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Welcome to LUCASTA 4K FIREPLACE. I have a passion for the crackling sounds of campfires or fireplaces, they make me feel relaxed, make me feel warm and comfortable. In addition, these wonderful sounds help me sleep more easily. That's why I created this channel, I want to share the wonderful sounds from the burning fire to you. I hope you will listen to them and have moments of relaxation, have a good sleep after a hard day of work and study. - Photo & Sounds Arrangement: Elena - Record & Mix Master: Mc Chien We create all of our own content. We edit video, mix, & master sound in Adobe . We currently film with a Sony a6400, GoPro Hero 8 Black. We record sound with a Zoom H4n Pro. Each video usually takes at least 1 day to complete. © Copyright by LUCASTA - 4K Fireplace Channel ☞ Do not Reup This channel is owned & operated by Metub Network

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