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Which Country Do You HATE The Most? | SLOVAKIA


Which Country does the SLOVAKS HATE the MOST? YOU CAN BOOK THE CHEAPEST HOTELS HERE 🤍 👈 Partnership requests with gus1thego: 🤍 Travel Blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍gustavrosted Facebook: Gustav Rosted

Top 10 Places To Visit In Slovakia - Travel Guide


Slovakia is one of Europe's hidden gems. Enjoy this travel guide across Slovakia's spectacular places. From the jagged High Tatras, to the mysterious Orava Castle, Slovakia is waiting to be explored. Where is your favorite place in Slovakia? Special thanks to 🤍Hike the World for helping out with footage. He has some of the most incredible films of Slovakia - 🤍 My relaxation channel - 🤍 My Travel Videos: Top 10 Places in Czechia - 🤍 Top 10 Places In Slovenia - 🤍 Top 30 Places In The Alps - 🤍 Top 100 Places in Italy - 🤍 Top 10 Places in Bavaria - 🤍 Top 10 Places in Swiss Alps - 🤍 Top 10 Places In 2022 - 🤍 Top 100 Places in Europe - 🤍 Top 100 Places In the USA - 🤍 Top 10 Villages To Visit - 🤍 Find me on Tiktok and instagram 🤍shirley.films Song: Horizon by Ehrling - 🤍 Great Place for Stock footage - 🤍 Free stock footage, guides & luts - 🤍 My Camera Gear - 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:30 - Bratislava 1:47 - Devín 2:06 - Súľov Rocks 2:51 - Bojnice Castle 3:19 - High Tatras 4:16 - Pieniny National Park 4:40 - Ľubovňa Castle 5:23 - Kremnica 5:52 - Slovak Paradise 6:21 - Orava Castle 7:03 - Spiš Castle 7:53 - Outro Thanks for watching :)

The MOST Beautiful Women? 🇸🇰 (Slovakia)


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How Do Slovak Villagers React To a Black Foreigner??


A foreigner travelling in the most remote villages tourists don’t go. Borinka is a village and municipality in western Slovakia in Malacky District in the Bratislava Region, at the foothills of the Little Carpathians, best known for the Pajštún Castle, and has many weekend homes. Dračí hrádok are another castle ruins located in its vicinity. People would like to know about my travels in Europe if I have ever came across any racism or do I find it hard, well here it is. This is the case in most of my travels in the villages and going remote places and literally just anywhere in general. You will find the answer in this video. To keep up to date with all my content press the red subscribe button and the bell so you don’t miss a video from Andre Traveler. Follow me on: Instagram: andretravelerr - 🤍 TikTok: andretravelerofficial - 🤍 🤍 Facebook: Andre Traveler - 🤍

Geography Now! SLOVAKIA


UFOs, Christmas hospitalizations, and sheep cheese. That's just a Monday afternoon Here. Thanks PPPeter for being in this video! Check out his channel here: 🤍 Thanks Guest stars! Check out their Instagrams here: Art: 🤍 Kaleb: 🤍 Hannah: 🤍 Noah: 🤍 Keith: 🤍 Thanks CYXUS Blue light glasses for helping GN, Buy a limited edition GN logo pair of glasses with the Code GEOGRAPHY to get 1 extra pair free! : 🤍 Check out 🤍 ! You asked for merch so we made it for you! Become a patron! Donate to help pay for production of GN. You also get exclusive BTS footage, pics/ and access to other perks! Go to: 🤍 Want to send stuff for Fan Friday episodes? Our public mailbox address is: 1905 N Wilcox ave, # 432 Los Angeles CA, 90068 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Follow GN social medias! Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road. CONTACT US if you are from a country that is coming up! Teach us! Email: GeographyLater🤍 Stay cool Stay tuned and remember, this is Earth, your home. Learn about it. #Slovakia #Europe #Travel #Info

