new charging port/cable that’s massively faster than any other Garmin watch. However, this time there is a singular new software feature being launched on the Garmin MARQ series – a jetlag advisor. And ironically enough, I’m writing this from Boeing 777 at 36,000ft headed across the Atlantic Ocean – a perfect time to show how this all works. But fear not, this feature will also be coming to other more normally priced watches too. #GarminMARQ #MARQ GarminMARQAthlete

Garmin Forerunner 955: The Complete Tutorial (How-To/User Interface Guide)


Here's a step-by-step guide to every feature on the Forerunner 955 & Forerunner 955 Solar, from basic usage all the way into more complex things like maps, navigation, ClimbPro, Stamina and plenty more. 0:00 The Game Plan 0:40 Watch Face, Widgets, Daily Activity Tracking 4:22 Sleep Tracking, Body Battery, HR Sensor 8:36 HRV Status Deep-Dive 11:48 Training Readiness Deep-Dive (and Load/recovery) 17:21 Solar Version Details 20:20 Race Calendar and Dynamic Training Plans 24:05 Sport Modes, Configuration, and Usage 29:48 Native Running Power 32:05 Multiband GPS 34:23 Stamina Deep-Dive 39:26 Sensors & Pairing 41:36 Maps Downloads, Navigation, Routing 47:22 Music Support (Spotify) 49:54 Garmin Pay/Contactless Payments #GarminFR955 #GarminForerunner955 #Forerunner955

Garmin Fenix 7, Solar, and Sapphire In-Depth Review!


Every Fenix 7 new feature examined with real-world testing! From new maps to better GPS accuracy, I dive into whether it's really worth the extra cash. Epix on Amazon: 🤍 (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!) Fenix 7 on Amazon: 🤍 (also helps support the channel!!) This review is instead focused almost entirely on the Fenix 7 series, which includes the Fenix 7S, 7, and 7X models. These units get a slate of new features (depending on which exact model you choose), including everything from workout stamina tracking to free downloadable TopoActive maps. And the 7X even gets a flashlight, which might sound gimmicky at first, but seriously – it’s mind-bogglingly useful and way more advanced than ‘just a flashlight’. It can flash white and red as you run, matched to your cadence – specific to showing white lights while forward-facing, and red lights rearward facing. Yes, actually switching and matched to each footstep. Or, you can signal for SOS with it when you’re out of ice cream. But we’ll get into all those details and plenty more throughout this review. I’ve been testing the Fenix 7 for quite some time, and have put in countless hours to figure out what works well…and what still might need some love. This includes all three core models, as well as its Epix sibling. And this includes a wide variety of conditions from riding and running up volcanos, runs in freezing temps, openwater swims, cities to mountain passes, and everything in between. Oceans, forests, deserts, and more. Garmin Fenix 7 In-Depth Written Review & Accuracy data: 🤍 0:00 Intro and Overview 0:42 Models Explainer 1:43 New Touchscreen 3:05 The Flashlight 4:34 New Multiband GPS 5:54 Up Ahead Navigation 6:46 Map Manager and Downloadable Maps 7:42 Stamina Pacing 8:56 Phone Configuration of Watch 9:50 SkiView Expansion 10:20 Gen4 Garmin ELEVATE 11:13 Health Snapshot & HRV 12:06 New Activity Profiles 12:30 Historical Predictor Trends 13:18 Solar Battery Increases 14:34 Graphical Changes to Interface 15:13 Connect IQ Store on Watch 15:33 Hardware Changes 16:00 Final Thoughts and Recommendations - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminFenix7 #Fenix7 #Fenix

Polar Ignite 3 In-Depth Review: Multiband + AMOLED!


Polar has just announced its newest watch – the Ignite 3. And despite being a watch typically focused on the mid-range price bucket, they’ve gone ahead and put their most advanced technology to date into it. It features a stunningly beautiful AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3, while even more notably adding in multiband/dual-frequency GNSS, making the Ignite 3 the first Polar product to have it, and joining the likes of Apple, Garmin, COROS, and more. Beyond that Polar has added a smaller slate of updates and tweaks, mostly long-running requests from previous Polar Ignite models. These include the addition of manual laps via ‘Slap to lap’, as well as adding in the Running Test and Walking Test. Further, they’ve increased the processor, added watch face customization, and an always-on display. Coming later this month Polar will roll out two additional features, including what they’re calling ‘SleepWise’, which Polar says is essentially an analysis of how last night’s sleep will impact your day ahead, including a forecast of “daytime alertness levels”. The second feature is audio guidance during training, when using headphones or your phone’s speaker. Here’s the quick rundown of what’s new in the Ignite 3: - Switched to 1.28” AMOLED touchscreen display (416x416, 16M colors) - Switched to Gorilla Glass 3.0 - Added Always-On Display Option - Added multiband/dual-frequency GNSS - Doubled the processor power (2x previous Ignite 2) - Added ability to customize watchface widgets (aka data complications) - Added Running & Walking Tests (previously only had Fitness Test) - Added manual laps (via slap) - Existing Polar Prime optical HR sensor - Smartwatch Battery life: Up to 5 days in non-always-on display mode - GPS battery life: Up to 30 hours of GPS time and HR tracking (XXX mode) - Watch weighs 35g, includes two size straps in box (20mm size) Additionally, there are two further features not available at launch, but will come later this month in a firmware and app update: - Adding SleepWise Insights: These will essentially show the impact of last night’s sleep on your day ahead - Adding Voice Guidance during training: This will use Bluetooth headphones or your phones speaker to give you workout stats mid-workout Note that Polar says that SleepWise insights will be rolled out to all Polar devices that currently support Sleep Plus Stages, after the initial Ignite 3 rollout, specifying a time of “Later this year”. #PolarIgnite3 #POlarIgnite #Polar

iPhone 14 Satellite SOS Tested & Review: How it actually works!


Everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 Emergency Satellite SOS feature, actually tested in the real world with real satellites and emergency relay centers. Starting today, users in the US & Canada will be able to use their iPhone 14 units to trigger an emergency SOS, even in areas without cellular coverage. It does this using a network of 24 low-earth orbit satellites that the iPhone can connect to. This allows you to send very short low-bandwidth emergency text messages to earth-based ground stations, which in turn get routed directly to either emergency responders or to Apple relay centers, which coordinate with emergency responders. While today’s launch is limited to the US & Canada, starting next month it’ll open up to certain countries in Europe (more on that in the next section). At present, this feature is all about emergencies – and sending a selfie text message, or even a short ‘goodnight’ message doesn’t qualify. Instead, this is focused on routing you directly to first responders that can get you out of whatever pickle you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s roughly akin to other platforms that already exist today, such as Garmin’s inReach devices, or SPOT’s devices – both of which use satellites. #iPhone14 #AppleSOS #iPhone14Pro

Garmin Forerunner 255 In-Depth Review: 13 New Things to Know!


Here's your in-depth review of the new Forerunner 255 & 255 Music, which includes running power, multiband GPS, and plenty more. I dive into all the details including accuracy tracking, triathlon sports like openwater swimming, cycling, running, and everything in between. #GarminForeunner255 #Forerunner255 #FR255

Tour de France 2022: Which bike computers do they use? (+Power Meters!)


Here's a behind the scenes look at the start of a Tour de France stage, with all of the bike computers, power meters, and washing machine tech they use in the 2022 Tour de France. In this video I dive into all the teams and which power meters use. Tour de France 2022 Bike Computers: AG2R Citroën Team (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 Alpecin–Deceuninck (W): Garmin Edge 830 Arkéa–Samsic (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 Astana Qazaqstan (G): Garmin Edge 830 Bahrain Victorious: Garmin Edge 830 B&B Hotels–KTM (G): Garmin Edge 830 BikeExchange–Jayco (G): Garmin Edge 830 Bora–Hansgrohe (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 Cofidis (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 DSM (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 EF Education–EasyPost (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 Groupama–FDJ (G): Garmin Edge 830 + Edge 1030 Plus Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert Matériaux (B): Bryton Rider S800 Ineos Grenadiers (G): Edge 830, Edge 1040 Solar Israel–Premier Tech (H): Hammerhead Karoo 2 & Garmin Edge 530 Jumbo–Visma (G): Garmin Edge 830 & Edge 130 Plus Lotto–Soudal (G): Garmin Edge 830 & Edge 1030 Plus Movistar Team (G)): Garmin Edge 830 & Edge 1040 Solar Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl (G): Garmin Edge 830 & Edge 1040 Solar TotalEnergies-Cyclists (G): Garmin Edge 830 Trek–Segafredo (W): Wahoo BOLT V2 UAE Team Emirates (S): SRM PC8 Tour de France 2022 Power Meters: AG2R Citroën Team: Power2Max NG Alpecin–Deceuninck: Shimano R9200P Arkéa–Samsic: Shimano R9100P Astana Qazaqstan: Shimano R9100P Bahrain Victorious: Shimano R9200P B&B Hotels–KTM: FSA PowerBox BikeExchange–Jayco: Shimano R9100P Bora–Hansgrohe: Shimano R9100P Cofidis: SRM PM7 DSM: Shimano R9100P EF Education–EasyPost: Power2Max NG Groupama–FDJ: Shimano R9200P Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert Matériaux: Shimano R9100P Ineos Grenadiers: Shimano R9100P Israel–Premier Tech: ROTOR Jumbo–Visma: Shimano R9100P Lotto–Soudal: 4iiii Precision G3 & Shimano R9200P Movistar Team: SRAM AXS Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl: Shimano R9200P TotalEnergies-Cyclists: Shimano R9100P Trek–Segafredo: SRAM Quarq AXS UAE Team Emirates: SRM PM7 #TourdeFrance #TdF #Cycling

2021 Sportswatch Year in Review with @DC Rainmaker!


Join us for the 3rd annual Sportswatch Year in Review where we cover all the major sportswatch and smartwatch releases of 2021 including Garmin, Apple, COROS, Polar, Samsung, and more! Special thanks to 🤍DC Rainmaker for joining! // Chapters // 0:00 Intro and Overall Thoughts on 2021 2:25 Garmin Lily DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 7:06 Garmin Enduro DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 11:37 Polar Vantage M2 DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 14:31 Polar Ignite 2 DesFit Overview: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Overview: 🤍 17:31 Garmin Venu/Venu 2S DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 19:56 Casio GSW-H1000 DesFit Review: 🤍 24:45 Forerunner 55 DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 26:55 Forerunner 945 LTE DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 32:49 Suunto 9 Peak DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 36:01 COROS VERTIX 2 DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 44:52 COROS PACE 2 Eliud Kipchoge Edition DesFit Review: 🤍 46:18 Samsung Galaxy Watch4 DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 54:53 Fitbit Charge 5 DesFit Initial Initial Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 1:01:05 Polar Grit X Pro DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 1:03:57 Polar Vantage V2 Shift and Red 1:04:58 Apple Watch Series 7 DesFit Review: 🤍 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 1:15:25 Whoop Band 4.0 DC Rainmaker Review: 🤍 1:19:19 Oura Ring 3 DC Rainmaker First Impressions: 🤍 1:26:34 Final Thoughts Thanks for watching! /// Gear I Use (Amazon links) /// Wearable: 🤍 Bike GPS: 🤍 Chest Heart Rate Strap: 🤍 Arm Heart Rate Strap: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 /// Connect & Updates /// Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Strava: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Videos may contain affiliate links which can help support and grow this channel with no extra cost to you. Thanks for your continued support.

