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Build your own ROV Submarine Seaperch - portable DIY


Music credits go to: Tracktribe - Into the void 🤍 Joey Pecoraro - Jazz Mango 🤍 Hope this helps with your own project! Feel free to ask about any further details, since this is all rather compact. The construction manual for basic version of the seaperch ROV can be downloaded under 🤍seaperch.org Thank you for watching! Enjoy! Much more coming soon! In the meantime enjoy my previous ROV videos: Under water dome: 🤍 ROV bilge pump motors - 🤍 ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV SeaPerch - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Wiring - 🤍

Cheap PVC submarine DIY


Thanks to Micro Center for sponsoring this video! New Customer Exclusive – Get a Free 128gb Flash Drive and 128gb MicroSD Card at Micro Center: 🤍 Filaments and Resins at Micro Center: 🤍 Check out Micro Center’s 3d printer filament on Amazon: 🤍 thingiverse files 🤍 Learn more about the Chasing M2 🤍 Wellersub ROV SHANTY Song - Written By 🤍Sam Foskuhl Sung By Toxic Nobility 🤍 Amazon affiliate links (these help grow the channel, every purchase gets me a small percentage of the sale, it costs you nothing though!) Site where I get batteries and high quality stuff: 🤍 Main camera: 🤍 DJI osmo (tiny gimbal camera) 🤍 DJI go pro replacement 🤍 orange camera: 🤍 Drones: Robomaster: 🤍 Spark: 🤍 Mavic Air: 🤍 Mavic Pro: 🤍 Mavic Pro Platinum: 🤍 Phantom 4 Pro: 🤍 cheap shotgun mic: 🤍 bendy tripod: 🤍 gopros used: 🤍 🤍 My 3D printer: 🤍 Video editing software: 🤍 Cheap RC TRANSMITTER that I like to use 🤍 Best place to get High end RC equipment (luminer batteries here) 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: PeterSripol want to send me something? :D PeterSripol PMB328 3195 Dayton Xenia RD STE 900 Beavercreek OH 45434 DISCLAIMER: This video is purely for entertainment value, any and all replications of any experiments, projects, and creations or similar are the sole legal responsibility of the person(s) involved in replicating them. PSproject can not be liable for any information or misinformation, wrongful use, damage to personal property, death or any circumstances that result from replication of any projects seen. Be safe and use your head people!

Building my own ROV Submarine


0:00 Intro 0:35 Blue Robotics 1:07 Building 1:59 First time in the water 2:37 Building the thrusters 3:16 Maiden voyage 4:42 Take 2 6:36 Final thoughts Project page: 🤍 Music: escp - Downtown Walk liqwyd - Dance Punch Deck Neon - Underworld Purple Cat - Discovery

Homemade Action Cam Dome for DIY ROV submarine


Music credits go to: Asher Fulero - In The Throes: 🤍 Asher Fulero - Pouring Out: 🤍 Asher Fulero - Night Snow: 🤍 Always trying to further improve and exploit my SeaPerch ROV. This time with a handmade Dome from a simple 3" CCTV Dome available on amazon and ebay. Making it pressure tight makes it very positively buoyant, however with some increased weights in the front region of your ROV you'll be fine. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments - feel free to share. Thank you for watching and enjoy. Much more coming up soon. In the meantime enjoy my previous ROV videos: ROV bilge pump motors - 🤍 ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV SeaPerch - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Wiring - 🤍

Build a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) at Home!


Follow along with Smithsonian research technician, captain and MATE-ROV mentor Woody Lee as he demonstrates a step-by-step buildout of an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)! This video is an in-depth, start-to-finish instructional video that shows you how to fully build and wire up your own underwater ROV at home. WARNING: This ROV is designed and intended for use in FRESH WATER ONLY! Marine and brackish water will corrode the parts and interfere with the electrical systems of this design. ALWAYS ask a parent or guardian for assistance when using power tools and batteries. For a full parts and tool list, be sure to check out our distance learning page here: 🤍 - 00:00 - Introduction 00:54 - PVC pipes and fittings 04:31- PVC frame build 11:52 - Tool post/hook 13:35 - Thruster installation 17:49 - Finished frame 19:03 - Wiring thrusters 24:13 - Wiring thrusters to tether 39:25 - Control box hole pattern 41:46 - Wiring the control box 48:56 - Wiring switches 58:26 - Mounting switches in control box 1:01:28 - Wiring switches to tether 1:09:29 - Hot glueing power and tether cables 1:10:54 -Battery clamps and fuse holder 1:14:18 - Trouble shooting switches 1:21:24 - Cable strain relief 1:23:16 - ROV in the water!

