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Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight


Discover what is by far the most important secret in sea kayaking. It’s the key to quickly developing the skills to be a confident kayaker with peace of mind, in all kinds of conditions. Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight Sign up for the free "Wear Your Kayak" Course: 🤍 In this video I want to show you, what is by far the most important secret in sea kayaking. It’s the key to quickly developing the skills to be a confident kayaker with peace of mind, in all kinds of conditions. I can almost guarantee you it’s not something you have heard before. And there is even a good chance that you already learned something which directly contradicts what you are about to discover. Yet I have seen this one thing transform even experienced kayakers with instructor level certifications. And I have seen beginners learn this, and in a few months or less, they are more agile in their kayaks than most paddlers with 15 years of experience. I know it sounds a bit much. But I can’t water this one down. I see it making that big of a difference. Before I start you should be aware of this. If you need to believe that the kayak certification programs have all the answers, and the Inuit who invented the kayak and evolved it over thousands of years, couldn’t possibly have any wisdom to share, this video is not for you. If you need to see nature as a hostile place that is out to get you, this is not for you either. You may even find this video painful to watch. I’m Paulo from Dancing with the sea. And I give sea kayakers the skills they need to feel right at home on the water. But not the way you might think. People ask me why is it that I only teach kayaking with the Greenland paddle. It’s hard to explain in a few words. But after watching this video until the end, I think you will understand why. Kayakers come to me thinking their skills need a bit more fine tuning. When often this issue is much simpler and easier to fix. Often they want to use the kayak to explore beautiful places. Maybe their low brace doesn’t feel quick and strong enough, and they want to feel less anxious when the waves come up. Or sometimes they are struggling to keep up with their friends, and they are looking for more fitness because, they don’t have the strength to us force. If you are using the sea kayak as a way to enjoy your time in nature, this will likely be the most important kayak video you ever watch. By the way if you are really serious about developing your sea kayak skills and you like what we are talking about and you want to go deeper, you might want to get the free lesson I made for you on how to outfit your kayak for agility. I think you will enjoy it. You can get it by cliking the link in the description. About 20 years ago I started using the Greenland Paddle. I knew nothing about how to use it, but I loved how smooth and quiet it was. One day there’s about 6 of us on a paddle. The waves were a bit bigger than what I was used to. I was still a beginner. Of Course I’m the only one with a Greenland paddle. And i’m feeling some pressure to prove it’s worth because at that time, people didn’t think much of it. They thought people just use it to be different. While watching carefully to find that subtle difference that would help me succeed, I had this realization. When you are wearing something it doesn’t hinder your range of motion, unless it’s a cheap suit. And it moves with you. You don’t have to worry about a good fitting pair of pants falling off when you start walking. It allows her to do what she loves, when previously she thought her body just could not handle kayaking. For bracing, you don’t have to react with a quick enough smack on the water to stop a capsize. I was paddling with a fairly inexperienced paddler one time when the waves were starting to build up. We were broadside to the waves and it was obvious he was getting more and more tense. If you would like to get started with with wearing your kayak, I created a free online mini course to help you adjust the fit of your kayak to make it work. just click on the link in the description and sign up for the free video course. Thanks you for watching this video until the end, if you found some value in it please share it with your friends. Comfort Paddling skirts and tuiliks: 🤍 Sign up to get free video course: 🤍 Comfort Paddling 1735A Kings Rd Victoria, BC V8R 2N9 🤍 facebook link: 🤍 google plus link: 🤍 youtube channel link: 🤍 youtube video link: 🤍 Sea Kayak Forward Stroke | Quiet Equals Efficient

Sea Kayaking the West Coast of Skye 2022 (part one)


Part one of our six day sea Kayaking trip down the West Coast of Skye. This video covers from Dunvegan to Loch Bracadale and Harlosh, taking in the infamous Neist point and the superb Macleod`s Maidens sea stacks. This is a stunning piece of coast, with amazing cliffs, caves, natural arches, sea stacks and idyllic camp spots, it offers sea kayaking to rival anything in the UK.

Introduction to sea kayaking - How to sea kayak - learn to kayak


Our 19 lesson Introduction to sea kayaking course covers everything you need to know to safely get afloat. We will help you choose the right kayak, paddle and equipment as well as running through all of the areas you need to consider before you get afloat. We then look at some key skills to help you control your kayak. As an OSK subscriber you get access to this course as well as all of the other individual courses so when you have got the bug you can move on to master all aspects of sea kayaking.