Slovakian politicians throw water and SLAP impromptu protester


SLOVAKIAN Parliament erupted today after an impromptu protester sparked anger amongst two politicians, who threw water and even SLAPPED one man after debate on the 'U.S. defence treaty.' The remarkable footage shows one man throwing water over the other, while another male politician appears to slap the face mask from the face of a protesting male. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest breaking news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read The Sun: 🤍 Like The Sun on Facebook: 🤍 Follow The Sun on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat: 🤍 #Slovakia #Ukraine

The Worst Things about Slovakia


Slovakia - a small country in Eastern, I mean Central Europe that hides the most beautiful women, mountains and some scary stuff. MERCH: 🤍 SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 TWITTER 🤍

Kristina - Horehronie (Slovakia)


Powered by 🤍 Kristina will represent Slovakia with the song Horehronie at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.

Slovak Language | Can Polish speakers understand it? | #1 [Subtitles]


Can Polish speakers understand the Slovak Language? Support my Work: My name is Norbert Wierzbicki and I am the creator of the 🤍Ecolinguist channel. ☕️Buy me a Coffee → 🤍 (I appreciate every donation no matter how big or small🤠) 📱Instagram: 🤍the.ecolinguist 📝 Contact details for the guests of the show are: 🇸🇰🤓 Paulina The Slovak teacher: 🎥YouTube Channel → 🤍Slovenčina ako cudzí jazyk 📱Instagram: 🔴 Agata - Spanish teacher 🎥YouTube Channel → 🤍agata uczy 📱Instagram: 🤍agatauczy 🔴 Patryk Topoliński - language educator, polyglot, content creator 🎥YouTube Channel → 🤍Język w Rok 📱Instagram: 🤍jezykwrok 🕸 website: 🤍 📽Recommended Videos: 🇸🇰💬🇵🇱 Part 2 of the video → 🤍 🇸🇮💬🇵🇱 Slovenian Language | Can Polish speakers understand it? → 🤍 🤠💬🤠 Slavic Languages Comparison → 🤍 🇵🇱💬🇺🇦 Polish Ukrainian Conversation → 🤍 🇵🇱💬🇷🇺 Polish Russian Conversation → 🤍 🇵🇱💬🇧🇬Polish Bulgarian Conversation → 🤍 🇵🇱💬🇲🇰Polish Macedonian Conversation → 🤍 🤓Carpatho Rusyn Language | Can Polish and Czech understand? 🤍 🤓💬🇵🇱 POLISH LEARNING MATERIAL: 🤓💬🇵🇱 Polish Lessons for Intermediate Learners and Slavic language speakers → 🤍 🤓💬🇵🇱 Learn Polish through Stories → 🤍 🇧🇷🇲🇽🇮🇹Brazilian Portuguese | Can Spanish and Italian speakers understand? → 🤍 🇷🇴 🦂 Romanian vs Latin Speakers | Can they understand it? → 🤍 🤓 🦂 Latin Language Spoken | Can Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speakers understand it? → 🤍 🇫🇷🇮🇹🇧🇷🇲🇽French Language | Can Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand? → 🤍 🇮🇹🇧🇷🇲🇽Italian Language | Can Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand? → 🤍 🤗 Big hug to everyone reading my video descriptions! You rock! 🤓💪🏻 #slovak

Top 10 Places to Visit in Slovakia


In this video, we are going to talk about the Top 10 places to visit in slovakia ✈Travel Hack To book CHEAPEST FLIGHT tickets👉 🤍 ✅Subscribe Here: 🤍 About us : Hello fellow travelers. Welcome to Travelmoji. We are a community of travel enthusiasts who find solace going around the world. In our sincerest efforts to satisfy your wanderlust, we bring forward insightful content featuring the wonderful places around the world neatly compiled into the ‘Top things to-do lists. We love all kinds of travel. Touristy and offbeat, short trips and long stays, luxury and modest. And we aim to give you a glimpse of anything and everything that speaks about the aura of the place. Our vision at Travelmoji is to form a community of like-minded travellers, who share our passion for unique experiences, breathtaking destinations, exploring different cultures, and connecting with people. Unplug, unwind and just breathe.



