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ArcFlash Labs EMG-02 CoilGun: Making SciFi Weapons Into Reality


🤍 🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 ArcFlash Labs has come out with a new coil gun design that takes the best elements of their underpowered EMG-01 and their overly bulky GR-1 Anvil and melded them into a much handier EMG-02. This new design maintains the same muzzle velocity as the Anvil (200-250 fps / 60-75 m/s) but uses smaller projectiles (5/16" armatures). It is far better handling, with the balance much improved by having a single large capacitor mounted at the rear and a battery directly under the grip. That battery is also now a commercial off-the-shelf rechargeable lithium-ion type. It's quite a lot of fun to shoot, and I am excited to see where this technology continues to develop! Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

Electrical Arc Flash Demonstration


An arc flash which is distinctly different from the arc blast, is part of an arc fault, a type of electrical explosion that results from a low-impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.

EMG-02: The Next Level


Now available: 🤍

Arc Flash


They need IACPE Safety Training - 🤍

Arc Flash Overview by Westex


In this informative video, Westex offers an in-depth analysis of what an arc flash is and how you can protect yourself by wearing the proper electrical PPE.

ArcFlash Labs' GR-1 Anvil Portable Gauss Rifle


🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 The GR-1 "Anvil" is a portable, shoulder-fired gauss rifle made by Arcflash Labs. Yeah, it's pretty awesome to be living in the future where we actually have real gauss rifles, isn't it? First, some terminology. This is accurately identified as a gauss rifle, coil gun, or linear accelerator (although gauss "rifle" is a bit misleading, as it is a smoothbore launcher). It functions by using a series of coils energized to produce electromagnetic fields and pull a ferrous projectile down a barrel. Each coil accelerates the projectile faster, controlled by a series of optical gates that shut off a coil as the projectile passes beyond it. The GR-1 uses 8 coils, which use between 4000 and 16000 amps of electricity from 8 high voltage capacitors. These coils are able to accelerate a 1/2" in diameter steel dowel pin up to about 75 m/s (240 fps). The most novel technology in the GR-1 is the hardware which allows the standard lithium-ion battery (25V) to fully charge this bank of capacitors in approximately 3 seconds. Fundamentally, the GR-1 is an alpha sort of prototype. It is the equivalent to the first Wright Flyer - a technology demonstrator and a way to gain experience and expertise in building coil guns. As capacitor technology continues to improve, we will see coil gun capability improve from the level of airguns to that of handguns and eventually true rifles and beyond. Arcflash is leading the way in this technology, and I am grateful that they were willing to loan me one of their first batch of production guns for this filming! Legal details: The GR-1, and coil guns in general, are not federally regulated as firearms. Under the law, "firearms" are specifically defined as propelling a projectile by combustion, and coil guns do not do this. Arcflash treats their coil guns as airguns out of an abundance of legal caution, and as a result there are several places where the GR-1 is not shipped because of state or local regulation on muzzle energy of airguns. Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

CE Power - Electrical Safety: Slow Motion 480 Volt Arc Flash


Ultra slow motion video of a 480-Volt arc flash. CE Power - Electrical Engineering and Turnkey Project Management 🤍

Arc Flash Fatality Video.wmv


The tragic story of how a worker, Eddie Adams, died from an arch flash, and how it impacted his co-workers and his family.

Arc flash safety film


The only way to protect yourself from an arc flash incident is to choose not to work live.

No Look/Listen/Smell Arc Flash MCC Doors Closed


Unknown location. This video emphasizes that when energized electrical equipment is in an abnormal condition there is a higher probability of an arcing fault and arc flash occurring. This worker should have used a Look, Listen & Smell simple philosophy. The worker did detect an abnormal condition at least three (3) times, but did not react appropriately. Had he reacted appropriately he would not have been exposed to an arc flash flash.