Garmin HRM-PRO Plus In-Depth Review: Here's what's changed!


Garmin’s released a slightly revamped version of their HRM-PRO chest strap, now the HRM-PRO Plus. Like most Garmin ‘Plus’-enabled things, this is a modest upgrade from their existing to-end chest strap, the HRM-PRO that came out two summers ago. The new HRM-PRO Plus adds an indoor run pace & distance option, while also changing the battery door situation to be toolless (hopefully reducing straps dying after batter swaps). Further, they’ve changed the color of the HRM-PRO Plus pod itself. Ultimately, these are minor changes, and for the most part this is just considered a running change. There will soon be watch bundles offered with the Garmin HRM-PRO Plus straps instead of HRM-PRO. And, best of all, the software changes for the indoor running pace/distance is being released as a firmware update to the existing HRM-PRO today. So Garmin says that in terms of functionality, both units are identical, save the battery compartment aspects. Nonetheless, I’ve been using the HRM-PRO Plus for a while, so I figure I’ll go through the full in-depth review of the HRM-PRO Plus, just like any other straps. #GarminHRMPROPlus #HRMPROPlus #heartrate

Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar In-Depth Review: 15 New Things to Know!


Here's your complete swim/bike/run and more in-depth review of the new Garmin Forerunner 955 multisport watch. From new features to accuracy, how it compares to the 945, and plenty more. Full written review: 🤍 0:00 Quick Overview 0:35 New Solar Features 2:20 Multi-Band GPS 3:15 New Touchscreen 3:54 Native Running Power 4:49 Map Downloads via WiFi 5:42 Full HRV Status Tracking 7:00 Training Readiness Explainer 8:17 Morning Report 8:37 Race Planning Features 10:14 Dynamically Created Training Plans 11:02 Real-time Stamina 11:47 Phone-based Config 12:09 Up Ahead Navigation 12:31 Spectator Messaging 13:04 Updated Optical HR Sensor 13:31 Fenix 7 & FR945 LTE Updates 13:50 Heart Rate & GPS Accuracy 15:48 Final Recommendations #Forerunner955 #GarminForerunner955 #Forerunner955Solar

Garmin Fenix 7: The Complete Beginners Guide


This is a complete user interface guide and tutorial on the Garmin Feinx 7 Series, covering not just all the new features, but the entire watch. This includes a user interface walk-through of the Fenix 7 settings, widgets, sport modes, display aspects, map and course usage, touchscreen, and plenty more features and functions. If it's new, I've got it covered here. Don't forget to see my full review video linked up above in YouTube, as well as my in-depth written review linked above too. Epix on Amazon: 🤍 (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!) Fenix 7 on Amazon: 🤍 (also helps support the channel!!) 0:00 Quick Intro 0:49 Fenix 7 Model Comparison 3:04 Watch face & Widgets 9:58 Health Snapshot 11:40 Sleep Mode Options 13:58 Flashlight on 7X 19:05 Solar Deep-Dive 23:15 Sport Modes and Multiband GPS 28:32 Stamina Pacing 31:06 Mapping & Courses 34:51 Sensors & Heart Rate 35:55 Phone-based Watch Config 38:15 Map Manager (Download Maps) 41:41 Connect IQ App Store 42:57 Music/Spotify and Garmin Pay Full written review with accuracy data: 🤍 - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminFenix7 #Fenix7 #Fenix

Zwift Hub Smart Trainer: Hands-On After A Few Rides/Full Details


Everything you need to know about the new Zwift Hub smart trainer, from the tech specs to the ride feel, to how well it works, and whether it works with apps like TrainerRoad, Rouvy, and more! I dig into all the details after a few weeks of riding. Today, Zwift announced the Zwift Hub, a $499 smart trainer that will likely slaughter pricing in the market. Well, maybe. First, it requires Zwift to make it accurate. But assuming they do that, the product has specs that are roughly half the cost of most of their other competitors. Now, before we go too far, it’s important to know one key detail: Zwift didn’t make this trainer. At least not entirely. Instead, they’re rebranding the JetBlack Volt smart trainer (which I reviewed a year ago), and repricing it significantly lower than the $849 it previously was. That very capable direct drive trainer did quite well in my testing, arguably better than some of the large trainer companies have done at the same price point. #Zwift #ZwiftHub #ZwiftTrainer

DJI Mini 3 Pro High Wind Test - 50KPH Winds!


Here's the only wind test you'll need to see on the DJI Mini 3 Pro and how well it handles 50KPH winds...out over the water. In this test I cover not just flying, but also testing out features like Active Track and Spotlight POI mode, plus sport mode 120FPS slow-motion footage and plenty more! I take you through the core areas of take-off, flying, the different modes, camera movements, wind considerations when flying in high-wind situations (tips and tricks), as well as plenty more. DJI Mini 3 Pro + DJI RC: 🤍 (Amazon link helps support the channel, thanks!!!!) Oh, many of you have asked what SD card I use, here's the exact 256GB card I use for all my action cams and drones: 🤍 #DJIMini3 #Mini3Pro #DJIMini3Pro #WindTesting

Apple Watch Ultra vs New York City Skyscrapers! (with Garmin Epix too)