Homemade ROV engines with Bilgepumps - simple & easy thruster


Music credits go to: Asher Fulero - Lukewarm Hazy - 🤍 Dan Lebowitz - Don't Ya Bite Now - 🤍 Just a quick video on the side since many asked about the propellers and the couplings. So I hope this clears things up a bit. About cutting up the bilgepump: there are many many other videos out there so feel free to check that out. Any further questions? Check out my other ROV videos: ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV SeaPerch - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Wiring - 🤍

Homemade ROV Submarine In Flooded Underground Mine


I sent my homemade ROV down a flooded abandoned mine to see what's in there! The ROV is made out of PVC with a good amount of zipties, duct tape, hot glue, pool noodles, and other junk. It currently features a Gopro mount and a fishing camera for navigation. It's driven from the surface using a DIY control panel and powered by a 12v battery running over ethernet cable. I've previously used this device to check out some flooded caves in Minnesota. Please note that mine exploring and especially mine diving is dangerous to do in person! I'm SCUBA certified but not cave diving certified, so I'd never do this myself! That's why we sent the robot to check it out instead. Saveitforparts t-shirts and other merch at 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Or support me via Patreon at 🤍

FPV Drone Recovery on Lake Superior + crash footage! | DIY ROV


A member of our local FPV group lost a quadcopter while flying over Black Beach on Lake Superior capturing #fallcolors. He reached out to the group asking if anyone had a way to get his SD card back so I decided to give it a go. Check it out! Hardware improvements to make this easier in the future: - Thrusters need to be at the balance point between CG and CB to prevent pitching on movement - Improved gripper that can actually grasp things Follow me on IG: 🤍 Main song: Lasting Hope by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Intro song: Music from 🤍 "Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) License: CC BY (🤍

ROV Transformer Kit - DIY Your Underwater Drone with PVC


The ROV MAKER team proposes ROV Transformer Kit Solution Our website : 🤍rovmaker.com More information about ROV Transformer Kit solution, Plase refer 🤍

Underwater ROV Part 4


Its almost done!

Build Your Own Underwater Drone


Build your own underwater drone / ROV Watch more videos of me finding weapons magnet fishing HERE 🤍 I enjoy building interesting things like this underwater drone / rov and i couldn't do it without the HELP of my Patreon Supporters. Support the Drasticg channel on Patreon HERE! Patreon 🤍 This is a quick build and test of the underwater ROV but if you would like to see the full version of the build head over to my 2nd channel called Drasticg Projects HERE! 🤍 This underwater rov/drone was relatively easy apart from sourcing the parts from eBay and amazon as some parts where very hard to find at a cheap price. Another problem is the visibility of the waterways in the UK and with winter upon us the water clarity isn't the best so it may be a summer project to use the rov/drone. Merchandise can be purchased on Spreadshirt Here! 🤍 NEW to the channel? Subscribe, its FREE 📳 and help me reach 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube 🤍 If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like ✅ button! Let's aim for 1000 likes! ✅ CONNECT WITH ME HERE FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 ........................................................................................................................... MAGNETS AND CAMERA GEAR I USE: Uk Amazon page 🤍 US Amazon Page 🤍 Please note some Links in this description are affiliate links which means i get a small commission that helps my channel to grow but you dont pay any extra ........................ MORE VIDEOS.................. Watch My latest upload here/ 🤍 🔫Weapons found magnet fishing...playlist here; 🤍 🎣Magnet Fishing 2019 Playlist Here: 🤍 Magnet Fishing In Birmingham Playlist Here: 🤍 YouTube Collabs Playlist Here: 🤍 How to Magnet Fish.... Playlist Here: 🤍 Metal Detecting UK ...Playlist Here: 🤍 YouTube LiveStream...Playlist Here: 🤍 ........................................................................................................................... 🖥DOWNLOAD A FREE.. Complete Guide To Magnet Fishing HERE 🤍 Patreon 🤍 Have any questions? Feel free to email me anytime! I'm open to discussions about collaborations, sponsorships, product reviews and more. 🖥EMAIL... drasticg01🤍gmail.com Help my channel grow by SUBSCRIBING HERE: 🤍 #drasticg #garethbryer #drastic g

Homemade ROV Part 1


This is a side project that goes way back for us.