Arc Flash Accidents القوس الكهربي


An Arc Flash event can expel Large amounts of deadly energy. The arc causes an ionization of the air, and arc flash Temperatures can reach as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter than the surface of the sun” ينتج من خلال القوس الكهربى كمية حرارة كبيرة تصل الى آلاف الدرجات قادرة على إيذاء اى شخص قد تصل إليه وتحدث نتيجة تأين الهواء وتعتمد على بعد الشخص من مصدر القوس

Arcflash Labs' EMG-01B Handheld Gauss Pistol


🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 The EMG-01B is a small portable rail gun made by Arcflash Labs. Introduced in 2017, it can throw magnetic dowel pins approximately 1/4" x 3/4" (6mm x 19mm) at about 150 fps (45m/s). It does this with a series of 8 capacitors and electromagnetic coils, and holds 18 projectiles in its magazines. Generating just under 5J of energy per shot, the EMG-01 is similar to a BB gun, and it was this lack of power that led to development of the GR-1 Anvil. Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

The Reality of Gauss Rifles and Coil Guns w/ David Wirth of Arcflash Labs


🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 David Wirth is one of the founders of Arcflash Labs, a small company developing "ultra-high energy pulsed power supplies", which have applications in a variety of fields - but today we are talking about electromagnetic weaponry. Arcflash is currently shipping out their first batch of commercial GR-1 "Anvil" shoulder-fired gauss rifles. They brought one down for me to try out, and I figured it would be best to start with some background discussion. So today, David and I are talking about how coil guns and rail guns work (and what the difference between the two is), how Arcflash came about developing the GR-1, where they expect the technology to go, and the applications for this and future mass accelerators. (For the record, I love being able to write a description like this and legitimately use terms like "rail gun" and "gauss rifle"...) So, check it out! And stick around for a detailed look at the GR-1 Anvil on Friday, and the lunacy of me taking it to a Backup Gun Match on Saturday... Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

Arc flash safety - Mark's story


The film features experienced electrician Mark, who suffered serious burns from an arc flash explosion while he was working on a commercial switchboard. MB01RJC4MZ2FCCG

Arc Flash - explained!


What is Arc Flash? Read about its causes and prevention here: 🤍 Right now, we're offering a free arc flash pre-assessment: 🤍 This arc flash video explains How to Prevent, Protect and Assess Risk. Electrical Safety Management is our core business. We provide expert consultancy and advice for blue chip organisations across Europe concerned with the safe management of risk associated with all electrical work activities. ESUK provide a multi-faceted holistic approach including a full electrical safety management program, project management and policy documentation all bespoke to the client’s requirements including fully accredited and bespoke training courses and personnel assessment programmes. ESUK are the UK’s foremost exponent of Arc Flash Technology and carry out a wide range of power system studies across Europe, including short circuit, protection coordination and complex Arc Flash Studies. ESUK are also a reseller for EasyPowerTM power systems software & support. Electrical Safety UK offers a range of cost effective services including: Expert advice in general electrical safety on site or in factory premises including translation. Bespoke safety rules specific to your operation. Live working Arc Flash studies including labelling and hazard calculations. Bespoke training for your engineering staff & contractors specific to your procedures and rules. HV & LV operational; coaching and training. Independent incident investigations. Electrical design, protection and fault location training. Carry out periodic audits and site assessments. Control of HV Contractors & Access to Substation Training. As part of the Electrical Safety Management process it is essential to ensure that employees and associated contractors are competent. ESUK offer accredited and bespoke training courses and personnel assessment programmes including City & Guilds, IOSH, SPA (Safety Pass Alliance), Energy and Utility Skills. ESUK is also registered with the EEIAS – Energy and Efficiency Independent Assessment Service and CIPD for recognition and accreditation of all training courses. ESUK and its team of Assessors and Trainers understand the need for flexibility when dealing with delegates of varying abilities, skills and knowledge. Being able to adapt to situations that may be challenging to assist a candidate to achieve their own personal development goals whether they are Individuals, Commercial Organisations or working in Utilities. Find out more: 🤍 ©2018 Electrical Safety UK Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner.