Online Sea Kayaking - Surf two different effects


This lesson looks at how a surf wave tries to capsize a sea kayak and the two different effects the waves have on a kayak. Subscribe at 🤍 to access all of the online sea kayaking courses. Free 7 day trial and monthly and annual subscriptions via Online Sea Kayaking website.

Song of the sea - Exploring Scoresbysund by seakayak - northeast Greenland


Scoresbysund is the largest fjord in the world. This kayak-expedition in northeast Greenland was self guided and unsupported (apart from the pickup by motorboat). An authentic adventure. Two people (Frank van Zwol & Jolanda Linschooten), two foldable sea kayaks. July/august 2022. 26 days of provisions and unnameable stretches of sea, mountains & glaciers. We started paddling through the pack ice. Later this changes to inland icebergs. We met arctic hare, muskox and arctic fox. We came along a ghost town, a spooky cabin and the remnants of inuit-sodhouses. - Our outdoorgear: Foldable seakayaks: Nortik Navigator & Nortik Argo Gram paddle (greenland style) & Werner Shuna paddle (euro style) Norwegian Wood spare paddles (Greenland style) Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4 P tent (with half insert) XGK expedition multi fuel stove sleeping bags: Rab Mythic 400 sleeping bag & Helsport Rago Winter sleeping mattress: Exped synmat UL + lightweight cheap undermattress of closed celfoam 30.06 riffle (rented) tripwire from iridium satellite phone Garmin inreach mini emergency beacon VHF radio solar panels: Allpowers Cameragear: Olympus TG6 GoPro Hero10 Sony RX10 MIII Sony alpha 6000 Samyang 12 mm/F.2.0 Lensbaby Velvet 56mm Gitmo mountaineer tripod DJI Mavic mini drone I hope you find time. Or even better: want to make time. As I made this filmdocumentary not for the rushed among us. As the expedition took 26 days and the editing back home almost as much (21 - although these days were not as long!), the story about this part of Greenland, the kayak and our tiny role in it, cannot and should not be told quickly. This vast expanse of nature, raw and pure, takes time to get familiar with. As its history, its animals and its people. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Rolling a sea kayak - Overview of the roll - sample lesson


This lesson is a sample lesson from our comprehensive rolling a sea kayak course. With lessons on developing confidence, how to learn the roll, developing a reliable roll and rough water rolling. To access the whole course and all of the other Online Sea Kayaking Courses visit 🤍

Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 1 Bressay & Noss


Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 1: Lerwick to Bressay, Circumnavigation of Noss & back to Lerwick. An excellent 1st day and introduction for me to kayaking in Shetland, straight off the ferry to Lerwick's 'Harbour cafe' for breakfast then on to our launch spot at Brei Wick. A fabulous day in calm but overcast conditions of wonderful coastal scenery, lots of natural arches, deep caves, narrow channels and gullies. Sadly the large gannet colony on the West side of Noss had been severely effected by bird flu, with evidence of their depleted numbers on the sparsely occupied ledges. Music: Courtesy of YouTube Audio Library Chapter Markers 00:00 Intro 00:02 Inside the Cave of Bard 00:07 Inside more caves 00:08 Lunch Stop in Noss Sound 00:09 Noss Gannetry from the air 00:10 Blowhole 00:11 Gannets flying from the cliffs 00:13 Bard Head on the return journey 00:14 Kirkabister Ness Lighthouse and natural arch

Sea Kayaking Out To & Back From, The Isle Of Man


I kayaked the twenty miles from the Isle of Whithorn in Scotland to the Point of Ayre on the Isle of Man to collect my brand new Big Pond Kayaks ‘Mannta’. I left my old kayak to be refurbished and I paddled my new one back the next day. It was a wonderful adventure.

Pointe du Raz, Rough Water Sea Kayaking


Alice on a rough water sea kayaking trip to Pointe Du Raz in Brittany France, shot on a GoPro Session camera, hence in the style of a First Person computer game. 🤍 Re-edit of this video. Some clients are never happy.

Solo Sea Kayaking - The Old Man of Stoer


I was determined to sea kayak behind the Old Man of Stoer despite the large swell creating a lively and challenging sea. The film is in real time and I advise turning the sound up for the immersive atmosphere.

