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Getting Started on Magic Online (in 2022) | MTG Tutorial


Want to check out Magic Online but intimidated by the process? Today we'll cover everything you need to know to get started on MTGO from downloading the client to building, importing and playing decks, to gameplay tips and tricks to trading your cards and selling your winnings! If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask in the comments! Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some paper Magic: the Gathering cards (and help support the show) at 🤍 Magic Arena is great for some players, but it has it's share of issues ranging from a limited card pool and number of formats, to the proliferation of digital-only cards not available in paper, to the awkward (and for some players, expensive) economy. If you're looking for a way to play more formats—Commander, Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, and Vintage—with more cards (Magic Online has almost all the cards from Magic's nearly 30 years history) and have control over your collection in a way similar to paper Magic (with buying, selling, trading for singles) Magic Online is the best and only official option. Unlike Magic Arena, whose primary goal is to recreate Magic as a video game, the goal of Magic Online is to represent the truest possible paper Magic experience in digital form. As a result, the client has a much more stripped back look compared to Magic Arena (you won't find flashy animations, for example), but you gain a ton more options, play experiences, and functionality as a result.  Unfortunately, since Magic Online isn't the most intuitive game (although it really isn't nearly as bad as some people make it out to be), there is a bit of a learning curve when you first start playing. Today, our goal is to help speed you up along that curve, covering everything you need to know about getting started on Magic Online, from downloading the client, to the various things you can do within the client, to acquiring cards and importing decks, to playing games (along with some tips and tricks to make gameplay as fast and easy as possible), to winning (and, if you choose, selling) prizes.  Since we are covering a lot of ground, today's video is pretty long, but there are timestamps that will allow you to jump to the parts that are more relevant to you in the description as well as a pinned comment. I tried to cover everything I could think of that a new player would need to know, but if you have a question, don't be afraid to ask in the comments. I'll do my best to help. Anyway, let's get to the video, and then after the video, we'll have some links to additional information along with some of the websites we discuss in the video. Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some Magic: the Gathering cards (and help support the show) at 🤍 0:00 Start 0:51 Why Play Magic Online? 4:57 Downloading the Client 5:44 Creating Your Account 8:21 Upgrading Your Account 9:18 Tab Overview 16:41 Getting Cards: Renting vs. Buying 20:19 Buying Cards/Importing a Deck 28:49 Building a Deck In-Client/Exporting Decks 30:53 Trading 34:19 How To Get Cards for Free 39:03 Playing Magic on Magic Online 41:36 Gameplay Screen Overview 45:37 Gameplay Tips & Tricks 55:24 Tournaments/Events Overview 59:59 Selling Cards/Boosters/Prizes 1:01:58 Selling Tix for Cash/Cashing Out 1:02:23 Wrap Up #MTG #MTGO #Tutorial #MagicOnline Important links: Download Magic Online here: 🤍 - Decklists and prices: 🤍 Free 4 Tix Bot Credit from Cardhoarder: 🤍 Cardhoarder free card rental program: 🤍 ManaTraders free card rental program: 🤍 Free card bots on Magic Online: CardhoarderFree & GoatBotsFree (search in trade tab) Recommended Magic Online bots: Cardhoarder (🤍 Goatbots (🤍 MTGOTraders (🤍 GoatBots Magic Online Events EV Calculator: 🤍 Sell Your Magic Online Tix (cash out): 🤍

10 Important Ways Magic: The Gathering Online Is Better Than Magic Arena


Go to 🤍 for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. Did These Magic Cards Just Break A Format? Honestly, looks like it: 🤍 My Pauper playlist: 🤍 The Top 5 Best New Modern Cards From Modern Horizons 2: 🤍 Looking for more affordable MTG gameplay? Purchase a complete 60 card Merfolk Battle Deck for only $9.99 via our affiliate link at: 🤍 . Fightin’ Fish is an aggressive Blue/Green tempo deck that drowns your opponent in a sea of slippery evasive creatures. Turn your guppies into whales with counters and combat tricks! Want to DREDGE up some fun? Check out Golgari Tortured Existence - A $25 Pauper Deck for Magic: The Gathering: 🤍 Do you need a Pauper hero? Here's 2 Powerful $20 Decks For Magic: The Gathering: 🤍 Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: 🤍