Hi everyone! Ahojte! Living in Slovakia is an exciting and new experience. But also there are things that shock us while living here. In this video, we will share with you some of the culture shocks people experienced after moving to Slovakia. We hope you enjoy it! Linguarte is your school if you want to learn Slovak, Spanish or English in a different, fast and fun way. We have our own book and method that will provide you the best experience in your learning process. ⭐ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ⭐ FACEBOOK: 🤍 ⭐ ENROLL IN OUR COURSES: 🤍 🔴 Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!



Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the southwest, and the Czech Republic to the northwest. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is set along the Danube River by the border with Austria and Hungary. It’s surrounded by vineyards and the Little Carpathian mountains, crisscrossed with forested hiking and cycling trails. The pedestrian-only, 18th-century old town is known for its lively bars and cafes. Perched atop a hill, the reconstructed Bratislava Castle overlooks old town and the Danube. Hello family , welcome to my YouTube channel iam_marwa , i hope you have enjoyed this video. PayPal ; iammarwake🤍 PATREON 🤍 kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here : 🤍 or 🤍 check out my awesome instagram photos here: 🤍 Facebook page here : 🤍 SUPPORT MY WORK VIA #iam_marwa HERE IS MY FILMING GEAR YOU CAN BUY IT IN AMAZON BY CLICKING IN THE LINKS FOR EACH ITEM ; 1.0) Buy My Sunglasses here ; 🤍 1.1 ) Buy My shirts ; 🤍 1.2) AirbnB Link ; 🤍 1. DJI MAVIC PRO DRONE ; 🤍 2. Canon 70D ; 🤍 3. Canon Lens ; 🤍 4.GoPro ; 🤍 5.SamSung Note 9; 🤍 6. SONY FDR X3000 ; 🤍 7. OSMO POCKET ; 🤍 8. Sumsang phone ; 🤍 AIRBNB ; SAVE MONEY ON YOUR 1ST AirBnB booking by using this link to SIGN UP ; Sign up for Airbnb and get $36 off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link: 🤍 Always feel free to comment on my videos so that i can get to know what you liked most in my video today. I am always grateful you watching my videos. Espanol aqui Hola, bienvenido a mi canal de Youtube, espero que hayas disfrutado este video. Por favor, suscríbase a mi canal de Youtube haciendo clic aquí: 🤍 Echa un vistazo a mis impresionantes fotos de instagram aquí: 🤍 Página de Facebook aquí: 🤍 AYUDAME EN PATREON ; 🤍 No dude en comentar mis videos para que pueda conocer lo que más le gustó en mi video de hoy. Siempre estoy agradecido de ver mis videos.

Slovakian president urges Russian soldiers to 'revive their humanity'


"If you are still capable of feeling any vestige of humanity in yourself, bring it back to life and end this terrible war". In a heartfelt plea posted online, Slovakia's President Zuzana Čaputová calls on Russian soldiers to bring an end to the invasion of Ukraine. #UkraineRussia.

CZECH REPUBLIC vs SLOVAKIA (10 biggest differences?)


These are the 10 biggest differences between Czechia and Slovakia! Agree? YOU CAN BOOK THE CHEAPEST HOTELS HERE 🤍 👈 Partnership requests with gus1thego: 🤍 Travel Blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍gustavrosted Facebook: Gustav Rosted

Slovakia in 4K


A short video about the beauty of Slovakia. Traveling solo on a motorcycle, I rode from Ukraine and traveled all the way through this beautiful country! The filming locations include such places as Spis Castle, Slovak Paradise National Park, Belianske Tatry, Vysoke Tatry, Orava Castle, Bojnice Castle, Bratislava, and others) This trip took place in August 2019 and lasted for just about a week. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Follow me on social video for more travel photos and videos: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Filmed and edited by Gleb Soloviov.