East Greenland - A Seakayak Expedition with Martin Rickard


East Greenland is probably the one destination to be travelled by sea kayak. It is the home of the kayak, but also home of immensely huge icebergs, polar bears, whales, other tremendous wildlife and incredibly kind people. I had the opportunity to travel to East Greenland with an amazing group of passionate paddlers, guided by Martin Rickard and George Shaw. Martin has roughly 20 years of experience guiding in this dynamic and raw environment. We managed to navigate during long crossings in thick fog, around insanely large ice bergs, reached one of Gino Watkins' basecamp from the British Arctic Air Route Expedition in the 1930s and to stay away from polar bears, finding sleep in 24h of sunlight. Follow us on this incredible journey! Tom, Martin and George Tom Vetterl Adventure Film Making: 🤍 Martin Rickard: 🤍 George Shaw: 🤍

making countless mistakes on my first sea kayaking expedition


Homemade camera mount, homemade roof-racks, yellow kayak and industrial supply of sunscreen; head west young man! The film alludes to my underdone sea kayaking skills as I leave mainland Australia to explore three island archipelagos off Australia's southern coast. Tongue burnt, paddling scared, doing exactly what I set out to do, I learned a thing or two about myself and sea kayaking. The Green Paddle screened on U.S TV with the Outdoor Life Network. For all the latest on tours, Patreon, books and other Beauisms - 🤍

sea kayaking in waves sea kayak tips for beginners


Sea kayaking in waves. Bracing mini-course: 🤍 In this video you will learn How to use the wave to keep you stable. So that paddling in rough water feels more secure than paddling in calm water. It’s not a difficult to learn technique. Many kayakers are afraid because they think the wave is trying to capsize them. In fact, when you know where to place your paddle, the wave actually holds you up...and you feel very stable. If you want to learn more about how to do that click the link in the description and sign up for the free mini course I created for you. This is what I wish I had known when I started kayaking. But nobody was talking about it. Actually I’ve never heard anyone mention this ever. It requires no skills. It takes no time to learn. Maybe that’s one reason no one is teaching this. It’s also something that only works really well with the greenland paddle. I remember one incident in particular. I’m doing a crossing to go camping at Blackberry point, on Valdes island. Alone. There’s a wind blowing but it doesn’t seem too bad. As I get close to about half way I realize the current is shifting to move the water against the wind. The waves are getting bigger and steeper. All I know how to do is push the paddle on the water to regain my balance. Afraid of what could happen if I’m not quick enough. This is how most people learn to kayak in waves. The focus is on getting back in balance after you lose it. And let's be honest, no matter how much you practice this, it’s never going to feel easy and comfortable. You won’t feel nice and relaxed paddling in waves when you are having to react with quick force. As you probably know if you watch my videos, I like to find the easy way. To feel comfortable, at home on the water. I don’t want to feel like it’s me versus nature. I’m not coming out here to go to war with the sea. Here’s why it matters. It’s like when you’re balancing on one leg. You may feel a bit wobbly. When you have just one finger pressing against something solid, all of a sudden you feel way more stable. And it’s surprising how little pressure you have on your finger. But if you allow yourself to be out of balance, even for a fraction of a second, it takes a lot of force to bring yourself back in balance. That’s why I say if you want to be comfortable paddling in the waves you need to learn how to get that little bit of support that keeps you in balance. You don’t have to use any force to regain your balance. If the wave is coming from the side it’s easy. Stick the paddle in it. If the waves are coming from behind, you will likely be aware of the wave coming from one side first. Stick your paddle there. If the water is confused, you can pick a side. Stick your paddle in something. It’s like having your paddle stuck in a cement foundation. All you need to do is hang on to your paddle. So instead of thinking about regaining your balance… Think instead about keeping your paddle in the water until you know you can move it without losing your balance. When paddling it’s just a matter of keeping your paddle in the wave until it washes over. And when you know you’re stable it’s time to take a paddle stroke. You don’t need to feel like you might go over. If you want to master this so that you feel secure in the waves, I created a mini course for you. Just click on the link in the description to sign up for free. Thanks for watching

Sea Kayaking: A Different Kind of Race | National Geographic


Typically, sea kayakers dream of calm waters and soft tailwinds. It's preferable to navigate around waves and whirlpools. A team of young adventure kayakers redraws the sport's horizon by seeking out the sea's most turbulent places, called tidal races, and diving right in. ➡ Subscribe: 🤍 About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Sea Kayaking: A Different Kind of Race | National Geographic 🤍 National Geographic 🤍