Arc Flash Video: When Increased Work Task Risk Level Not Recognized


Arc flash video illustrates consequences of not recognizing an increase in work task Risk Level. In 2010, the Panel Manufacturer personnel were carrying out the installation of a new energy meter and related wiring works in the incomer metering panel. Due to inadvertent touching of a neutral wire with the incoming live terminals, flashover occurred causing first-degree burn injuries to one person in the face and left hand. Root causes of the incident: - Risk Assessment for the project was not conducted. - Un-insulated tools were used. - Overconfidence of the worker, as similar jobs were done earlier in ten locations. Contact ESPS today to discuss your Electrical Safety Program and review your work task Risk Level Assessments.

Arc flash accident 🧐🚨


An arc flash is dangerous and has the potential for causing serious injuries. It typically occurs suddenly and without warning - but not without a cause. Many arc flashes are caused by human error. The arc flash could have been avoided and the seriousness of arc flash injuries could have been reduced by those involved having followed proper procedures.

2:00 arc flash interior substation racking breaker refineria Barranca Ecopetrol


Arc Flash Blast Explosion - longer version I am gathering detail for this incident. If you know any facts, please let me know.

Arc Flash Analysis Using ETAP


Performed Arc Flash Analysis using two different methods, i.e. IEEE 1584-2002 and IEEE 1584-2018.

Arc Flash PPE


IEEE 1584-2018 Arc Flash Incident Energy Calculation Method using ETAP


🤍 - This webinar provides an overview of the fundamental differences and changes between the IEEE 1584-2018 and existing arc flash calculation methods. To better understand how the 2018 model combines empirical and arc flash physical behavior, the video covers background and insights into the model development validation. For more information on this topic goto: 🤍 #ArcFlashAnalysis #IEEE15842018 #IEEE1584-2018 #IEEE1584 #NFPA70E2018 #NFPA70E #arcFlash #WorkplaceSafety #arcflashhazard #OSHA #NESC #arcflashstudies #arcflashsafety #arcflashcalculation #ETAPsoftware #electricalsoftware #PowerSystemAnalysis #PowerSystemAnalysisSoftware #electricalindustry #electricalengineering #energynews #electricalindustry #electricalenergy #ElectricalDesign #electricalservices #ElectricalDigitalTwin #SmartGrids #ResilientPowerSystems #AllElectricWorld

Welcome to ArcFlash TV


Len Ciecro welcomes you to ArcFlash TV!

Arc Flash


🤍 - Introduction to ETAP Arc Flash, analysis module. Learn how to get started with Arc Flash Studies. The software brings new and enhanced capabilities which allow for faster and easier assessment of arc flash hazards and incident analysis. Identify and analyze high risk arc flash areas in your electrical power system with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods in your arc flash study. #IEEE15842018 #NFPA70e #arcflash #electricalsafety #nfpa70e #osha #IEEE1584 #NFPA70E2018 #WorkplaceSafety #arcflashhazard #OSHA #NESC

Electrical Arc/Flash Presentation 2020


For the first time ever, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Annual Convention was held virtual! NECA has expanded its online educational offerings substantially this year, and the Grossman Burn Center was invited to present. More than 2.4 million burn injuries are reported every year. About 7–10% of GBC's admissions are high-voltage electrical or electrical arc flash incidents.

Arc flash Accident


The video here shows that electric installations are very dangerous. Much more high quality industrial videos on my channel! Please SUBSCRIBE for more safety videos.

Arcflash - Episode 1: You're going to want to check this out..