Homemade ROV Demonstration


In this video I am giving a demonstration of the new homemade ROV that rides on my homemade submarine. If you enjoyed this video check out some of my others! Homemade Submarine Tour: 🤍 Flathead Lake, Montana Expedition: 🤍 Deepest Diving Homemade Sub In The World: 🤍 New Launch Trailer: 🤍 [Additional Links] Check out my channel: 🤍 Like my Facebook Page: 🤍 Follow on Instagram: 🤍

DIY Underwater ROV Build Part 1


This is the first video showcasing how I am building my DIY Underwater ROV. It focuses on the frame of the ROV, which is based on the basic frame designed by Seaperch.Org. Modifications to the SeaPerch frame include: - swapping the pool noodle floats for 14 inch long 1 inch PVC Pipes filled with air. - Swapping the elbows used along the bottom of the frame, at the front, with T junctions to allow more water to flow into the frame. Future videos will include how to modify 500GPH bilge pumps to work as thrusters, mounting the hardware to the frame and building a control box to pilot the ROV. This is my first attempt at building an ROV – I am sure modifications will continue with each new piece of hardware I add to the machine. Thanks to: 🤍seaperch.org - for providing the basic plan for the frame Thomas Ammann ( 🤍 ) for answering technical questions about his DIY Underwater ROV Interested in making your own DIY Underwater ROV? Make sure you check out 🤍homebuiltrovs.com for lots of great information and details on how to design and build an ROV. Music: Low Life High Life by Dan Henig

Homemade Underwater ROV Made From Scraps


I've been meaning to get around to this project, but almost didn't make it before winter! The build was a little rushed so I could test it in my duck pond while it was still liquid. I have a few more tweaks and adjustments to make, but we might take this out somewhere interesting in an upcoming video!

Making an RC Submarine


Here's how I built an RC submarine from a drink bottle! Join me and a community of 8 million learners and educators today, visit 🤍 Enjoy my videos? I'm able to make them thanks to my Patreon supporters. Consider contributing here: 🤍 DIY Perks' Video Make sure to watch DIY Perks' video showing you how he built his advanced depth-control submarine here! 🤍 Links to helpful info that might help you build a Submarine! Waterproofing RC electronics guide by Peter Sripol - 🤍 Waterproofing a servo with olive oil - 🤍 CorrosionX waterproofing spray- 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:26 Build 02:26 DIY Perks' Sub 03:11 Testing 07:20 Ad 08:15 Rebuilding 09:34 The Finished Submarine! // 📸 Instagram Keep up to date with what I'm working on: 🤍 // 📌 About Project Air is all about building DIY aerospace engineering creations, learning about the science behind them and testing to the limit. Make sure to check out the rest of the channel to watch projects on RC planes, drones, rc boats, hydrofoils, hydroplanes, seaplanes, rockets and more. Project Air was started in 2017 by James Whomsley 😎 // 🎵 Music by Andrew Applepie 🤍 🤍 🤍

ROV Submersible Project - DIY Built Underwater Rover


This is an overview about a remotely operated submersible that was DIY built. The goal of the project is to build a submersible that can traverse under water areas to find interesting objects. This video details the design and build of the submersible and first few dives it took. It is utilizing the ArduSub software and QGroundControl for the ground station software. All in all, if you have a 3D printer, a soldering iron, and a Dremel, you can make this same submersible. The diving location is in Lake Raystown, a man made lake that was once a small town. Many structures were left in the lake when it was filled with water, one of which is a bridge which we take a look at in this video. Lake Raystown is quite murky so we can't typically see more than two or three feet in front of us. In the future we'd like to take this submersible to a clearer lake or even perhaps the ocean. BLHeli Speed Controllers: 🤍 Brushless Outrunner Motors: 🤍 Music: 🤍