How well does the Apple Watch Ultra stack up against the tallest buildings in New York City? And can it compete with the likes of the Garmin Epix and Garmin Forerunner 955 here? Also, how far behind is the Apple Watch Series 8? I put all these to the test in a real-life run through New York City. I’ve posted a full comparison of the Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Epix in New York City, on an epic route through the city, including up and down some of the most building-dense streets I could find. This includes starting at the tip of Manhattan near the Staten Island ferry docks, and then working my way up some 80 or so blocks along the edge of Manhattan ducking under expressways and buildings. From there I cut into the densest part of the city before jumping into Central Park for a bit, before heading back into the buildings down towards Times Square. In this test, I actually had four watches with me: - Apple Watch Ultra (Multi-band/dual-frequency - Apple Watch Series 8 (Multi-band/dual-frequency() - Garmin Epix (Multi-band/dual-frequency) - Garmin Forerunner 955 (Multi-band/dual-frequency) Only the Series 8 doesn’t support multiband, the other three were all in a forced multiband configuration. Further, as noted in the video, I actually swapped wrists a chunk of the way through the river/perimeter section, in order to ensure they had equal sky-viewing experiences (turns out it didn’t matter too much). In the video I dive through each section one by one, including an analysis of the GPS tracks and where they did well…and not so well. #applewatchultra #GarminEpix #AppleWatch

GoPro Hero 11 Black In-Depth Review: 17 Things to Know!


Here's your complete deep-dive into the GoPro Hero 11 Black and how it compares to not just the older GoPro Hero 10 Black, but also the DJI Action 3 and GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini! 0:00 Overview & Hero 11 Black Mini 0:38 Pricing & Models 0:58 New Sensor & FOV 1:52 10-Bit Color 2:39 New HyperView Lens 3:30 Horizon Lock 3:59 HyperSmooth Auto Boost 4:58 Night Video Modes 6:04 Superview in 5K/60 & 4K/120 6:35 App Changing Digital Lenses 7:07 Desktop Aspect Ratio Changing 7:29 Photo Mode to 27MP 8:02 Enduro Battery included 8:45 New Easy/Pro Mode Controls 9:24 New Video Management Modes 10:20 Does it overheat? 11:50 Auto Highlight Videos 12:12 Automatic SD Card Cleaning 12:30 Leftover Compatibility Tidbits 13:09 Is it worth the upgrade? #GoProHero11Black #GoProHero11 #GoPro

Samsung Watch5 Series: The Specs Are Wrong (Not Clickbait)


I dive into the apparently misleading claims about how thick the Samsung Watch5 series watches are, only to discover the problem is wider than just Samsung and their plump watches. I didn’t intend on going down a rabbit hole this morning. Or at least, not this rabbit hole. I thought I was starting my day down a much narrower hole, to quickly and efficiently demonstrate that the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro specs for thickness were woefully incorrect and misleading. That specific scavenger hunt was initiated by Reddit this weekend after watching my Ealy Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, and noting there was no way the 10.5mm thickness listed for that watch was accurate, given the far more sleek/older Galaxy Watch Active 2 was listed at 10.9mm. It seemed impossible. And sure enough, it was. Dive on in with me! #SamsungWatch5 #AppleWatchSeries7 #GarminWatch

Power Meter Pedals Deep-Dive Review: Garmin/Wahoo/Favero/SRM


Trying to figure out which power meter pedal is best? Here's a complete deep-dive based on years of usage of these models. From Garmin Rally to Wahoo POWRLINK Speedplay pedal, to Favero Assioma, and SRM X-Power - I cover them all! This video is sponsored by SteadyRack: 🤍 0:00 Quick Overview 1:00 Cleat Compatibility 2:55 Gigantic Price Chart 4:45 Weight and Size Comparisons 5:59 Installation Aspects 6:58 Q-Factor Considerations 9:34 Cornering Concerns 10:40 Battery Bits 12:41 Power Accuracy 13:20 Recommendations The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #Cycling #PowerMeters #CyclingPower

I Tested Apple Watch Ultra In A Dive Chamber


What happens when you dive too deep with the Apple Watch Ultra? I put it to the test to show you exactly how the Apple Watch Ultra 'Depth' app works, as well as how the data works behind the scenes. Dive on in! The first thing to know is the Apple Watch hardware design, which is certified to 100m in depth. And then the second is their software app, which is designed for usage to 40m (131ft) of depth. That native app is called…umm…Depth. And it essentially aims to show your current, well…depth (and duration/water temp). Meanwhile, there's the Huish Outdoors app called the Oceanic+. That app (which costs $79/year, but they also have day/month passes) has all the dive-related functions you’d find in a normal dive computer. Things like dive planning, water type, ascent warnings, safety stops, mixed gas options, etc… That app isn’t available today, and is slated for sometime this fall. If you check out the two specs that Apple certified against, ISO 22810:2010 specifies the waterproof rating for watches statically (to 100m in Apple’s case). However, DIN EN13319 covers the depth gauge and specifically operation of said gauge to the specified water pressure listed (100m in this case), given that would require pressing buttons in order to use said operation as covered under the functional area, thus would be covered to 100m according to Apple’s claims. More details on the Oceanic+ app here: 🤍 #AppleWatchUltra #Diving #Scuba

Wahoo ROAM V2 In-Depth Review: What's Actually Changed?


Today Wahoo has announced their latest bike computer, the new Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM. Unofficially it’s the ROAM V2 or ROAM 2022 or ROAM 2nd Edition or whatever you want to call it – but no matter the name, it’s Wahoo’s flagship bike computer. This new version includes a more colorful display, upgraded multiband GNSS chipset for better GPS accuracy, as well as USB-C support. Beyond the hardware, it also includes promises of new software features down the road, including (finally) a competitor to Garmin’s ClimbPro, which will show the distance and details of climbs as you ride them. While that feature isn’t here today, there are some additional new features that have launched over the past 24 hours to other Wahoo bike computers that are also on the ROAM V2, including Supersapiens support and new structured workout sync from Wahoo SYSTM. #WahooROAM #WahooFitness #Wahoo

Garmin vs Hammerhead vs Wahoo GPS Climbing: Tested in the Dolomites (a VLOG)!