Blexing Fools With Modern Insect Tribal (seriously, Insect Tribal...) | Magic: the Gathering (MTG)


Can the Insect tribe compete in Modern thanks to Blex, Grist and new addition Haywire Mite? Let's find out! Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some MTG cards (and help support the show) at 🤍 ► Read more about this deck (full article): 🤍 ► View this deck with the latest prices: 🤍 ◼ Purchase this deck (paper): 🤍 ◼ Purchase this deck (Magic Online): 🤍 #MTG #MagicTheGathering #MTGO #mtgmodern 0:00 Start 3:28 Match 1 15:18 Match 2 33:44 Match 3 50:48 Match 4 58:00 Match 5 1:10:00 Wrap Up

How To (Almost) Free To Play Magic Online


There's a popular misconception that Magic Online is super expensive, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Here's how you can (almost) play Magic Online for free! Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some MTG cards (and help support the show) at 🤍 Getting Started on Magic Online video: 🤍 Cardhoarder's Free Rental Program: 🤍 Mana Traders Free Rental Program: 🤍 MTGO Bots: GoatBotsFree and CardHoarderFree 5 Tix Commander & 12 Tix Modern Decklists: 🤍 5 Tix Commander Clash: 🤍 More 5 Tix Commannder Decks: 🤍 🤍 Tomer's 5 Tix Commander Stream: 🤍

MTG Arena VS MTG Online - What's the Best Way to Play Magic Online!?


I really like playing MTG Arena as well as MTGO, and I think both are a great way to play Magic online. How do you like to play MTG on the internets? What arguments do you have for either platform? As always thanks for watching, please subscribe, and we'll see you in the next video! Wanna support the channel? Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: Subscriber and Patron Discord Channel: 🤍 ~Fan Mail~ (my favorite thing!) Mountain Man Magic PO Box 1183 Jackson, WY 83001 Email: 1boosterAday🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍MountainManMTG You're awesome, Magic is awesome, and thanks for being part of the community! #MTG #MagicTheGathering

$300,000 Grand Finals | Damo da Rosa vs. Carvalho | World Championship XXVI


Three days of competition have led to this match, the moment that we have all been waiting for. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (Azorius Control) and Marcio Carvalho (Jeskai Fires) have faced off twice previously in this tournament, splitting the results between them, and now they will clash as the deciding match. Find coverage of this event and others on #MTGWorlds #MagicTheGathering #FindYourChampion

Cashing Out: A Guide To Redeeming Your Digital MTGO Cards For Paper | Magic: The Gathering Online


Interested in learning how to start playing Magic Online? See my guide with everything you need to know here: 🤍 #magicthegathering #MTG #magiconline Magic Online Release And Redemption page: 🤍 MTGGoldfish Guide To Redemption: 🤍 Some popular bot sites include- MTGO Traders: 🤍 GoatBots: 🤍 Card Hoarder: 🤍 DoJo Trade Bots: 🤍 More work by Kendra Smith Can Be Found Here: 🤍 You can help support Tolarian Community College directly over at Patreon, and for the month of March, all new Patrons at the signed card level will get a signed foil Storm Crow as thanks: 🤍 Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: 🤍 TCC Shirts! Playmats! - 🤍 Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

Magic online - инструкция как начать - Так играл в МТГ твой дед до MTG ARENA!