Before you start sea kayaking | select the right kayak


before you start sea kayaking How to select the right sea kayak for you. Learn how to move with your sea kayak: 🤍 What is the difference between a kayak and a small boat? It seems to me that any little boat that you propel with a double-bladed paddle is called a kayak. But I'm going to give you another definition. One that is more relevant to your experience on the water. I see a boat as something you get into that you can paddle around. You use the force on the paddle to move the boat. But I think of the kayak as something very different. If you're just looking to get on the water to Paddle around a bit, you don't need to keep watching this video. It’s probably not for you. But if you're looking at the sea kayak because you want to explore and have the experience of feeling at home on the water like you belong there... Or you want to see the most beautiful coastline... but not feel like an outsider...or you want to enrich your life by going on multi day expeditions into the wild. If any of these are true for you, then this could be the most important video you ever watch. I'm going to start by telling you a little about what got me into sea kayaking. I'll make it short. Maybe you can relate. I've always enjoyed the Wilderness. I always felt most relaxed in the forest or hiking in the mountains or snowshoeing. I always aspired to develop my skills so I could be more at peace in nature. It was never about man versus the wild for me. More like the opposite. Man belongs in the wild. I never felt like nature needed to be tamed... It always seemed perfect as it is. So what does that have to do with sea kayaking? When I moved to the west coast I was looking for a similar experience as I explored the nearby islands. And what I have learned over the years, is that having that kind of experience is not just about getting in any kayak. My definition of a kayak is something you wear... to give you agility and ease on the water. With a good, well-fitted kayak, paddling feels easy. The kayak turns without any need to apply force. Almost like it’s reading your mind. Just a little movement of your pelvis edges the kayak. and it turns naturally. It’s built into the design of the hull. With some skills you have the agility to explore and keep yourself safe and feel right at home on the water. Even if it gets a little rough. There is a joy that comes from moving with ease and competence. But it won’t happen that way by accident. You need to learn a few things before you can be one with your kayak. So what kind of kayak do you need to get that experience...and to have the freedom to visit the world's most beautiful coastlines? With so many options to choose from I can’t get too specific, but here are a few considerations. The length. You will be faster and go further with a longer kayak. If you plan to go the distance, and especially if there could be waves, you will want a kayak that is about 16-18’ long. But here’s the thing. When you take the wide kayak in the waves, that same stability that keeps it flat on the surface of the water will have a tendency to also keep it flat on the side of the wave. And that can actually make it almost impossible to stop it from capsizing. The greenland paddle which evolved with the kayak over thousands of years is perfectly suited to give the paddler that quiet stability as you paddle. Why disturb the wildlife if you don’t have to. It’s not a big blade that you can use to force and control. Instead it encourages you to learn to move with less strength…and you realize that you can go much further. And it feels much easier and more gentle on the body. There’s a hidden genius in the Greenland paddle that most people miss. And it gives it an unexpected ease that comes from efficient design. It directly translates into becoming competent much more quickly. A lot of people think learning to paddle a real sea kayak takes years, but I say if you learn with the greenland paddle, and you learn the traditional techniques, most people can become quite competent in months not years. The next consideration is the size. You may want the kayak to be big, so you don’t feel claustrophobic. But if you want to be able to move properly with your kayak, you need to wear it. What that means is you need to have a snug fit, but also be able to move inside the unlock the agility that only the kayak can give you. That’s the genius of it. If you don’t wear it properly you can’t move well with it. And you might as well be sitting in a boat. If you want to learn how to move with your sea kayak I put a link in the description to a free lesson to get you started. Just sign up to get access. If you are serious about sea kayaking, and you want to learn the traditional techniques, have a look at my website:

Sea Kayaking in the Scottish Highlands. From Oban round Kerrera, out to Mull and return


A relaxed sea kayaking weekend in the West Highlands of Scotland. From Oban, round Kerrera and out to loch Spelve on Mull and return. October 2022 0:00 Day 1 Ganavan to Kerrera, Gylen Bay 03:49 Day 2 Gylen bay to Mull, Loch Spleve 08:15 Day 3 Loch Spelve to West Kerrera 12:16 Day 4 West Kerrera to Ganavan