Extreme SeaPerch ROV - DIY Submarine Modified Hull


Once again, thanks to 🤍seaperch.org ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Bilgepump thruster - 🤍 ROV Wiring - 🤍 As stated, once the video was finished my buddy Artur came around with aweseome new ideas, and we're gonna look into those - look for them at the end of the video. And for the actual extensions/modifications... just wait for the next video. :-) Enjoy.

Renovate My homemade ROV(Wireless) Finshed.


The main purpose is to film an RC boat,submarine. Claw is made for testing. Perhaps there is nothing to use.




Homemade Mini Sub ROV In Flooded Natural Cave


After testing the DIY remote submarine in another cave, I decided to take it over to Wakan Tipi (aka Carver's Cave) in St. Paul MN. This cave is a historic cultural site significant to the local Dakota tribe. It's been sealed up and flooded for many years, so the only way to see much of it is with something like this! I had an issue with my navcam display, so was piloting the ROV essentially blind. I was still able to get some interesting footage of the cave floor, local wildlife (a frog), and possibly a carving on the wall. Is it a petroglyph from hundreds of years ago? Check out the footage and see what you think. The ROV is a little banged up after this trip and may need some repairs, but I'll try to get it out to some more locations in the future. Saveitforparts t-shirts and other merch at 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Or support me via Patreon at 🤍

Building a DIY submarine


Building a submarine with full buoyancy control? YES! Also, visit 🤍 for your first month of selected crates COMPLETELY FREE! You can check out James's finished (and now working!) submarine here! 🤍 OFFICIAL LINKS: Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Forums: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Home Built ROV- Remotely Operated Vehicle


I built this ROV using ideas from around the web, mostly, but then adapted them to my own dimensions, and added a few ideas of my own. The majority of the concepts here, and the wiring of the motor control solenoids, are those of Stephen Thone of homebuiltrovs.com I also found the ideas and adaptations of Nathan Broman very good and helpful, too. You can see his work on Youtube at 🤍 and 🤍 But there are many great ideas out there, and many different concepts in ROV design and construction, from the fine professors at Youtube and Google Universities. Thanks to my friends Berj Ensanian / KI3U, and Greg Stachowski, both of whom gave me great advice along the way. Probably the only addition I will make is to mount a small "ball" compass to a stalk, so that I can see it in the video. This will give me some orientation while the ROV is underwater. It was suggested I add protection for the props, either in the form of screening, or tubing to better direct the thrust water flow, and make it more efficient. I still may do this, too. I did blow one fuse when a prop tangled in fishing line... and so one change will be to replace the spade fuses with automatic resetting 5 amp fuses. Then I won't have to dig in the wax to replace a fuse. Specs: 3 1,100 GPH, 3 AMP Bilge Pump motors by Amarine (stripped of centrifugal impellers and impeller housings in lieu of propellers) Frame is 1/2" PVC: 🤍 12"Lx5"Hx6"W Float tubes are 🤍12" long, 2" I.D. PVC Weight tubes are 1" I.D. PVC Power cable is solid copper strand, 16 gauge speaker wire Control cable is Ethernet (8 leads, 6 needed) Weight of ROV without ballast approximately 6.5 pounds Length of tether: 50' Propellers, RC boat 3 blade, D45mm x 1.7 Pitch Remotely powered (no batteries on board), 12v Fuses: Each motor, 5 amp spade type, on board ROV (in electrical box) One 20 AMP in control box for all ROV power One 10 AMP in control box for ROV solenoid control leads 6 Solenoids, OEG OMI-SS-212L DPDT, 12VDC, 5A Cost: My cost list is only an estimate, and from what I remember I paid for the parts. But it is a good rough estimate, I think: PVC: Tubing and fittings for frame: $12 Tubing and fittings for floats and weights: $14 Electronics & electric: 6 solenoids: $32 (I had to replace these after ruining the first set with wax) Speaker (power) wire: $14 Ethernet wire: $18 Switches: 🤍 $22 Pilot light: $5 Battery clips: $8 Motors: $21 Video camera kit: $113 with shipping Other: Propellers: $18 Cord: $6 Bolts: $3 PVC glue: $6 Tie wraps- on hand, but about $6 worth Tether sheathing: $11 Foam for tether floatation: $4 Weights: found lead, free Total: 🤍 $283 Hours: I have no idea... an hour here, a couple there... really not that hard to build though. Simple plumbing and wiring, etc.