"Slovensko moje, otčina moja" - Slovakian Patriotic Song


My channel is dedicated to anthems, hymns and patriotic songs, here is the link to our discord server: 🤍

You Wouldn’t Believe Restaurants Like This Exist In Slovakia!! 🇸🇰


In this episode I am located in Slovakia touring a village called “Lysá pod Makytou” which is a village and municipality in Púchov District in the Trenčín Region of north-western Slovakia close to Púchov. I was searching where I could find Traditional Slovak food in that region and the locals directed me to a place called “Salaš Nimnic.” My choice of traditional Slovak food was Halušky s Bryndzové halušky is a traditional dish with dumplings which is known as Knedlík which can be foods in many Central and Eastern European cuisines such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania. Follow me Instagram: andretravelerr TikTok: andretravelerofficial Facebook: Andre Traveler

Zelenskyy Hosts Slovakian Counterpart in Kyiv


Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Slovakian President Zuzana Caputova in Kyiv. Zelenskyy thanked Slovakia for its strong support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the statement published on his Telegram channel, and he added that Slovakia and Ukraine share common values. On her Facebook page, Caputova wrote, "You pay a heavy price to defend your country. Slovakia stands with you, Mr President." (AP) » Subscribe to VOA News: 🤍 » Watch more VOA News video: 🤍 Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of 236.8 million people. VOA produces content for digital, television, and radio platforms. It is easily accessed via your mobile phone and on social media. It is also distributed by satellite, cable, FM and MW, and is carried on a network of approximately 3,000 affiliate stations. Since its creation in 1942, Voice of America has been committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the news and telling audiences the truth. Through World War II, the Cold War, the fight against global terrorism, and the struggle for freedom around the globe today, VOA exemplifies the principles of a free press. Connect with VOA News: » VISIT OUR WEBSITE: 🤍 » LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: 🤍 » FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: 🤍 » FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: 🤍

Pomôž vzniknúť hre Vivat Slovakia (EN subs)


🤍 🔗 Vyber si odmenu za pomoc vzniku hry Vivat Slovakia. Vivat Slovakia je videohra s otvoreným svetom zmenšenej Bratislavy počas divokých 90. rokov. Mestská akcia v plne 3D priestore so slovenským prostredím a dabingom. 🤍

BRATISLAVA City Guide | Slovakia | Travel Guide


Bratislava is the capital and largest city of Slovakia. Bratislava is located in southwestern Slovakia at the foot of the Little Carpathians, occupying both banks of the River Danube and the left bank of the River Morava. Bratislava received its contemporary name in 1919. Until then, it was mostly known by its German name, Pressburg. While most visitors who travel to Bratislava are just passing by, the city has much to offer, and it's worth exploring. Whether you're looking for castles, unique buildings, or quirky art, Bratislava won't disappoint. ➤ You can contact us by e-mail: worldtravelguide2021🤍 🎵 Music: Song: Leomind - Le Début (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 Song: InRp - Stay Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🤍 Song: Luke Bergs - Tropical Soul Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 Song: Markvard - Life Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 #bratislava #slovakia #travel

Traditional Slovakian Mountain Village of Vlkolínec


In this video we take a tour of the traditional Slovak mountain folk village of Vlkolinec, Slovakia and learn why this UNESCO World Heritage site is a great encapsulation of life in a Central European mountain village. You can support my videos on Patreon here: 🤍 Here's my website: 🤍

Slovakia 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music


Slovakia is one of the most underrated, yet enchanting countries. Enjoy this 4k Scenic Relaxation film across Slovakia's most magical locations. From mysterious Sulov Rocks, to the rocky peaks of the High Tatras, Slovakia a is a beautiful country waiting to be discovered. Special thanks to Hike The World for capturing a majority of the film - 🤍 Our other Relaxation films: Poland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Germany Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Switzerland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Amalfi Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Venezuela Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Italy Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Ireland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Africa Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Dolomites Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Austria Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Alps Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Follow us on instagram 🤍scenicrelaxationfilms Where we get our music - 🤍 Great Place for Stock footage - 🤍 Free stock footage, guides & luts - 🤍