This is an in-depth comparison of the bike climbing features between the Garmin Edge series, Hammerhead Karoo 2, and Wahoo ELEMNT/BOLT series. I take these units out into the mountains over the course of 6 months to the Italian Alps (Dolomites), French Alps, Corsica, and Spanish Canary Islands, to see which has the best features. From on-road to off-road/MTB, I cover it all. /// This video is sponsored by The Pro's Closet! Free USA shipping on all bikes $1,000+ with code DCRAINMAKER042 🤍 Note: The Pro's Closet had no technical or editorial control, insight, or anything at all over this video. Literally, they just said 'Have fun!'. So, I did. /// You’ll notice I didn’t list a specific version/model for the three main companies. That’s because from a technical standpoint, the features are equal among their latest units for climbing purposes. Thus, specifically, these units: Garmin: Edge 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus Hammerhead: Karoo 1, Karoo 2 Wahoo: ELEMNT, ELEMNT BOLT V1/V2, ELEMNT ROAM For example, there’s no differences between an Edge 530 and Edge 1030 Plus when it comes to climbing features (aside from just screen size). Same goes for Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM vs BOLT. Note that the Edge 130 Plus does have ClimbPro, but just not the coloring since it’s a black and white screen. - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #Wahoo #Garmin #Hammerhead #Cycling

DJI Mini 3: The Complete Beginners Guide


Here's your massive DJI Mini 3 Pro complete beginners guide, covering end to end all the features, including both the DJI RC as well as the standard DJI RC-N1 controller. Here's the full topic list, though in reality, it's far deeper than that, with tons of DJI Mini 3 Tips & Tricks along the way. DJI Mini 3 Pro + DJI RC: 🤍 (Amazon link helps support the channel, thanks!!!!) Oh, many of you have asked what SD card I use, here's the exact 256GB card I use for all my action cams and drones: 🤍 I've placed some sample photos (JPG/DNG) as well as some sample footage here. All unedited: 🤍 0:00 Quick Overview & Intro 0:46 Remote Controller & Battery Options 3:05 Drone Hardware (Gimbal, Sensors, Basics) 5:55 Pre-Takeoff Critical Items 8:07 Taking off & Flying Basics 13:08 Obstacle Avoidance/Sensing & APAS 16:08 Video Modes Explainer 22:25 Photo Modes Explainer 25:56 Vertical Shooting Options 27:33 Spotlight & POI Modes 31:58 QuickShots Usage 34:01 MasterShots Feature 36:27 HyperLapse Modes 39:22 Active Track (Follow-Me) 44:34 Sport Mode (Fast Flying) 45:55 Hand-Catching A Drone 47:39 Gallery and Downloading 48:47 Wrap-Up - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this channel a lot. Thanks! #DJIMini3 #DJIMini3Pro #Mini3Pro

Garmin EPIX Long-Term In-Depth Review


Here's your complete Epix in-depth review and 15 New Things to Know, with full accuracy testing, feature comparisons to the Fenix 7 and plenty more! Epix on Amazon: 🤍 (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!) Fenix 7 on Amazon: 🤍 (also helps support the channel!!) No, this isn’t your grandfather's Epix from 2015, but rather, this is Garmin’s new 2nd gen Epix that effectively takes an Epix and elevates it with a full AMOLED color touchscreen display. Now, Garmin officially calls it just ‘Epix’, though you’ll see the 2nd gen bits here and there. In order to save digital typing waste, I’m just going to call it the shortened Epix as well. The Epix Gen2 includes the aforementioned higher resolution and more vivid AMOLED display, but it lacks solar panels or the Fenix 7X flashlight. That’s mainly because solar frankly wouldn’t do much here for this display, and the flashlight isn't quite in the Epix cards for the time being. There are, of course, differences in battery life too, which we’ll get into. But the key thing to know is that even though it has an AMOLED display, it still manages 6 days in always-on display mode – which reaches upwards of 16 days in gesture mode. In other words, for most people, you’re not sacrificing much for a dramatically better display. I’ve been using the Epix now for quite some time, putting it through both daily 24x7 usage as well as workouts and other athletic adventures. Everything from high mountain hiking to ocean swimming, snow-covered escapes, and city testing. All of it in an effort to find out where this watch works well, and where its caveats are. Full written review with accuracy data: 🤍 0:00 Intro Overview 0:56 Model Differences 2:02 AMOLED Display Details 3:19 Battery Life Explainer 4:22 Multi-Band GPS 5:41 Up Ahead Navigation 6:42 Downloadable Maps 7:06 Increased Map Details 7:46 Stamina Pacing 9:00 Phone Configuration of watch 9:54 SkiView Expansion 10:17 Elevate V4 HR Sensor 11:00 Health Snapshot 12:09 Race Predictor Historical Details 12:55 Interface Refresh 13:37 Sleep Mode Options 14:15 Connect IQ On-Watch App Store 14:44 Hardware Tweaks 15:00 Wrap-Up and Recommendations - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminEpix #Epix #EpixGPS

Garmin Enduro 2 In-Depth Review: Tested to the Limit!