Capsizing in sea kayak | How to feel confident sea kayaking


If you worry about capsizing when sea kayaking, you may be thinking of your kayak as just another boat. It's not...The kayak is an extension to your body. You wear in, like pants, or shoes. capsizing in sea kayak how to feel confident sea kayaking More information on "Body Wisdom for kayaking": 🤍 If you worry about capsizing when sea kayaking, you may be thinking of your kayak as just another boat. In this video you will learn a very easy position that makes capsizing almost irrelevant. At least in most conditions. You may fear capsizing when paddling in waves. Or maybe you don’t edge much when making a turn. Maybe you’re not as graceful as you would like to be because of it. When we fear capsizing we just don’t have the same peace of mind. Or elegance. I’m Paulo and this is Dancing With The Sea. It’s for those of us who want more ease and finesse, and less feeling like “it’s hard and I don’t feel safe”. The kayak is not a tool to help you conquer. It’s to show us that we belong to nature. If you secretly wish you could do the balance brace, but think I’m not flexible enough or I’m too old to learn new tricks It’s too hard It would take years to learn You’ll be happy to hear about what the research department of Dancing With The Sea has been up to. When you have the flexibility for this, it’s easy. As of the making of this video, we have a pilot program experimenting with body movements to unlock the range or motion you need specifically for doing the balance brace. And the results so far are very promising. This is me at the beginning of a session. And this is my range of motion at the end. In one short session. How is that even possible without doing any stretching? The new balance brace lesson will be added to the course “Body Wisdom For Kayaking”. If you want to learn more about this course click on the link in the description below. It’s a course that is included with the “Dancing With The Sea Club” membership. You can find out more about it at Here’s why you may want to learn the balance brace. It’s the position you want to get into automatically as soon as you know you’re going in the water. It’s a lot more relaxing than being underwater setting up for a roll. If you don’t learn this before rolling, you may find you need to use force and coordination. And your roll probably won’t be very reliable. A lot of people think that this is an advanced technique that requires a lot of talent. But actually if you have a good fit with your kayak and some flexibility, for most people it’s quite easy. The position is simple. Lay on the water, on your back. And tilt the kayak upright so it doesn’t push you underwater. To be able to rotate enough, you need to let your upper thigh move back, and your lower thigh move forward. Your lower leg will bend and put pressure on the thigh brace. You will use that pressure on the thigh brace to tilt the kayak upright. The other leg can be relaxed, or it can help by putting pressure on the bottom of the kayak. Just play with it and see what works for you. If you can’t get your back flat on the water, it’s probably because you are not rotating enough inside your kayak. Try loosening your footpegs and see if that helps you get more rotation Think of taking up space on the water with your back. If you don’t have a good fit with your kayak, you will find out right away. You may feel like you will fall out if you rotate that much. If so you may require more support from your thigh braces. And as you slide up on the back deck focus on arching more and putting more pressure on the thigh brace. You may find that it makes it smoother. Practice just this motion until it’s nice and easy. What you don’t want to do is sit up as you slide your back over the rear deck. This will pull you back in the water. Even if your kayak has a high rear deck, you can still arch your back as much as it will allow you. This will keep your head as low as possible for as long as possible. It can still feel easy. You also want to make sure you don’t un rotate as you come up. Notice that i have more of my body weight out of the water. And it’s preventing me from tilting the kayak upright. When you stay rotated you have more flexibility, and you can keep your body weight in the water for longer. As you become comfortable in the balance brace position you will find yourself automatically taking that position anytime you hit the water. This is the most stable position when you are out of the water. This is the most stable position when you’re in the water. With some mindful practice it will become very easy to lay on the water, and come back up again. You may even be able to relax and stretch yourself when you’re on a longer paddle. You will feel a lot more confident in rough water knowing that even if you did go over it’s still no big deal.

This is Sea Kayaking - 3 years of filming squeezed into 3 minutes


We have filmed in a variety of environments and this short edit brings some of the best shots together to really showcase Sea Kayaking and the many different environments you can explore and play in. Visit our website to subscribe to our online courses 🤍

Sea kayaking the Outer Hebrides Isle of Barra


Sea kayaking the Outer Hebrides Isle of Barra. It nearly ended up just a road trip, but then the weather broke and it was suitable for a sea kayak trip round Fiaraidh & Fuday on the North of Barra

Sea kayaking through Canada's Pacific Northwest


#seakayaking #pacificnorthwest #camping This time Helaine and I are spending 3 days, exploring Canada's Gulf Islands by sea kayak. We stay at gorgeous campgrounds on a small island, see sand caves and lots of seals. This camping adventure can be done easily from Vancouver, just by public transport. We took the ferry from Vancouver and rented kayaks at Galiano Island. From there we kayaked to Wallace Island, which has three campgrounds. Using it as our base, we also visited Thetis and Saltspring Island. _ Music Platforms I use: Artlist: 🤍 Big Selection. Cleared for client work Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Music+SFX Musicbed: 🤍 Big Selection. Great tracks with vocals Ritual Music: 🤍 I like the vibe of their music Audiio: 🤍 Lifetime Membership available Camera Gear I recommend: Action Cam: 🤍 Big Drone: 🤍 Small Drone: 🤍 FPV Drone: 🤍 DSLR for Video: 🤍 DSLR for Pics: 🤍 also great for video Lense I use most: 🤍 Mic I use: 🤍 360 Cam: 🤍 Don’t lose your stuff: 🤍 Post Production Editing Software 🤍 Map Animations 🤍 Make it pop: 🤍 Work with me Instagram: 🤍andreashasselbeck For inquiries please contact me at 🤍 _

BEST Sea Kayaking Trip in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST!