В стародавние времена которые уже никто не помнит и когда о выходе MTG ARENA и подумать нельзя было деды собирались за своими копухтерами на Windows XP и играли в Magic Online! Но стоит ли в 2021 веке начинать в нее играть и что она может вам дать по сравнению с Ареной? Узнаете в этом видео! Вася и Ваня расскажут вам с нуля как начать играть на что обратить внимания и дадут подробную инструкцию для новичков. #mtg #mtgo #мтг Быстрые обзоры на карты Стриксхейвен школа магов Белое 🤍 Синее 🤍 Черное 🤍 Красное 🤍 Зеленое 🤍 Многоцветное 1 🤍 Многоцветное 2 🤍 ППЛ по Стриксхейвену 1 часть 🤍 2 часть 🤍 2 часть 🤍 Вы можете поддержать наш проект донатами 🤍 🤍 🤍 яндекс кошелек 410014598324364 Наш инстаграм 🤍 Наша группа 🤍 Наш твич 🤍 Наш дискорд 🤍 Наш live канал 🤍 Чат в телеге 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Хотите научиться собирать мтг колоды, понять как работают сложные механики и влиться в магическое сообщество? А может просто хотите посмотреть на новую продукцию и услышать хруст свежих бустеров и увидеть красоту фойловых карт? Как собрать колоду? Как узнать стоимость карт? Как подготовиться к турниру? Что купить новичку? Какие карты самые сильные? Как обменивать карты? Как хранить карты? Тогда вы пришли по адресу! Команда WinCondition покажет вам все грани нашей любимой коллекционной карточной игры! Мы стараемся делать контент для всех уровне игроков, и для новичков которые хотят понять КАК НАЧАТЬ ИГРАТЬ, для игроков которые нацелены на соревновательную магию. И даже на тех кто любит сторилайн лор и красивые арты! Magic online - инструкция как начать - Так играл в МТГ твой дед до MTG ARENA!

Getting Started on Magic Online in 2022


A full informative guide on everything you need to know to get started and play on Magic: the Gathering Online in 2022. Think I missed something? Let me know in the comments and I will answer your question. Checkout ManaTraders ► 🤍 MTGO Schedule ►🤍 Follow my TWITCH ►🤍 listen to Midweek Metagame ►🤍 #HarryMTG #MTGO #MTG

Melding Mishra Claimed by Gix vs Atraxa & Moritte | Magic Online EDH Gameplay | tribalkai


Magic Online EDH Gameplay Mishra Claimed by Gix vs Atraxa & Moritte ✅ Decklist: 🤍 ✅ Patreon: 🤍 ✅ Twitter: 🤍 ✅ Discord: 🤍 Download Magic Online (MTGO): 🤍 🎵 Music: MTGA Dominaria United 🤍 #MTGBRO #mtgo #tribalkai #EDH #CMDR #Commander #MTG Thank you for watching this Mishra, Eminent One video! tribalkai

Bajheera - MTG: "MY FIRST MAGIC CARD BATTLE!" - Magic: The Gathering Arena Gameplay


Twitch - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 - If you enjoy the combination of GAMES & GAINS content and want to see more like it be sure to: 1. LIKE 2. COMMENT 3. SUBSCRIBE 4. SHARE Thanks for watching & keep up the great work team! :D - BAJHEERA Gear & Apparel (Design By Humans) 🤍 - PUMPED to be officially sponsored by 🤍Bodybuildingcom Use code "BAJHEERA10" for 10% off! - 🤍 - OriginPC is our official PC sponsor, check them out for all of your PC needs! :) - 🤍 - CORSAIR - Precision Forged Gaming Peripherals Website - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 - Start your Free Trial of FUNIMATION's Anime streaming service & support Bajheera by doing so! :D 🤍 - JINX APPAREL : Clothing Inspired by Video Game Culture! Use code BAJHEERAWOW for 10% off at 🤍 - Music by Berserkyd 🤍 🤍 - Magic: The Gathering Arena | MAGIC: THE GATHERING The Legendary Strategy Card Game, Designed and Built for Modern Gaming. Open Beta is available TODAY! - 🤍 Magic: The Gathering Arena is a free-to-play digital collectible card game being developed by Wizards of the Coast's internal development studio, Wizards Digital Games Studio. Developer: Wizards of the Coast Mode(s): Multiplayer Engine: Unity Publisher: Wizards of the Coast Platform: Microsoft Windows #MagicTheGathering #TCG #MTGArena