Arcflash is an automotive performance shop located in beautiful Bend, OR. Founded in 2012, Arcflash is an enthusiast run business with over 25 years of motorsports and engineering experience. We frequent HPDEs and sanctioned racing events all over the Western US. Our favorite is the Lucky Dog Racing Series throughout California, Washington, and Oregon. You can expect to see weekly content on our Youtube channel as we give you an inside look at all the action. We'll take you to the racetrack, show you installs on various products, as well as performance car-related content. This first video was all about getting to know Josh and what Arcflash is all about. We will dive more into the shop as the episodes go on.. We look forward to sharing more content with you! - Arcflash

Arc Flash Studies Simplified


This video is based on Jim’s class “How to Perform an Arc Flash Study” 🤍 now updated with the NEW edition IEEE 1584. Also, watch Jim’s most current IEEE 1584 Major Changes video update 🤍 Arc flash studies should be simple. His approach is to perform the arc flash study “backwards” as he describes it. Select the PPE arc rating that is considered reasonable and then use the study results to verify the locations where the arc rating is sufficient. Jim uses the analogy of short circuit studies where the short circuit calculations are used to verify an interrupting rating. This same approach can be used for arc flash studies and is also discussed in his book: “Complete Guide to Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Studies,” click here for more details 🤍 Jim explains, when you’re performing an arc flash study, especially if this is one of the first arc flash studies that you’re undertaking, it’s really easy to get lost in all the data and in all the details. There’s just so much going on. But one of the things that you need to keep in mind– actually, to keep the focus on– is the primary objective of an arc flash study is simply to determine what level of PPE to wear. Whether you want to wear 8 calorie PPE, 8 calorie per square centimeter, or 12, or whatever your rating is. And a couple years ago, he wrote an article; basically, the premise of the article was to perform an arc flash study and perform it backwards. You might think, what do you mean by backwards? Well, what he means is determine what you want your answer to be first. And again, you might think that is kind of backwards. Your answer first? That doesn’t sound quite right. Well, actually, it makes sense. Because what happens is most people, companies and organizations, have an idea of what type of PPE, what rating, what arc rating of PPE they think is reasonable. And right now for most companies and most people, that would be 8 calorie or maybe 12 calorie per square centimeter for an arc rating. And so that’s actually your answer. And the arc flash study is really to support that answer. So as an example, let’s take a look at the results of this arc flash study. In this case, I’m showing the results. And we have the main switchgear, panel 1A, motor control center 1, and panel number 2. And really, what you’re doing in this case is you want to focus on the highest incident energies. And you actually want to look at all of the incident energies to make sure that they all are below the arc rating that you want to use. So in this case, if this group we’re going to be using, let’s say, 8 calorie per square centimeter as an arc rating for PPE, what this study did is it just confirmed that 8-calorie would be sufficient. I use the analogy of a short circuit study. Some of you have performed short circuit studies before. And it’s kind of similar. Because in a short circuit study, yes, you’re performing detailed calculations of the prospective short circuit current; but what you’re really doing is you’re comparing those currents against an interrupting rating that’s already in place or an interrupting rating that you want to use. So this is kind of the same thing as an arc flash study, what you’re really doing is performing the incident energy calculations to verify that the arc rating that you want to use is going to be sufficient. About Jim Phillips: Electrical Power and Arc Flash Training Programs – for almost four decades, Jim Phillips has been helping tens of thousands of people around the world, understand electrical power system design, analysis, arc flash and electrical safety. He has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainers in the electric power industry. 🤍 Visit Jim Phillips bio - click here 🤍 Sign-up for Jim Phillips monthly publication “Grey Matter” which contains news about new standards, conferences, technical articles, Electrical Engineering news and more! 🤍 Subscribe to BrainfillerTV to be the first to see new electrical power training videos! 🤍 Watch more tutorials on Arc Flash and Electrical Power Systems at 🤍 In addition to watching our free videos, browse our full line of Arc Flash and Electrical Power training products, including DVD's, Books and Guides: 🤍 Join the global community for Arc Flash and Electrical Safety at the Arc Flash Forum: 🤍

2 Minute Toolbox Talk: NFPA 70E: Arc Flash Safety


NFPA 70E contains the requirements to perform a shock and arc flash hazard assessment, which involves a calculation performed by a professional engineer to determine the incident energy found at each location. This risk assessment determines the various arc flash boundaries, as well as the PPE that must be used when approaching each boundary. This information is taken from eSafety's Arc Flash Safety training course. 🤍

Dangers of arc flash


In this video, Fluke presents common dangers associated with arc flash, as well as what to watch for. Watch additional safety videos here: 🤍

Arcflash - Meter Safety


What is Arc Flash?