A bachelor party of epic proportions! We spent three days kayaking through the San Juan Islands. Camping the first night on Lummi Island and the second night on Clark Island. Over the week we experienced the unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest, spotted native wildlife and had an unforgettable week at sea. Enjoy this short recap of the trip! ✦ Check out Moondance Sea Kayak Adventures! 🤍 ✦ SUBSCRIBE✦ : Leave the Map ☞ 🤍 ✦ FOLLOW US ON ✦ Instagram: 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ✦ GEAR USED The Camera: 🤍 The Backup Camera: 🤍 The Vlog Lens: 🤍 The B-Roll Wizard: 🤍 The Everyday Lens: 🤍 The Drone: 🤍 The Vlog Mic: 🤍 The Boom Mic: 🤍 The Backpack: 🤍 The Travel Tripod: 🤍 The Bigger Tripod: 🤍

Sea Kayaking Tidal Currents in the San Juan Islands


The Eddyline crew heads to Bowman Bay to paddle in the huge tidal currents in Deception Pass. Sponsored by Eddyline Kayaks 🤍 Other paddling gear I use and recommend: NOTE: These are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you, but it's a great way to show your support. Thanks! KAYAKS I recommend Sea Eagle 380x: 🤍 Sea Eagle 393rl: 🤍 Sea Eagle 385ft: 🤍 Tucktec: 🤍 Pakayak: 🤍 Decathlon Itiwit: 🤍 Oru Kayak Inlet: 🤍 AquaGlide Chelan 120: 🤍 Advanced Elements Advanced Frame: 🤍 Star Rival Inflatable Kayak: 🤍 Isle Switch Hybrid SUP/Kayak: 🤍 Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5: 🤍 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120: 🤍 Perception Pescador: 🤍 PADDLES Aqua Bound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle: 🤍 Aqua Bound Tango Fibreglass Paddle: 🤍 Aqua Bound Whiskey Carbon Bent Shaft Paddle: 🤍 FOOTWEAR NRS Kicker Remix Shoe: 🤍 NRS Boundary Boot: 🤍 PADDLING SHIRTS / TOPS NRS Guide Long Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Guide Short Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS H2Core Silkweight Shirt: 🤍 NRS H2Core Silkweight Long Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Hydroskin Short Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Riptide Splash Jacket: 🤍 NRS Flux Dry Top: 🤍 PFD’S NRS Odyssey PFD: 🤍 NRS Zen PFD: 🤍 NRS Chinook PFD: 🤍 OTHER PADDLING GEAR Zoleo Communicator: 🤍 NRS Drylander Sprayskirt: 🤍 WRSI Current Helmet: 🤍 PADDLING SHORTS/BOTTOMS NRS Benny Board Short: 🤍 NRS Hydroskin Shorts: 🤍 SUNGLASSES WileyX: 🤍 FOLLOW KEN Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 MADE POSSIBLE with the Support of: Ontario Creates: 🤍 PRODUCED BY Heliconia: 🤍 Contact: info🤍

Sea Kayaking the West Coast of Skye 2022 (part two)


Part two of our six day 85 mile sea Kayaking trip down the West Coast of Skye. The trip has stunning views, Isolation, exposure and places of historic significance. This video, part two of the trip, covers from Loch Bracadale and Harlosh, down to the famous Talisker bay (symbolic home of Talisker Whisky) Then onto the Viking dockyard near Loch Brittle and onto to Soay Island and a visit to the remains Gavin Maxwell's basking shark processing factory. Then its over to Loch Coruisk for a camp in the very heart of the Cuillins, a stunningly beautiful location, and finally onto Spar cave before completing the trip at Elgol

Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 2: Sumburgh Head & Fitful Head


Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 2: Sumburgh Head & Fitful Head to Ireland An Iconic Sea Kayaking trip around Sumburgh Head, the most Southern tip of Shetland, including, Horse island Ness of Burgi, Siggar Ness and renowned Fitful Head all with their associated tide races. A fantastic day in excellent kayaking conditions despite it being a bit grey. We were afforded a little play in the race off Sumburgh Head and enjoyed lots of movement in the water with the remaining swell from previous days. Please use the Chapter Markers below it navigate through the video and return to the sections of your choosing. Music: Courtesy of YouTube's Audio Library Chapter Markings 00:00 - Intro 00:01:22 - A Birthday message from the 'Geo' 00:03:00 - Playtime...Fun in the 'tide race' 00:04:24 - Sumburgh Head Lighthouse 00:04:56 - Horse Island & Ness of Burgi, inc channel challenge 00:05:55 - Snack break on the water 00:06:21 - Siggar Ness tidal movement and a glimpse of the otter 00:07:49 - Muckle Hallitie & Whales Wick 00:08:20 - Start of Fitful Head section 00:11:00 - The Nev & Outer Sillock 00:11:31 - Swarta Skerry & Landvillas 00:12:23 - Passing inside Cloki Stack & Colsay Island and Spiggy Beach 00:13:00 - Skersan gullies

Sea Kayaking round the Isle of Rassay off the Isle of Skye


A sea Kayaking trip round the island of Raasay off the isle of Skye A classic sea kayaking trip with isolation and super scenery while being relatively accessible and sheltered 0:00 intro 0:51 day 1 5:00 day 2 10:15 day 3 12:56 day 4

kayaking for fitness | sea kayaking the healthy way


kayaking for fitness Sea kayaking can be a very healthy full body workout. But only if you know how to move with your kayak... Check out my free "move with your kayak" video lesson here: 🤍 How to get in shape by sea kayaking? Here's the thing. Everyone knows exercising is work... And not that much fun. Unless it's about going somewhere beautiful. You want to keep paddling your sea kayak because you want to know what's around the next corner. You feel empowered to be exploring using your own power. Unfortunately kayaking is not automatically a full body workout. I know a lot of people learn to sea kayak by jamming themselves in. Without the lower body power they end up using more arms and shoulders. So the upper body gets overworked, and the lower body just ends up feeling cramped. That's not using the sea kayak for a full body workout. I was very lucky that I discovered the Inuit style of sea kayaking early on. I switched to the Greenland paddle, and learned to move they way I saw the Inuit move with their kayak...I was not looking for a healthier workout. I was just looking to gain the agility to take my sea kayak in any I could explore the beautiful west coast with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the skills to get yourself out of trouble. I did get the agility... And with that way of moving I discovered that I feel a lot better after paddling all day. Instead of feeling cramped, I feel good all over. Especially my pelvis and lower back.

Sea Kayaking Treshnish Isles, April 2022


This is a film of my recent solo sea kayaking trip out to the Treshnish Isles off the coast of the Isle of Mull. I gave myself three days to explore and wild camp, to and from Tobermory. It was as always, an incredible experience with the highlight communing with the wonderful Puffins on the island of Lunga. I hope you enjoy.

Sea Kayaking in Tidal Waters - Online Course - Tide Races, Overfalls and Currents


This course covers all aspects of paddling a sea kayak in tidal waters. There are lots of individual lessons coving skills like - breaking in to flow, crossing currents, surfing in tidal races and much much more to subscribe to see all of the lessons visit 🤍

Sea Kayaking in the worlds biggest archipelago


Today we go kayaking! We will scout some new islands for future nightover trips.

Crash Course To Sea Kayaking For Beginners With Adriatic Sea Examples


If you love the sea the you will probably love sea kayaking. There aren't many things that put you as close to the sea as a sea kayaking trip. You are on or near the sea 24 hours a day. As a sport sea kayaking in pretty easy and safe, but because it happens on the sea it can also be dangerous. A calm peaceful sea can turn into blown out wild and dangerous monster in a matter of minutes. So preparation and some knowledge and experience are key. This video sums up everything a sea kayaking beginner should know about this sport. It follows a couple on a sea kayaking trip between the islands of the Adriatic sea while explaining everything from why sea kayaking is great and why it sucks, what kind of gear is needed for sea kayaking, kayak, paddle and what do you need to bring on a multi day sea kayaking and camping trip. To learn more about sea kayaking you can also check our written guide: 🤍 Video also mentions waterproof bags, backpacks and dry bags that are a must on any sea trip, this bags were used in the video: 5L , 15L and 30L dry bag pack 🤍 50L Waterproof backpack 🤍 and 30L Waterproof backpack 🤍 You can also follow our adventures on Instagram: 🤍

Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 7 Downwind Run Force 5/6


Sea Kayaking Shetland Series 2022 Day 7 Downwind run from Bridge End to Tresta in a Force 5 to Force 6 Southerly After a long car shuttle to leave vehicles at our finish point we finally got on the water for some cracking kayaking, with the wind behind us we managed to surf most of the wind driven waves Northwards, landing on the narrow Island of Langa for lunch with a lovely Tombolo beach before continuing our navigation in the grey overcast skies for the narrow opening of Sandsound Voe which would lead to our finish point a short distance further around the corner to the West and finish point at Tresta. A fabulous day with loads of exhilarating runs on the wind driven waves as we surfed our way along. Music: Courtesy of YouTube Audio Library