Getting Started on Magic Online (2020 Edition)


Interested in Magic Online as a way to play Magic: the Gathering from home but don't know where to start? Today, we'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish! Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some cards and support the show at 🤍 Intro: 0:13 Downloading Magic Online: 4:01 Economy: Tickets and Playpoints: 8:21 Collection Tab, Building, Importing Decks: 11:00 Renting vs. Buying Cards: 15:20 Buying Cards and Decks: 21:54 Events Overview: 28:48 Gameplay Tips and Tricks: 31:53 Prizes and Selling Cards: 40:22 *Important Links* 1.) 🤍 - your source for downloadable deck lists and great content! 2.) 🤍 - download Magic Online here! 3.) https://🤍 - a great text guide for starting on MTGO 4.) 🤍, 🤍, 🤍 - the best bots to buy and sell cards from on Magic Online 5.) 🤍 - a great resource for fighting out the expected value of Magic Online events 6.) 🤍://🤍 - get your four free tix of Cardhoarder bot credit here!

SONO nella TOP 100 MONDIALE di MAGIC online (3mln di giocatori) - vi mostro il mio mazzo all’opera


Instagram: MR.MARRA 💧GRUPPO TELEGRAM: 🤍 🚀Mio SECONDO CANALE YouTube: 🤍 🎙Mio canale Twitch assieme a YouTube Fa Cagare e Mr. Flame🔽 Cerca su Twitch “CERBERO_PODCAST” o clicca qui: 🤍

Don't UNDERESTIMATE this (Modern) Deck: BG Yawgmoth is CRUSHING Magic Online with a 75% Win Rate!


Don't UNDERESTIMATE this Modern Deck: BG Yawgmoth is CRUSHING Magic Online with a 75% Win Rate! BG Yawgmoth is Tier 1 for sure! Be sure to Subscribe 👉🏼 Control4Daze ✅ Show your support by becoming a Patron! 👇🏼 🤍 FREE Resources: ⚫ Sideboard Guide: 🤍 ⚫ Deckbox Sideboard Insert: 🤍 ⚫ Yawgmoth Stats: 🤍 ⚫ Twitch: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Yawgmoth v.7.4 Decklist 3:17 Round 1 vs. Enchantress 20:22 Round 2 vs. Rhinos 55:33 Round 3 vs. Eldrazi Tron 1:17:42 Round 4 vs. Merfolk 1:31:50 Round 5 vs. Hammertime 1:36:53 Round 5.5 vs. Dredge 1:43:28 So Good, Opponents just Quit #ModernMTG #MTGO #Yawgmoth

¿Qué es y cómo se juega a Magic Online? (MTGO, MOL, MODO)


* Visita mi web para más mazos, guías y contenidos: 🤍 * Apoya al canal con una donación: 🤍 * Hazte miembro para hacer crecer este proyecto: 🤍 / * Hazte MIEMBRO con el botón "Unirme" para hacer crecer este proyecto: 🤍 * Haz una DONACIÓN para apoyar al canal: 🤍 (si estoy en directo, la donación aparecerá en pantalla) * Keys, currency y los mejores juegos: 🤍 * Ayúdame comprando cositas en Amazon: 🤍 * Apóyame con una donación (si estoy en directo, saldrá en pantalla): 🤍 * Juegos baratos en Kinguin: 🤍