Here's everything you need to know and in-depth review of the new Garmin Enduro 2 adventure multisport watch, which brings with it larger battery life and a smattering of new features. I've put it to the test over the summer, testing out every component to see how it handles. Dive in for this complete review. With the the Enduro 2 GPS watch, Garmin has what is essentially a Fenix 7X Plus. It’s got every single feature of the Fenix 7X series, but adds more, both in hardware and software. The new Enduro 2 has the longest battery life of any Garmin watch, and depending on how you tally the solar figures – any watch in the endurance sports market. It’s got a built-in flashlight that’s twice as bright as the Fenix 7X, and it’s got new trail-focused features to automatically identify trail junctions before you go down the wrong path (even if a course isn’t loaded). I’ve been testing the Enduro 2 over the course of the summer, putting it through its paces. Both day-to-day workouts and regular 24×7 activity tracking, but also the epic 170KM Tour du Mont Blanc, with the aim of trying to complete it on a single battery charge (while still using all the features at full-tilt). Which, is a great way to get this review cooking! In-Depth Written Review with data sets: 🤍 0:00 Quick Overview 0:54 It's a Fenix 7X Plus 2:02 Deep-dive Battery Testing 4:42 Next Fork - Trail Junctions 5:34 SatIQ GPS Switching 6:38 Brighter Flashlight 7:20 Size Differences 7:43 Training Status 2.0 Features 9:55 Grade Adjusted Pace 10:36 Auto Rest Timer 11:26 Directional Course Arrows 11:56 A Few Problems 15:10 Accuracy (GPS/HR/Elevation) 16:26 Recommendations & Wrap-Up #Enduro2 #GarminEnduro2 #GarminEnduro #fenix7

Garmin Venu 2 Review: 11 Things to Know // Complete Testing


Venu 2/2S In-Depth Written Review: 🤍 Here's your complete in-depth review of the new Garmin new Venu 2 & Venu 2S watches, the AMOLED display successors to the original Garmin Venu watch. The Venu 2 series sports two sizes now (45mm and 40mm), as well as a slew of updated health and sports features. Under the covers though are arguably some of the biggest changes. A new integrated processor and GPU increase graphic power, making it the first watch to support Garmin’s Connect IQ 4.0 app platform – as well as a significantly revamped user interface that feels a bit more modern and polished. A new generation optical heart rate sensor also brings with it infrared sensors for increased PulseOx accuracy. Here's your full guide to all the sections in this review: 0:00 Pricing & Models 0:41 Strength Training & Muscle Map 1:59 New Sport Modes for HIIT & Hiking 3:08 Advanced Sleep Tracking 4:02 Body Battery Changes 5:30 Health Snapshot Feature 6:32 Fitness Age Overview 6:57 Widget Glances 7:48 Challenges on the watch 8:35 New Optical HR Sensor 9:44 Updated processor/GPU/CIQ4 10:30 Rapid Charging & Battery Saver 11:40 Wrap-up - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminVenu2 #Venu2 #Venu2S

Garmin Forerunner 255/255S: The Complete Tutorial (How-To/User Interface Guide)


Here's your complete step-by-step guide to every feature on the Forerunner 255/255S and 255/255S Music. Starting with the basics, and then ramping into the more complex bits like HRV Status, Training Status, Race Calendar, and plenty more! This video is sponsored by SteadyRack: 🤍 0:00 The Game Plan 0:40 FR255 vs FR255S and Music 1:00 Basic Usage & Hardware Overview 2:18 Watch Faces, Widgets, Daily Activity Tracking 7:24 Sleep Tracking, Body Battery, Resting HR 10:55 Body Battery vs Garmin FR955 Training Readiness 11:55 HRV Status Deep-Dive 13:56 Morning Report 14:48 Training Status, Acute Load, VO2Max, Recovery 18:53 Race Calendar and Dynamic Training Plans 21:08 Sport Modes, Daily Suggested Workouts 24:15 Sport Mode Configuration & Running Power 28:41 Structured Workouts & Courses 30:20 Multiband GPS 32:48 Battery Saver Mode 33:34 Contactless Payments (Garmin Pay) 35:08 Sensor Pairing, Music, and Spotify #GarminFR255 #GarminForerunner255 #Forerunner255

Wahoo KICKR V6/2022 In-Depth Review: What's new, ride testing, accuracy, and more!


Here's your full in-depth review of the Wahoo KICKR V6/2022, complete with ride testing on Zwift, TrainerRoad, SYSTM, and a deep dive into the accuracy. The biggest change in the Wahoo KICKR V6 is built-in WiFi. With this WiFi connectivity the unit will now allow apps to connect via WiFi, potentially reducing/eliminating dropouts that can occur on ANT+/Bluetooth Smart in some high-RF environments (such as dense apartment buildings). Further, this new WiFi capability also means your Wahoo KICKR gets quietly updated in the background, ensuring it’s always up to date. The most notable ride change is a new ERG Easy Ramp, which automatically transitions back into ERG mode over 10 seconds if you stop (such as for the doorbell), mirroring a similar feature introduced by Elite this summer. Oh, and the price increases by $100, up to $1,299USD. #WahooKICKR #KICKR #IndoorCycling

Garmin Fenix 7 vs Epix: 13 Key Differences Detailed


Here’s every tiny difference between the Fenix 7 and Epix watches, from someone who’s been putting them through their paces in-depth. From 7-hour rides to 6-hour hikes, and everything in between. I put the Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire to the test against the Epix Sapphire side by side. I detail battery tests, screen visibility tests, how well mapping works, routes, size, price, and plenty more. Battery charts on the DCR Analyzer: 🤍 Epix on Amazon: 🤍 (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!) Fenix 7 on Amazon: 🤍 (also helps support the channel!!) 0:00 Quick Overview 1:28 Price Differences 2:04 Display Mode Differences 3:33 AMOLED vs MIPS Display 4:26 Resolution Differences 4:54 Map Differences 5:44 Brightness Differences 6:26 Dimness & Sleep 7:43 Battery Burn Charts & Deep-Dive 12:00 Epix & Fenix Flashlights 12:53 GPS & Heart Rate Accuracy 13:18 Pixel Burn-in Concerns 14:22 Watch Weights 15:01 Connect IQ Differences 15:24 Final Recommendations - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminEpix #GarminFenix #Fenix7