Scenár, réžia a dramaturgia: Slovakfolklore - Zuzana Borák, Eva Lukáčová, Anna Lukáčová 🤍 🤍 Filmová produkcia: SpStudio 🤍 Vyšívanú kolekciu k projektu „SHOW ME SLOVAKIA“ nájdete tu: 🤍 ❤️🇸🇰 O PROJEKTE: Projekt za ktorým stoja tri 20-ročné dievčatá, zakladateľky projektu Slovakfolklore: Zuzana Borák, Eva Lukáčová a Anna Lukáčová. Sú cestovateľky - folkloristky a ich hlavným cieľom je ukázať slovenskú hrdosť v krátkom online videu, ktoré sa dostane aj za hranice. Reprezentuje naše kroje, kultúru, prírodu a gastronómiu. Video obsahuje 11 lokalít od Bratislavy po Košice, ktorými vás prevedú tanečníci z celého Slovenska. Práca na tomto projekte zabrala vyše 17 mesiacov a podieľali sa na ňom ľudia z celého Slovenska. Soundtrack je vytvorený z 11 ľudových piesní prislúchajúcich predstaveným regiónom v spracovaní Mgr. Art Vladimíra Homolu a špičkových slovenských hudobníkov. „Zakaždým, keď cestujeme do zahraničia chceme našim priateľom ukázať Slovensko. Doteraz však neexistovalo komplexné video, ktoré by zahŕňalo nielen prírodu a architektúru, ale aj tradičnú ľudovú kultúru, ktorá je bohatstvom našej krajiny. Na základe toho sme prišli s nápadom vyvoriť tento projekt, ktorý v spolupráci s mnohými umelcami reprezentuje Slovensko ako modernú krajinu, žijúcu v súlade s tradičnou kultúrou. Jedenásť regiónov a tri minúty na vyobrazenie krásy našej ľudovej kultúry a krajiny je málo. Je to priam nemožná úloha, no my sme to skúsili a priblížili Vám niektoré regióny Slovenska očami a krokmi, nás - mladých folkloristov. Do tohto videa sme vložili veľmi veľa energie, času a financií, čo veríme, že sa odzrkadľuje vo výslednom diele. Dielo je určené ľuďom, ktorí sa nepohybujú na folklórnej scéne, aby takýmto spôsobom objavili jeho krásu a rozmanitosť. Pre turistov a cudzincov, aby mali motiváciu prísť a navštíviť našu nádhernú krajinu, ktorej neoddeliteľnou súčasťou je tradičná ľudová kultúra. A ktovie, možno bude pokračovanie, v ktorom Vám predstavíme iné regióny, pretože určite je čo ukázať. To si necháme nabudúce. 🇸🇰 Zatiaľ Vám prajeme príjemné pozeranie.“ :) Slovakfolklore team ❤️

10 Strange things about Slovakia 🇸🇰 (VLOG) [Kult America]


On this visit to Slovakia I noticed some interesting things that I thought made the trip memorable. 0:33 • 1. Driving in Slovakia 1:34 • 2. Non-commercial 2:14 • 3. Slovakia is not Poland 3:23 • 4. The vast beautify of Slovakia 3:56 • 5. Castles 4:31 • 6. Paid parking 4:54 • 7. Thermal pools (in the winter!) 5:30 • 8. Salt, Peper, and cynamon? 6:02 • 9. Hearing “Hey” and “Yo” when trying to chat with people 6:34 • 10. Slovakia is mysterious ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: ryan.socash🤍 Brands & Press: bartosz.staniszewski🤍

Has Slovakia opposed NATO? And is it turning towards Russia? • FRANCE 24 English


The false claim that Slovakia opposes NATO and is instead turning toward Russia was made using a video posted on Twitter on March 10. However, the video takes out of context a protest involving Slovakian MPs from nationalist parties about an agreement between Slovakia and its NATO partner, the United States. Georgina Robertson and Sophie Samaille have the story. 🤍 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 🔴 LIVE - Watch FRANCE 24 English 24/7 here: 🤍 🌍 Read the latest International News and Top Stories: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Discover the news in pictures on Instagram: 🤍



David Dobrik and Ugh It's Joe try Slovak snacks for the first time. There's kavenky, lentilky, tatranky, and gummy bears!! Have you ever had any of these snacks before?! •••••••••••••••••••••••• WATCH MORE VIDS with DAVID HERE!!! Guess The Movie Score!: 🤍 Trying Expensive Chocolate!: 🤍 Guess The Movie Challenge!!: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••• Follow my buds who helped me make this video!! David Dobrik 🤍daviddobrik Youtube - 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••• Keep up with my socials!! Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍ughitsjoe Business Email - JRVulpis🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••• Check out my MERCH here: 🤍 Please Subscribe - 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••• Thank you fellow joetatoe heads, love, your leader

Slovakian women: How to date Slovak girls?