Man Drives 500 Miles to MTG Tournament, Loses in 2 Turns


Man Drives 500 Miles to Play in a Magic: the Gathering tournament and loses in 2 turns. Featuring Quint Stevenson vs David Dannewitz. Original video: 🤍 Follow my Live Stream Channel! ► 🤍 Follow my other Socials here! ► 🤍 BUY MTG CARDS FROM FUSION GAMING ONLINE. Use Coupon Code NIKACHU to save 5% off all your purchases! (Prices are in Canadian $) 🤍 RENTS CARDS ONLINE WITH MANATRADERS! Use Manatraders Coupon Code NIKACHU_B2Q for 10% off your first 2 months! 🤍 (Disclaimer: some links in this description are Affiliate Links) #magicthegathering #nikachu #mtg

Epic Magic: The Gathering Turn 1 Wins


Epic Magic: The Gathering Turn 1 Wins (a MTG Turn 1 Win compilation). Source videos: The Epic Storm Charbelcher: 🤍 The Epic Storm Neobrand: 🤍 MerynMTG (Maven) Lukka: 🤍 MerynMTG's Channel: 🤍 TXCxJAMES Storm 🤍 MTGGoldfish Valki Cascade: 🤍 Follow my Live Stream Channel! ► 🤍 Follow my other Socials here! ► 🤍 RENTS CARDS ONLINE WITH MANATRADERS! Use Manatraders Coupon Code NIKACHU_K3W for 15% off your first 2 months! 🤍 BUY MTG CARDS FROM FUSION GAMING ONLINE. Use Coupon Code NIKACHU to save 5% off all your purchases! (Prices are in Canadian $) 🤍 (Disclaimer: some links in this description are Affiliate Links) #magicthegathering #nikachu #mtg

How I WON The Magic Online Society PREMODERN Championship


Time for the The Magic Online Society Premodern Championship! I am, of course, bringing my weapon of choice to battle: #uwstiflenought. Follow my matches as I attempt to take down the event and get that crown!!! #mtgpremodern is the best format in #magicthegathering right now that not enough people are playing. The gameplay is amazing, the decks are all sweet, and there are DOZENS of viable archetypes and decks that you wouldn't be surprised if they top 8d an event. To learn more about the format go to 🤍 or join the Premodern Discord here: 🤍 Decklist: 🤍 0:00 - Intro/Deck Tech 8:38 - Match 1 vs UG Survival Madness 23:08 - Match 2 vs Survival Elves 31:55 - Match 3 vs Gro-A-Tog 56:28 - Wrap Up - I can play ANY LIST of your choosing, in any format you'd like! If you want to me to take a brew of your own through a Modern league or simply play your favorite nonsense or top tier deck, all you need to do is send a $30 donation through Paypal to fpawlusz🤍 alongside a link to the decklist! After the league I will also share my thoughts about the deck and suggest ways to improve it! - If you want to take your Magic skills to the next level and start playing MTGO you can rent your decks from Mana Traders! Use this referral link to help support the stream with your purchases: 🤍 ... And if you use the COUPON CODE "FPAWLUSZ_1KQ" you will get a 10% discount on your first 2 months! - I now offer coaching! If you are interested in getting some 1 on 1 time where we discuss any aspect of your game you'd want to improve on you can find more information here: 🤍 - You can support the stream FOR FREE whenever you buy any singles or product from by using this link: 🤍 - Catch the stream live at 🤍 - Follow me on Twitter 🤍fpawluszmtg - On my Patreon you can support me and get access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, including videos, articles and even 1-on-1 online coaching sessions! Have a look here: 🤍

MTGO Tuto - première partie présentation


Petite presentation de Magic Online pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore le logiciel Liens : 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Magic Online: Trading