A common question and key component of electrical safety are understanding arc flash and how to protect against injury in an arc flash event. Arc flash happens when electricity flows through the air and causes a sudden release of energy. Arc Flash explosions take place in microseconds, hit with a ton of power, and can cause a multitude of injuries some that might surprise you when you think about electrical safety. Check out this video to learn more, and feel free to check out 🤍 or call 651-433-4550 for help with an Arc Flash Analysis or Electrical Safety Training.

What Is An Arc Flash?


An Arc Flash is an energy discharge of light and heat that forms when a fault occurs in an electrical circuit. The arcing results in a tremendous amount of energy being released as current flowing through ionized air. An Arc Blast, separate from an Arc Flash, is a supersonic shockwave produced when the uncontrolled arc vaporizes the metal conductors. Serious injury and fatality from when an arc flash/blast occur during open panel inspections. To mitigate the risk to workers, and the damage caused to assets, there are solutions you can implement for safer, more efficient, and cost-effective practices.

ArcFlash refineria barranca ecopetrol colombia accident


Arc Flash, Arc Blast

Arc Flash Study Using ETAP Part 1 (8) For Power System Engineering Courses


Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more electrical engineering online courses 🥰 Get Khadija Academy Membership With More Than 170 Classes From Here 👇👇🔥🔥🔥 🤍 Check out our bestselling course bundles: 1- Ultimate Electrical Engineer Course Bundle 🤍 2- Ultimate Electrical Engineer Course Bundle Part 2 🤍 Free Courses: 1- Basic Concepts of Electric Circuits: 🤍 2- Basics of Solar Energy: 🤍 3- Basics of Autocad: 🤍 4- Cables Course: 🤍 5- Lighting Design using Dialux Evo Program: 🤍 Our Paid Course Bundles: 1- Ultimate Solar Energy Course Bundle: 🤍 2- Ultimate Electrical Design Engineering Course Bundle: 🤍 3- Ultimate Electrical Machines Course Bundle for Electrical Engineering 🤍 4- Ultimate Electric Circuits Course Bundle 🤍 5- Ultimate Power Electronics, Electrical Protection, and LogixPro Bundle 🤍 6- Ultimate Electrical Substations, Generation, and High Voltage Course Bundle for Electrical Engineering 🤍 7- Ultimate MATLAB Simulink Course Bundle 🤍 8- Ultimate Power System Fault Analysis for Electrical Engineering 🤍 9- Wind Energy Course for Complete Beginners: 🤍 Paid Books: 1- Ultimate Solar Energy Ebook Course: 🤍 2- Ultimate Electrical Substations, HV, and Generation Bundle PDF Files 🤍 3- Ultimate Electrical Machines Course Bundle PDF Files 🤍 4- Ultimate Electrical Design Engineering Course Bundle PDF Files 🤍 5- Ultimate Electric Circuits Course PDF File 🤍 6- Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle PDF Files 🤍 7- Wind Energy Course PDF Files: 🤍

Arc Flash Test - UniFirst


Visit: visit 🤍 Arc flash test video shows self-extinguishing characteristics of NFPA 70E-compliant flame resistant (FR) clothing versus non-FR clothing exposed to example arc flash environment. For more information visit 🤍 or call (800) 455-7654

120 volt Arc Flash at 240 FPS


Have you ever wondered what an arc flash looks like in slow-mo? Here I put 120 volts to neutral to show what an arc flash looks like at 240 frames per second. I take it a step further by reducing the speed to 25%.... Don't try this at home!! I'm a licensed Master Electrician with 10+ years of experience... Don't forget to like, subscribe and comment your questions for future videos!! Help support what I do:

