Hey Guys, Welcome to my channel! My name is Jay Lorenzo i'm a a Passionate Gamer and Youtuber. You will find on GameCin channel full edited educational walkthroughs guides of new game releases, story cutscenes videos and Funny ingame moments montage All the video games are provided by the game publisher for review purposes by local PR. GameCin helps gamers all over the world who get stuck in their games and need a guide to help them finish a game. I spend hours every day recording and editing my videos so my audience can enjoy my videos and also get guiding help when they are stuck and need help in the games that I am covering on my channel. I really put a lot of effort and time (8 to 60 hours per video) to make my videos something unique and special to watch. This is the reason why I upload few videos a week, I try to make them in the highest quality possible. Every video is created with one purpose in mind To make you smile and Hopefully make your day a little better. :-)

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Channel Trailer - Welcome To GameCin

Channel Trailer - Welcome To GameCin

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