Slovakia with capital Bratislava is famous by beautiful girls walking on the streets. reveal a secret how to date Slovakian women. Slovakian women dating sites read here: 🤍 If you to get more news and tips about Slovak or European women subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Want to visit Slovakia and meet girls there? Than, leave your twitt 🤍 maybe some beautiful single girl will contact you. We are looking for your comments(tell us what do you know about Slovakian girls) in this video and subscribe to get next dating advice directly to your news feed 🤍 Thanks!

Slovakia's plan to sell fighter jets to Ukraine divides a nation


Jaroslav Nad', Slovakia's defence minister, wants to hand over the country's MIG-29 fleet in the autumn for €300 million. READ MORE : 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Watch our LIVE here: 🤍 Subscribe to our thematic channels: NoComment: 🤍 Euronews Green: 🤍 Euronews Next: 🤍 Euronews Travel: 🤍 Euronews is available on YouTube in 12 languages: 🤍 #World

slovakia slander


most informative video on Slovaks

Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]


During my trip to Slovakia I could not resist trying traditional local dishes. So on this episode of Kult America I will do a taste testing of Slovakian cuisine. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: 🤍 Email: ryansocash🤍




Hrdza - Štefan / Stephen / Штефан


Štefan - rusínska ľudová pieseň v úprave prešovskej kapely Hrdza. Pieseň pochádza z pohraničnej oblasti severovýchodného Slovenska, juhovýchodného Poľska a západnej Ukrajiny. Shop for our CDs: 🤍 Listen to the full album: 🤍 Follow Hrdza on: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 #hrdza #neskroteny #stefan Hrdza: Štefan /Stephen / Штефан Rusyn traditional, adapted by Susanna Jara/Szymon Piotrowski/Slavomír Gibarti Recorded by Martin Migaš Mixed & Mastered by Samuel Pospíšil Natáčané v dňoch 21.-22.11.2018 v horskom hoteli Sliezsky dom vo Vysokých Tatrách, 🤍 Námet/réžia/kamera/strih: Jaroslav Jaris Vaľko Choreografia: Zuzana Kopkášová (Dance studio NOISE) Kamera operátor: Matúš Chovanec Tanečníci: Alexandra Borisová (FS Dúbrava) Samuel Kekeľ (FS Šarišan) Veronika Holdová (FS Dúbrava) Soňa Janigová (FS Dúbrava) Lukáš Popadič (FS Dúbrava) Filip Zbihlej (FS Šarišan) Hrdza: Susanna Jara Lucia Gibarti Slavomír Gibarti Dominik Maniak Matej Palidrab Pavol Boleš Marek Szarvaš Susannu oblieka Marianna&Susanna Jara design/okrasy Marianna&Susanna Jara design, MOKOSHA. Vlasy Afro-Styl 🤍 Štefan Poľubyla ja Štefana Poľubyla-m joho, lem joho, lem joho Dajte ňa, mamyčko, dajte ňa za ňoho Dajte ňa za ňoho! Heja-hoja, heja, heja, hoja Vydajte ňa, mamko moja! Jak na mene vin pohľane To ja až zomľiju, zomľiju, zomľiju Ja joho čekala – skazaty ne vmiju Skazaty ne vmiju! Heja-hoja, heja, heja, hoja Vydajte ňa, mamko moja! Bo ja sobi, ľuba mamko Lem joho vybrala, vybrala, vybrala Bo ja inčych chlopciv ľubyty ne znala Ľubyty ne znala Heja-hoja, heja, heja, hoja Vydajte ňa, mamko moja! Vydavajte sia ďivčata Jak vas chlopci prosiat, jak prosiat, jak prosiat Naj vas zly jazyky v seli ne roznosiat V seli ne roznosiat! Heja-hoja, heja, heja, hoja Vydajte ňa, mamko moja! Stephen I fell in love with Stephen I fell in love just with him Let me, mummy, marry him! Heya, hoya, heya, heya, hoya Let me marry, my mum! When he looks at me I faint How long I‘ve been waiting for him I can’t say! Because I have, dear mummy Chosen just him Because I couldn’t fell in love With any other boys Marry, girls, when boys propose to you Let not bad tongues Slander you in the village! Штефан Полюбила я Штефана Полюбила-м його, лем його, лем його Дайте ня, мамичко Дайте ня за нього! Гея, гоя, гея, гея, гоя Выдайте ня, мамко моя! Як на мене він погляне То я аж замлію, замлію, замлію Я його чекала, cказати не вмію Сказати не вмію! Бо я собі, люба мамко Лем його выбрала, выбрала, выбрала Бо я інчых хлопців, любити не знала Любити не знала Выдавайте ся, дівчата Як вас хлопці просят, як просят, як просят Най вас злы языкы в селі не розносят В селі не розносят! ℗ & © 2018 Hrdza