Como Jogar MAGIC THE GATHERING!? | Game GRÁTIS - MTG Arena Gameplay


Baixe Magic The Gathering Arena GRÁTIS: 🤍 Link para download direto: 🤍 Redes sociais oficiais de Magic The Gathering; FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Vídeo gameplay do jogo Magic The Gathering Arena, um game grátis de MTG - disponível em Português PT-BR. Aproveitei a oportunidade deste vídeo para fazer um tutorial básico, para iniciantes, de como jogar Magic The Gathering. A interface do Magic The Gathering Arena ajuda bastante pois contém muitas explicações das regras e de como de fato jogar o game. Bilômetro, baixe GRÁTIS e economize $$$ - 🤍 Camisetas BRKsEDU - 🤍 Torne-se membro do canal - 🤍 Twitter: 🤍brksedu Instagram: BRKsEDU Facebook: BRKsEDU Canal de vlogs: 🤍 Ouça meu Podcast - Bora Jogar: - Spotify: 🤍 - iTunes: 🤍 - SoundCloud: 🤍 - Google Podcasts: 🤍 Assine Epidemic Sound - biblioteca de áudio que uso em muitos de meus vídeos - com meu link de afiliado: 🤍 Edição por 🤍pixelverso Contato comercial: comercial 🤍 brksedu . com . br #BRKsEDU

Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH


This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Become a Patron to support our content, receive awesome rewards, join our exclusive community and more! 🤍 Show Notes: Posty's getting knighted! Singer-songwriter Post Malone joins Josh, Jimmy, and Ashlen for a crazy, unpredictable, and epic Magic: The Gathering Commander game featuring the new cards from Modern Horizons 2. It's Merieke Ri Barit vs Xantcha vs Garth One-Eye vs Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND! Order Modern Horizons 2 product today! Visit: 🤍 Download Magic Arena! It’s the quick, easy and FREE way to learn Magic: The Gathering: 🤍 Plus, if you use the promo code “GameKnights” you’ll receive a free copy of the awesome “Avenging Angels” deck (full details here: 🤍 *Offer expires June 28, 2021* RAYCON: RayCon has the most stylish and affordable wireless earbuds on the market. Visit 🤍 and save 15 % on your entire order for a limited time! KEEPS: The best way to prevent hair loss is to do something about it while you still have hair left. Go to 🤍 and receive your first month of treatment FOR FREE! UPSTART: Upstart is the fast and easy way to get a personal loan to pay off your debt - all online Go to 🤍 find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today! MACK WELDON: Stay cool this summer and look great doing it with all new collections of men’s essentials. Get 20% off your first order at 🤍 and enter promo code: KNIGHTS. Use our Card Kingdom affiliate for your next MTG purchase. You're gonna buy Magic cards anyway! Just use our affiliate link when you do to simultaneously help keep our content flowing: 🤍 Huge thanks to UltraPro (🤍 for sponsoring this episode and providing awesome prizes for our giveaways. Make sure to check out their new PRO GLOSS eclipse sleeves and their super classy MYTHIC COLLECTION deck boxes. Find UltraPro: Facebook: 🤍  Twitter: 🤍 Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the episode for a chance to win free swag from UltraPro, Card Kingdom and more! Winners will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the evening of Wednesday, March 24th 2021. Where to find our guests online: Post Malone: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍PostMalone Instagram: 🤍postmalone Ashlen Rose: Twitter: 🤍AshlenRose Instagram: 🤍RawrItsAshlen Twitch: 🤍 Deck lists: Posty's Merieke: 🤍 JLK's Garth: 🤍 Ashlen's Xantcha: 🤍 Jimmy's Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar: 🤍 Credits: Director: Josh Lee Kwai Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss Editors: Josh Murphy, Manson Leung and Jake Boss VFX, Animations and GFX: Sam Waldow Assistant VFX: Patrick Nan Director of Photography: Jake Boss Sound Mix: Jake Boss Writers: Jordan Pridgen and Dan Sheehan Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Jon Salmon Theme Music: Post Malone Main Title Sequence: Doublewide (🤍 Additional GFX: Grant Aldrich and Geoffrey Palmer Set Design: Bonnie Vacevich Yawgmoth (voice): Craig Blanchette Garth (voice): Manson Leung Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar / Xantcha / Garna (voice): Ladee Danger Merieke Ri Berit / Rise of the Dark Realms (voice): Ashlen Rose Follow us on Twitter! 🤍CommandCast 🤍jfwong 🤍JoshLeeKwai Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍CommandCast Email us: commandzonecast🤍 What life total app do we use? LIFELINKER: Lifelinker is the premium Life Counter app for Magic: the Gathering - available for FREE on the Apple and Android App Stores now! Download Lifelinker today - available on Android and IOS platforms. Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, FAQ, and more: 🤍