Is this the best beach in Scotland? Sea kayaking in Ardnamurchan - 4K


Back for 2022, its been a while but finally Spring is here and allowing us to get a few days away paddling on our favourite places. Let us know where to head next, and don't forget to Like & Subscribe! Much Appreciated. Stuart

Sea Kayaking: Gusting F7 Lismore & Castle Stalker Feb 2023


Oban February 2023 Day 2: More Sea Kayaking Adventures: Lismore North End, Gusting Force 7 With force 7 winds, rain and poor visibility forecast we drove to Port Appin to launch and paddle across to Lismore's Northern End and paddle so far down the West side then out to run downwind to the West side of Shuna. Arriving off the Northwestern end in very strong conditions and poor visibility we decided we'd return to the North end and re-evaluate after stopping for lunch on one of the small islets off the NW end. Plans rearranged we'd paddle back to Lismore's ferry slip to play on the race in the flood stream then run North to Castle Stalker to check it out before returning to Port Appin. A cracking day in Strong gusty, rainy conditions which continually changed throughout the day. Apologies with the wrong date on Castle Stalker information, it was 'actually' rebuilt in its present form in 1440s not as I've mentioned (1840) in my commentary !! Music: Courtesy of YouTube's Audio Library

2020 sea kayaking skills - scramble self rescue


Self-rescue skills are important for all sea kayakers, especially if you can't rely on assistance. This video breaks down the key elements of the scramble self-rescue - including full demos, balance exercises and problem-solving tips. For more information about our Essential Membership platform visit 🤍

How We Go: Sea Kayaking | Ep. 18


Ready to take that first step toward a new adventure? In our How-To Series, we’ll show you tips and tricks to get you into the great outdoors. Next up, we head to the Salish Sea in Washington State with kayak guide Sophia Rouches. From packing to paddling, Sophia shows us how to have a great day out on the water.

Sea Kayaking - Isle of Skye


Skye is one of the top locations in Scotland to visit. It is famous for its scenery and landscapes that will take your breath away. This film documents a week long sea kayaking trip to the island in August 2022. Music - Licensed by Artlist: Zac Nelson - Natural Beauty - 🤍 Aija Alsina - Presence - 🤍 Letra - Circle of Life - 🤍 Laurel Violet - October - 🤍 Ian Post - To Edinburgh - 🤍 Eleven Tales - Slow Tides - 🤍 Laurel Violet - At The Start - 🤍

Sea Kayaking Bridge Over The Atlantic From Oban & Return Feb 2023


Sea Kayaking: Day one from our long weekend kayaking around the Oban area. Arriving a day earlier than the rest of the group Andy and myself decided to paddle South from Oban down to the 'Bridge over the Atlantic' within Clachan sound that separates the Isle of Seil from the mainland. A grey wet day with forecasted strengthening winds from the South and a little swell remaining from storms earlier in the week gave the chance of some downwind runs on our return up the West side of Kerrera, before rounding the North end, back to Oban.

Seakayaking around Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte islands


Justine Curgenven, Shawna Franklin & Leon Somme kayaked 500 miles around Haida Gwaii, encountering amazing wildlife, fascinating Haida culture and stunning wild scenery. This trailer is from a 40 minute documentary on the DVD 'This is the Sea 4'. See 🤍

Advanced Sea Kayaking (2019 edition)


Days like these are extremely important because they allow us to grow a lot both on the technical aspect and most of all on a mental side. Sea Kayaking is a sport that can be practiced 365 days a year, offering in every season peculiarities and emotions that enrich the experience. Depending on the level of preparation, we offer tours and courses in calm sea conditions or training excursions in rough seas. Our web Site 🤍 Follow our FB page 🤍 Link our Instagram page 🤍 Email info🤍 Phone +39 334 3290804 Next video: SURVIVAL ORIENTEERING 🤍

Santorini | Sea Kayaking


An island like Santorini has plenty of scope for water sports, including sea kayaking, which you can enjoy in either the open waters of the east side of the island or in the calmer sea inside the Caldera, or volcano mouth ringed by the spectacular cliffs. Sea kayaking is an activity that you can enjoy scenery that is not visible by any other means, and in Santorini there are plenty of places especially in the coves of the volcano. Official Website: 🤍 Official Facebook Page: 🤍

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