Awesome Disconnector Switching with ❙ Electric Arc (part 2)


Second part of Top 10 Awesome Disconnector Switching with Electric Arc #DisconnectorSwitching #ElectricArc #sparks

DC Arc Flash in Solar Power Plant | #stringcombinerbox #electricalengineers #solarplantfired


DC Arc Flash in SCB | DC arc flash hazards in solar #arcflash #electricalengineers #solarplantfired #solarplantaccidents #stringcombierbox #SCBcaughtfire What is DC arc flash? Does DC voltage arc flash? Fire hazards in PV combiner box String combiner box Is a solar combiner box necessary? What does a solar panel combiner box do? What are the common issue in troubleshooting of PV system? Where does the solar combiner box go? What causes DC arc flash? Why does DC arc more than AC? What is DC arc welding? How is DC arc flash calculated? What causes arc fault on solar panels? What causes a solar fire? Is lightning An arc flash? Which arc flash suit is required for LT panel? What are the dangers of arc flash? What voltage does arc flash occur? ETAP DC Arc flash analysis DC arc flash calculation DC arc flash standard IEEE1584 dc arc flash DC arc flash studies for solar photovoltaic systems, challenges and recommendations Photovoltaic arc flash Solar fire Series arc Parallel arc SCB fire SJB fire AJB fire String combiner box fire string junction box fire Array junction box fire Solar power plant accident IEEE Std 1584-2018 is a standard of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers that provides a method of calculating the incident energy of arc flash event - Our social links - Telegram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍

Welcome to Arcflash TV!


Learn more about Len Cicero

Arc Flash Studies and Electric Utility Company Short Circuit Data


Video is from the 16 Hour Arc Flash Class by Jim Phillips at 🤍 What do you do if the short circuit data is unavailable from the electric utility company? Can you use an “infinite source” calculation? Many say an infinite source is not the worst case. Jim states that this is actually an incorrect statement – Watch Jim explain a work around using the infinite source when the utility company is not available. How can short circuit current increase with time from the utility? Jim explains from his own experience earlier in his career, as the head of the Transmission Studies Group of a large electric utility why the current can increase. What X/R ratio would you assume (and what is an X/R ratio. Learn the answer to these questions and more from this 13:38 minute video taken from Jim Phillips’ 16 hour class: How to Perform an Arc Flash Study – IEEE 1584. This class by Jim Phillips is scheduled as a live streaming/interactive class by several times a year and is also available on demand at our Online learning platform: 🤍 Notice: Although Jim Phillips, is the Vice Chair of IEEE 1584, International Chair of IEC TC78 Live Working Standards, Technical Committee Member of NFPA 70E and Member of the ASTM F18 Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers, the views in this video are those of Jim Phillips and may or may not represent views of any of the aforementioned standards. For questions about the training programs, contact brenda🤍 or 800-874-8883 (U.S.) - Since the planet is a large place and Jim can't be everywhere, we are bringing Brainfiller training programs to you by offering arc flash safety, power systems engineering and regulatory update programs through this online learning program. Most classes offer professional continuing education units, so you can meet your annual compliance requirements through 🤍 FREE classes and CEU’s are also available for those on a budget. Visit Brainfiller Online at 🤍 About Jim Phillips: Electrical Power and Arc Flash Training Programs. For four decades, Jim Phillips has been helping tens of thousands of people around the world understand electrical power system design, analysis, arc flash and electrical safety. He has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainers in the electric power industry. See Jim’s upcoming training events: 🤍 Read Jim Phillips’ bio - click here: 🤍 Sign-up for Jim Phillips’ monthly publication “Grey Matter” which contains news about new standards, conferences, technical articles, electrical engineering and more! 🤍 Brainfiller was founded in 1987 by Jim Phillips. Visit Brainfiller 🤍.

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