Tutorial: come cominciare a giocare su MTGO con 30€ (2020)


Il video più richiesto del canale è arrivato! Il mio tutorial in italiano che vi spiega, da zero a "diventa un pro", come usare MTGO, è finalmente arrivato. Stiamo parlando di Magic The Gathering Online, cioè il simulatore del gioco di carte collezionabili (TCG) più famoso e bello del mondo. Quali sono i pro? Quali i contro? Quanti soldi mi servono? Dove lo scarico? Come funzionano gli eventi? Quanto posso vincere? Come posso vendere? A queste e ad altre tantissime domande risponde questo video che, spero, vi farà entrare in questo mondo insieme a me! Attendo vostri feedback di qualunque tipo, spero che il video vi piaccia. Link utili: Download Magic Online - 🤍 MtgGoldfish per vedere i prezzi delle carte online e le decklist - 🤍 Siti per comprare carte - 🤍 🤍 Sito per comprare tickets - 🤍 GLHF a tutti! Seguimi sui miei social: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

The Complete Guide To The Best Magic: The Gathering Websites And Online Resources


Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question, what are the best websites and online tools for Magic The Gathering? Don't miss these amazing 5 Magic: The Gathering Life Hacks To Make Your MTG Life Easier: 🤍 Watch the best way to improve upon your gameplay skills with Tolarian Tutor - Learn To Be A Better Aggro Player: 🤍 The websites listed in today's video are: Cube Cobra: 🤍 EDHrec: 🤍 MTGGoldfish: 🤍 Scryfall: 🤍 Moxfield: 🤍 Archidekt: 🤍 🤍 MTGmelee: 🤍 Card Hoarder: 🤍 Mana Traders: 🤍 17lands: 🤍 🤍 Card Kingdom: 🤍 Star City Games: 🤍 TCGPlayer: 🤍 Channel Fireball: 🤍 Cool Stuff Inc: 🤍 Card Market EU: 🤍 TCC Shirts! Playmats! - 🤍 Or you can support me directly over at Patreon -🤍 Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: 🤍

Learning MTGO in 2022 is Surprisingly Worthwhile | Also, Pauper | Guide & Gameplay | MTGO


I spent some time recently trying to figure out the eldritch ways of boomer magic, and much to my surprise the experience was actually pretty good, so I thought I'd talk through a bunch of the miscellaneous bits involved with getting into MTGO. Super basic/introductory video, but I thought it might help get other people investigating the joys of very very cheap mtg. Seth's Video: 🤍 Decklist • 🤍 MTGO Bots: GoatBotsFree and CardHoarderFree MTGO Main Site: 🤍 Card Hoarder Loan Program Quickstart: 🤍 Twitch • 🤍 Twitter • 🤍 Discord • 🤍 Want to support me financially? Patreon • 🤍 Buy my TTRPG's on • 🤍 Chapter: 0:00 Intro/Why I made this video 1:45 Covering the purely F2P Experience 5:50 What the $5 gets you 8:40 Free Cards & How to trade for them 10:55 Loan Programs Basics/Review 13:06 How to netdeck for MTGO 14:07 Pauper Bounce Deck Tech 18:09 Start of middling pauper gameplay/match UI walkthrough. 36:00 Wrapping up the video #symphoneers #mtg #mtg_arena

How To Use MTGO! Guida completa su come settare, comprare e giocare su Magic Online 🧠


