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Hi, I'm Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove, and I know a thing or two about how to play the sax. I've been playing the sax for more than 50 years and here's one thing I've learned for sure: Saxophone is the best instrument to express love and peace. And that is exactly what I'm trying to do here - spread loving, healing, sensual, and compassionate feelings that lift your spirits and make you feel good! What is it about the saxophone that's so wonderfully cool and awesome? Well, here's another thing I think I know for sure: The saxophone loves you. It embraces you. It encourages you to feel warm and luscious and friendly and hip. It wraps you in its arms and kisses you on the lips. Yes, the sax loves you! And so do I - I send you love, and I want you to be happy. Enjoy the music. And leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you! ❤️ ~Mark "Dr. SaxLove" Maxwell ❤️ Reuse of audio/video on this channel is not permitted. ©️2022 by SaxLove Productions, Inc

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"Mr. Simon's Story" • A Brand New Song From Dr. SaxLove

Dr. SaxLove
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"Sax Tapestry" • A New Song From Dr. SaxLove

Dr. SaxLove
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"Trippin' Up North" • A New Song From Dr. SaxLove

Dr. SaxLove
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