Slovakian insurance commercial


An excellent insurance advert from Slovakia (not the Czech Republic or Poland, as we originally thought) conveying a rather stereotyped impression of truck drivers...

Why Do Slovakia & Slovenia Have Such Similar names?


Subscribe: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 It's time for another video! If you guys haven't realised I've been attempting to make videos more regularly. I'm actually trying to keep to a schedule. The aim is a video on the 5th and 20th of every month. I can't promise I'll be able to stick to it as different videos take a difference amount of time to create. Let's say the 5th and/or 20th of every month? Or just whenever, I don't now. YouTubes hard. SOURCES & FURTHER READING 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 PHOTO SOURCES Battle of the Somme: Ernest Brooks Hot Topic: BrokenSphere Cech on Rip Mountain: Josef Mathauser Austrian-Hungaray Cemetery: Bálint Zoltán Coins: Svilpe "Thatched Villagers" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

Skiing in JASNA, SLOVAKIA | Everything you need to know


In this video, I will guide you through the Jasna ski resort. All information you need to know in a short 10 min pack. Plus visit to Orlava castle and Demanovska caves of Liberty as a bonus ;) Web: JASNA: 🤍 DEMANOVSKA CAVE OF LIBERTY: 🤍 ORAVA CASTLE: 🤍 MUSIC: _ Hero (ft. Enamor) by Thbd 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 Music: « Evolution » from" 🤍 Music: The Woods - Silent Partner 🤍 Song: Atch - Voyage Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍

Juraj Slafkovský, Slovakian Jagr? - Red Bull Läpimurto


Juraj Slafkovský on jo tehnyt kansainvälisen läpimurtonsa ja on saapunut Liigaan hakemaan elintärkeitä peliminuutteja. Kuka on tämä Slovakian Jagriksikin kutsuttu pelaaja ja miten hän viihtyy TPSn joukkueessa? Kertojana toimii Toni Saukkola Läpimurtopelaajia yhdistää tavoite tulla varatuksi ja solmia tulokassopimus NHL-seuran kanssa. Samuel Helenius allekirjoitti kesän lopussa tulokassopimuksen LA Kingsin kanssa. Pääsemme myös seuraamaan Jyväskylän läpimurtopelaajien golftaitoja. Red Bull Läpimurto-kausi jatkuu aina Liigan finaaleihin asti ja jaksot julkaistaan joka keskiviikko kello 12. Jakson kertojana toimii Toni Saukkola Näet jaksot myös CMORE-palvelusta sekä otteluiden yhteydessä. Liigassa kilpailevat HIFK, HPK, Jukurit, JYP, KooKoo, Kärpät, Pelicans, KalPa, Lukko, SaiPa, Ilves, Tappara, TPS, Sport ja Ässät.