DIY Underwater Drone! COMPLETELY WIRELESS (4K 360 Camera)


Instagram: 🤍 Shirts: 🤍 I decided to make an underwater drone because I’m going to be living near the ocean for a bit. The drone is made out of an underwater dive box, two underwater propellers, a retractable 360 camera, and a wireless HD video camera for live underwater views. Enjoy! Playlist of Every Video: 🤍 If you liked this video, check out more on my channel 🤍 Music: 🤍

Exploring Flooded Brewery Cave With Homemade ROV


Previously I built a small remotely-operated submarine for underwater exploring. In this episode we're testing it out in a local brewery cellar. St. Paul has a lot of artificial sandstone "caves" that were carved out back in the late 1800s for cold storage. This particular tunnel is one of the oldest, and has a small lake inside fed by natural springs. If you'd like to see more sandstone caves and tunnels, we're digging our own in Wisconsin! See more about that here: 🤍 Saveitforparts t-shirts and other merch at 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Or support me via Patreon at 🤍 Chee Zee Lab - Netherworld Shanty by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Homemade ROV submarine (for my kids.)


Hello, I built small ROV, Submarine Robot for my kids. Design followed Mr.#proto57's. It's now 90% completed. I've installed ROV balance processer doing by Microbit. When the whole thing is done, We're going to sea trial. .

HOMEMADE ROV (submarine)


i made this video last year, so bear with the rather poor editing and lack of good footage but it was simple to make and worked great for a while, a seccond prototype would have made it much better, but i just never bothered.

Mr Lowvolts builds a homemade ROV


Constructed of odds and ends of plastic drainpipe, with an old security camera, and powered by electic bilge pumps, this homemade ROV suprisingly worked quite well. Its main fault was the bouyancy control, which made the camera point at the surface, and at depth the electric motors were not powerful enough to move it arond. Back to the drawing board.

Homemade ROV


This ROV was built from the remains of a Phantom HD2 and an apollo scooter. Its been down to 80 metres without a problem.

Underwater Drone Built With Parts From a Flying Drone


In today's video we are talking the parts from an old FPV drone and building an underwater from it. PCBWAY: 🤍 PCBWAY offers PCB manufacturing, 3D printing and CNC services. USA - 🤍 Europe - 🤍 $500 COUPON CODE: NNNFIFISHV6EXPERT Robotic Arm - 🤍 $30 COUPON CODE: NNNV6EXPERTARM Merch: 🤍 Music: Diluted - Aiyo Sea Adventures - Bonnie Grace

DIY ROV WiFi Controlled Science Payload


First episode of the Blue Dot ROV Projects series! I build a WiFi-controlled science payload that measures depth and temperature on my Model C ROV dives. Since it uses wireless communication, I can modify and upgrade the payload without changing any of the original ROV hardware. For a list of hardware used, and some photos/diagrams, check out my latest forum post: 🤍

I want that muskie lure back! | DIY ROV


While fishing for muskies I felt the leader snap while casting (yikes!). I watched closely to see where it landed and found some bearing points (pretty easy to do with proximity to an island). We came back a couple days later with the DIY ROV and here's what happened next! Main music is: Floating Cities by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Intro music is: Prelude and Action by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍

Homemade ROV Submarine!