8 New Apple Watch Ultra Fitness Features You Didn't Know About (Series 8/SE too!)


There are some big sports & fitness changes in the Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE (2022) that you didn't know were coming. I outline how these work under the covers, and why it might matter to you. From a shift in GPS connectivity to the why the Running Track mode is limited at first, to a new countdown timer option called Precision Start, on the Apple Watch Ultra. Plus plenty more! #AppleWatchSeries8 #AppleWatchUltra #AppleWatch

Tour de France 2022: Which smart trainers do they use?


Here's your behind-the-scenes look in the team warm-up area at Tour de France 2022 and which smart trainers each of the teams uses. When it comes to the massive logistical challenge that is transporting a team and all their cycling gear across 21 stages and four countries for the 2022 Tour de France, one perhaps unexpected bit of gear is their smart trainers. Each time brings a slate of trainers with them, and in some cases, multiple types of trainers – and often enough for all riders, depending on the year/stages. That was certainly the case this past weekend at the Tour de France when opening stage was an individual time trial, as it often is. That means that each rider typically warms up on a smart trainer ahead of that stage for perhaps 25-40 minutes, before competing the relatively short 13KM stage. This will play out again later in the Tour de France on the 2nd to last stage, where a much longer 40.7km individual time trial is set to happen. There are no team time trials this year (unfortunately, they make for spectacular photos). As is often the case for many years, I’ve outlined which trainers and power meters each team uses, as well as lots of interesting little trainer tidbits along the way. For this post, we’ve got the trainers up first. I’m skipping the bike power meters on today’s post, because power meters on time trial bikes are very often different than their road bikes they use for the rest of the Tour (which accounts for like 99% of the milage). Same goes for bike computers and such. More on that later. Elite Direto XR: - B&B Hotels–KTM - Cofidis - Team DSM (also Elite Qubo spotted) Elite Justo: - Groupama–FDJ - UAE Team Emirates Elite Suito: - AG2R Citroën Team - Arkéa–Samsic - Bahrain Victorious - Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert Matériaux - Israel–Premier Tech - Movistar Team Tacx NEO 2T: - Astana Qazaqstan - BikeExchange–Jayco - Ineos Grenadiers - Jumbo–Visma - Lotto–Soudal - Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl - TotalEnergies-Cyclists Wahoo KICKR V5/2020: - Alpecin–Deceuninck - Bora–Hansgrohe - EF Education–EasyPost - Trek–Segafredo (also Wahoo ROLLR spotted) #TourdeFrance #LeTour #TourDeFrance2022 #Cycling

Garmin Edge Explore 2 In-Depth Review: All The New Features Tested!


Here's your full deep-dive of everything new, as well as a full user interface tour of the Garmin Edge Explore 2, and the Garmin Edge Power Mount. In this video I review the Edge Explore 2 and how it compares to the Edge 530, 830, 1040, as well as all the new features detailed and tested. 0:00 Pricing & Size Comparisons 1:24 Edge Explore 2 Basics 3:05 New User Interface & Phone Config 3:38 Barometric Altimeter & ClimbPro 4:02 USB-C Port 4:11 Sensors - Power Meters, Smart Trainers, inReach 4:34 EBike Integration Expansion 5:08 Power Meter Notables 5:49 Smart Trainer Integration 6:11 Battery Life & Battery Saver Mode 6:44 VO2Max, Recovery Time, and more 7:01 Complete User Interface Tour/Explainer 13:51 GPS Accuracy 14:20 Edge Power Mount Deep-Dive 16:57 Final Recommendations & Summary #EdgeExplore2 #EdgeExplore #GarminEdge

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar In-Depth Review: 14 New Features To Know!


Here's everything new feature of the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar detailed, from how the solar panel works to whether the new Multiband GPS is more accurate than before. Plus a slate of new features beyond that. With Garmin’s introduction of the Edge 1040 Series they’ve become the first bike computer to not only add solar panels to it, but also add multiband GNSS, dramatically increasing the accuracy of the GPS tracks – especially in tougher conditions. However, beyond that the company has added a slate of long-asked for upgrades, including things like USB-C support, metal mounting back/tabs, and dramatically faster route calculation and destination searching. However, beyond that are the slate of new features we see anytime Garmin adds a new device. These include their new Power Guide function that creates race/training day plans/targets specific to a given course, while also adding in features that help identify your cycling ability and how that matches up to a given course’s demands. All while also laying the groundwork for more cycling-specific dynamic training plans that we saw introduced and hinted at on the Forerunner 255/955 last week. 0:00 Quick Overview 0:21 Pricing Details & Differences 1:06 Solar Feature Deep-Dive 3:12 Multiband GNSS 4:13 Power Guide 5:47 Hardware Changes & USB-C 6:16 Revamped User Interface 7:04 Up Ahead Waypoints 7:58 Real-time Stamina 9:29 Cycling Ability & Course Demands 10:24 New Navigation Features 11:24 Faster Route Calculation Times 11:49 Connect IQ App Store 12:24 Sensor Pairing Changes 12:49 Touchscreen Tidbits 13:27 Removed Features 14:00 Final Recommendations #GarminEdge1040 #Edge1040 #Edge1040Solar

Garmin EPIX vs Venu 2 Plus: 13 Key Differences!