Slovakian Food – 10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try


10 Traditional Slovakian Food {Slovakian Food} Slovakia a landlocked country located in Central Europe. The capital city is Bratislava while other bigger cities are Nitra, Koshice, Banska Bystrica and Preshov. The climate in this country is moderate continental which makes it perfect for cultivating grains, sugar beet, potatoes, flaxseed and tobacco. The development of the Slovakian cuisine and gastronomic habits changed its staple directions throughout history, depending on the different civilizations that had inhabited the land of today’s Slovakia. The position of Slovakia in Central Europe has provided the country and insight and contact with different cultures. As a part from the former Hungarian state, Slovakia was under a great influence of the Romanian culture and the features of the Western European culture were underlined by the colonists, mainly Germanic countries, who inhabited Slovakia from the early Middle Ages to the 20th century. I use this software 🤍 for my thumbnails into my videos... #Slovakiancuisineandgastronomic #10TraditionalDishes #foodofslovakia

Americans Try Snacks From Slovakia!


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I'm playing with the T-72M2 Moderna from crafting event "Battle of Arachis" . First Slovakian vehicle in the game with crazy good 30mm secondary. War Thunder "Wind Of Change" update, Soviet tech tree gameplay. Enjoy! Use this link to get my decal and 3% discount when buying GE or PACKS 🤍 Intro/outro visuals done by Денис Викторов 🤍 🤍 MY LIVESTREAM CHANNEL 🤍 ►My merch store ► Support me on Patreon - 🤍 ►PayPal - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► Twitter - 🤍 ► My Other YouTube Channel - 🤍 #dollarplays Music: Intro: Midnight Highway - Coma Svensson(at 80% speed) Background: Mercury 82 - Pursuit 🤍 🤍 Almighty Dollar - The New Fools City Lights, City Dreams - Forever Sunset Outro: On the Way Home - Steven Davies war thunder,t-72m2 moderna,t-72m2 moderna war thunder,war thunder gameplay,war thunder t-72m2 moderna,war thunder update,war thunder t72 moderna,war thunder crafting event,war thunder event,moderna,war thunder moderna,war thunder t72m2,kfir c.2 war thunder,Alecto Mk. I SPG,war thunder alecto mk I spg,slovakian t72m2 moderna,crafting event,war thunder crafting event battle for arachis,crafting event war thunder,battle for arachis war thunder,war thunder battle for arachis,war thunder trailer,war thunder update,war thunder wind of change,war thunder memes,war thunder a-10,war thunder review,war thunder israel,war thunder new update,war thunder funny moments,war thunder 2.15,war thunder kfir,war thunder tanks,war thunder funny,war thunder planes,war thunder battle pass,war thunder best moments,war thunder update review,war thunder ps4,war thunder air, dollar plays war thunder, war thunder memes, memes, war thunder on console, dollarplays, wot, world of tanks, tank game

We Stayed in a Slovakian Castle | You NEED to visit SLOVAKIA!


It's our final episode here in Slovakia and to end it all we decided to stay in a medieval castle. Check out our Road trip blog post of where to go in Slovakia: 🤍 - Spis Catle - Dobsinka Ice Caves - Banksa Stiavnica Where we stayed (The Grand Vígľaš): 🤍 Where we get our incredible music from: 🤍 (- Great music for Travel Vlogs & YouTube music for your videos) Gear we shot this video with - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO NEVER MISS AN EPISODE: 🤍 ­­ FLYING THE NEST: Website • 🤍 Facebook • 🤍 Twitter • 🤍 Snapchat • 🤍 STEPHEN: Instagram • 🤍 Twitter • 🤍 JESS: Instagram • 🤍 Twitter • 🤍 -­­ Who we use for travel insurance: 🤍 Flying the Nest Merch: 🤍 Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!! We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at 🤍 if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest. ­­ End credit song: Ticky Tacky by Biocratic: 🤍 ­­ For list of full Camera Equipment we use - 🤍 Video Edited on Gigabyte Aero 15: 🤍

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