DEEP Underwater Camera Build and Test in Lake Tahoe


I build and test a camera that should be good to go down 2,000FT (6000ft if I'm feeling really sporty). I've always wanted to send a camera to the bottom of lake tahoe and other deep places around the world. This is not the final chapter, as I still have a lot of ideas that I really want to try out. Working 70 hour weeks all summer and fall (plus training) certainly didn't leave me with much extra time, but I managed to fit this in somehow and am really glad I did. Sometimes the gopro footage audio is super bad on speakers... if it is use headphones and it should be much better SPOILER ALERT While everything may not have gone perfect, it was still a pretty good proof of concept, and I did manage to get down quite deep. 1,300 feet is not exactly shallow. Its not the full 1,650ft but that's not crazy deep either if we're being honest here. I certainly need to step up my tether/crane game (or do away with them completely) If I expect to keep going deeper. These deepwater rigs (6000m+) seem to always end up pretty massive with massive cranes, massive winches and massive boats. That stuff is pretty cool, but I certainly can't afford something like that right now. The good news is I am going back to school next semester. The two semesters at Spacex were pretty awesome but I need to get this degree. This project ended up costing about $3,000 in the end, with screw ups, extra parts, cable and boat rides included. That's not exactly cheap, but $2.30 per foot deep is good compared to the Wood's hole's JASON at $328/foot. JASON does have SO MUCH more capability tho... not really a fair comparison (although that's just the rov, nothing else...) I do at some point want to make something full ocean depth capable, but it might not be for another 10 years. We'll need to see. I do want to make some more systems to better search for sea life. I feel that trail cams and time lapse camera style setups could document a lot of undersea life that we have not seen before. PeltlyChase's channel: 🤍 (If you want to see actual footage of the bottom!) NOTE Standing so close to a cable that could at any moment get stuck on me and pull me down with a 40-80 lb force is incredibly dangerous. I was aware of the danger but that in no way makes it any safer. I do not recommend anyone repeats something like that and in the future I will design better systems to avoid sketchy stuff like that. I ride a motorcycle and climb big cold glaciated mountains. I have solo ice climbed and skied with mandatory rappels. I think I am just crazy. This was up there with those risks and if I did it every day it would probably kill me within a year. Just because I did it didn't necessarily mean I wanted to. I will take significant measures in the future to avoid the necessity of such a task. It also wasn't that fun. Just design stuff that doesn't suck! And test it thoroughly to make sure the thing you think is sweet doesn't actually suck before you fully commit to it! Thanks for watching! Consider supporting me and my projects on patreon! 🤍 You can also send me bitcoin donations! 19KAdxpiiFJ3T69ymGY6WgjNGtCruHowmd Music used: Cahb- Secrets Aether- Catharsis Rocket Science- Flora Tom Day- Who We Want To Be Shockline- Robot Love High Maintenance- Down Apex- String Theory Koresma- Bridges Bryzone- Lucid Yes, I spelled which wich and missed it... oops I did loose a fair bit of footage in CA. It really sucks, that footage was pretty good. I'm sorry about that.

Homemade ROV First Dive


A short video of the first dive in open water of my homemade ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), Stingray. Recorded using a screen capture chrome extension, so the quality isn't the best.

Underwater ROV Part 2


We have republished Part 1 if you want to go back and watch that one! Today we are starting a "new" project, an Underwater ROV!

ROV Tether Projects Touch Muh Hull DIY


My other ROV-Videos: ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV SeaPerch - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Bilgepump Thrusters - 🤍 ROV Wiring - 🤍 Under water pod - simple project - 🤍

Wiring your ROV controller step by step DIY


All music credits go to the YouTube-Media Library. Hence... it's all free. Walk through the Park - by TrackTribe 🤍 Members Only - by TrackTribe 🤍 Hedge your bets - by TrackTribe 🤍 Thank you John Sippel and YouTube! I hope this video helps in wiring up your own SeaPerch or other DIY ROV submarine. For additional info: the coil wiring from the controllers to the relays are simple thin 23 gauge wires. The power distribution wires are thicker 15 gauge wires with approximately 1.5 mm^2 to keep resistance at a minimum. Be sure to crimp the wires! Any further questions? Leave a comment. For further info: ROV Thruster Housing - 🤍 ROV Lighting - 🤍 ROV Controllers - 🤍 ROV SeaPerch - 🤍 ROV Depth Gauge - 🤍 ROV Tether Projects - 🤍 ROV Bilgepump Thrusters - 🤍 Under water pod - basic project: 🤍

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