In this review, I dive into the 13 key differences between the Garmin EPIX and the Garmin VENU 2 Plus, from display to data, maps to music, and tons more. Detailing not just how they're different, but why that matters and whether or not it might matter to you. I cover the price, size, hardware, mapping, navigation, speakers, microphone, voice assistants, battery life, AMOLED display, concerns about burn-in, sport profile differences, training load and recovery differences, sensor support like power meters and ANT+/Bluetooth Smart, GPS chipset differences, music playback including Spotify and Amazon Music, the optical HR sensor, emergency features and plenty more! Epix on Amazon: 🤍 (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!) Venu 2 Plus on Amazon: 🤍 (also helps support the channel!!) 0:00 Intro 0:40 Price, Size, and Hardware 1:40 Maps & Navigation 3:11 Speakers & Microphone 3:55 Voice Assistants 4:27 Battery Life (Real-World) 5:05 Display Technologies & Burn-in 7:00 Sport Profiles 8:27 Sensors & Data Metrics 9:10 Training Load & Recovery Data 10:22 GPS Hardware & Accuracy 11:06 Music Options 11:43 Heart Rate Sensor 12:27 Emergency Features 13:43 Final Recommendations - The Site ► 🤍 Main Camera ► 🤍 Action Cam ► 🤍 The Drone ► 🤍 All Camera Gear ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Strava ► 🤍 Most Music ► 🤍 #GarminEpix #GarminVenu2Plus #EPIX

Apple Watch Series 8 In-Depth Review: Sports & Fitness Tested!


Here's your complete hands-on sports & fitness test of the Apple Watch Series 8, including tons of data, real-world usage, and plenty of WatchOS 9 background testing as well. While all eyes last week were on the Apple Watch Ultra, the reality is that the Series 8 will sell the most units (by far), has almost every software feature of the Ultra, and includes the same slate of massive sports and feature changes as part of WatchOS 9. The Apple Watch Series 8 hardware itself was a modest update at best, instead, relying heavily on new sports & fitness software features like triathlon support, deeper structured workout/interval features, a revamped compass app with backtrack functionality, and running power/efficiency metrics. To be sure, the hardware features – however minor, will likely be important to Apple’s longer-term vision. These features include vehicular crash detection (using high-impact detecting sensors & algorithms), but more notably on the health/fitness side include a new skin temperature sensor set at the wrist. This sensor set aims to track your wrist temperature while sleeping, primarily with the goal of providing women’s menstrual cycle tracking. However, in this iteration, it falls short of cycle prediction like we’ve seen from some of Apple’s competitors, who leverage similar temperature tracking hardware. I’ve been putting the Apple Watch Series 8 through its paces in a variety of workouts, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. This is of course in addition to testing WatchOS 9 most of this summer as well, using the new features there – even in a triathlon. I’ve also got an Apple Watch SE In-Depth Review slated for tomorrow, and of course, in due time you’ll see a review of the Apple Watch Ultra. #AppleWatchSeries8 #AppleWatch8 #AppleWatch

DJI OSMO Action 3 In-Depth Review: 13 New Things to Know!


Here's your complete deep-dive into all the new features of the DJI OSMO Action 3, as well as full comparisons to the GoPro Hero 11 Black, DJI Action 2, and more! 0:00 Quick Overview & Pricing 0:50 Super Fast Charging 1:46 New Front Touchscreen 2:04 New Sensor & Ultrawide Mode 2:34 Overheating Finally Fixed? 4:14 Increased Battery Times 4:43 Battery Charging Case 5:45 Horizon Steady & Horizon Balancing 7:27 New Vertical Mounting Case 8:31 Expanded Internal Mics & Testing 9:22 New Scuba Mode 9:51 New Webcam & Livestream Modes 10:28 Voice Prompts for Modes 11:01 Snow Pole Remover Feature 11:29 Customize File/Folder Names 12:03 Is it worth it? #DJIAction3 #DJIOSMOAction3 #Action3

COROS POD 2 Review: A Missed Opportunity


COROS has announced a new ‘Pod’, now becoming the second edition of such Pod units. This pod is a blend between a glorified footpod for smoother and more instant running pace, as well as a running efficiency metrics pod that gathers added data like ground contact time and vertical oscillation. The previous COROS Pod was attached just to your running shorts, but this new pod can be placed on your shoe or running shorts. And perhaps one day they’ll allow alternative placements for alternative sports. But today it’s all about running. The main goal of the POD 2 is simply faster instant pace, and more stable instant pace. That’s because while GPS continues to get better, there are some cases where instant pace from a footpod is faster in big pace shifts (like intervals). Of course, unsaid is there are also scenarios where footpod-based pace isn’t as awesome (like very steep terrain that doesn’t have a consistent stride, or sometimes changes in surfaces – like running on sand). Nonetheless, the aim for the COROS Pod 2 is to provide better pacing in tough GPS signal environments, such as city running, or perhaps some dense trees. Additionally, they say it’s also targeted for indoor running, which otherwise would depend on wrist-based pace (usually quite good, but again, there’s always caveats). With that, let’s talk about what’s new. 0:00 Quick Overview & Box Contents 1:12 The Two POD Usage Modes 2:15 Pairing To Your Watch & Settings 4:35 Comparing Accuracy 5:11 Test 1: Zero to Steady Running 5:59 Test 2: Steady to Sprint 7:12 Test 3: Steady to Stop 8:26 Test 4: Pace Stability 10:27 Effort Pace Explained 12:18 Real Talk Time #COROSPOD #COROS #Footpod

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