Dubbi sul funzionamento della piattaforma più anti-intuitiva del magico? Questo video vuole essere una guida su come compiere i primi passi e arrivare a skillarsi su MTGO. Setting, Event Ticket, Strategie di Farming e Uso dei Comandi saranno gli argomenti principalmente trattati! #Heisen01​​​​​​​ #Pauper​​​​ #Tix Per continuare a seguirmi: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Per seguire i miei compagni di team su Magic The Gathering: O-Team: 🤍 SanPop: 🤍 Kaze: 🤍 #Mtgpaupergameplay​​​​ #Mtgpauperdecktech​​​​ #Mtgpauperdecks​​​​ #Mtgpauper​​​​ #Pauper​​​​ #Mtg​​​ #Magic​​​ #Magicthegathering​​​ #MTGPauper​​​ #MTGIta​​​ #MTGO

Giocare su Magic Online [MTGO] in maniera totalmente gratuita? Si, è possibile con Manatraders


Mi trovate live su Twitch TV su: 🤍 Entrate sul server discord Insiders mio e del mitico Simone Akira Trimarchi: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

A Guide To Playing Commander Online With Spelltable | Enjoy Magic: The Gathering Via Webcam


Play with your paper cards again from the comfort and safety of your home! Remote MTG made easy with Spelltable! Visit 🤍 today! Looking for a game ofCommander via webcam? Check these awesome places out: PlayEDH Discord: 🤍 Affinity Artifacts: 🤍 cEDH Nexus: 🤍 #magicthegathering #mtg #commander Those InfiniTokens Dry Erase tokens I used in the video can be found here (review coming soon): 🤍 The slightly expensive fancy rig I use (and love) is an iBolt, found here: 🤍 You'll likely want this extra part for it here: 🤍 Watch 'Paper Magic: The Gathering In A Digital Age' here: 🤍 How to build a phone stand out of a fat pack/bundle box (Reddit user MaqiZodiac's thread): 🤍 Script Supervisor: Kristen Gregory 🤍TheKristenEmily Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: 🤍 TCC Shirts! Playmats! - 🤍 How To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering Arena - A Beginner's Guide: 🤍 Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

How to Play Magic: The Gathering


Learn the basic rules of Magic, including: how to win, your first turn, combat, casting cards, creatures, spells, and instants. How to Build Your First Magic Deck: 🤍 Ways to Play Magic: The Gathering: 🤍 What is Magic: The Gathering: 🤍

MTG Pioneer Challenger Deck Opening deutsch | Gruul-Stampfer | Magic the Gathering Unboxing Trader


Die "Pioneer Challenger Decks 2022" erscheinen am 09.12.22! Wir stellen Euch alle 4 Decks einzeln vor! In diesem Video öffnen Micha & Julien das Deck: "Gruul-Stampfer"! #magicthegathering #magicarena #mtg #mtgdeutsch ACHTUNG VERLOSUNG: Zu diesem Video verlosen wir 1x Dragon Shield Sleeves "Christmas 2022" (Brushed Art). Was musst Du tun um bei der Verlosung dabei zu sein? Abonniere unseren YouTube Kanal Like dieses Video (Daumen hoch!) Schreibe einen Kommentar Hast Du alle 3 Punkte erfüllt nimmst Du automatisch an der Verlosung teil. Die Aktion endet am Dienstag, den 13.12.2022, um 18 Uhr. Dann wird der Gewinner ausgelost und über seinen YouTube Account kontaktiert, um die Adressdaten abzufragen und den Gewinn zu versenden. Zudem wird der Gewinner im folgenden News-Video bekannt gegeben. Sämtliche Artikel, Zubehör und Einzelkarten findet ihr bei uns im Shop: 🤍 Direkt zu den "Pioneer Challenger Decks 2022" geht´s hier: 🤍 Mehr Zubehör-Artikel von Dragon Shield gibt´s hier im Shop: 🤍 Auf TWITCH streamen wir MTG Matches immer Freitags ab 20 Uhr & Samstags ab 12 Uhr - live aus dem Trading Card Super Store! Seid live dabei: 🤍 Trefft unser MTG Team im TRADING CARD SUPER STORE und spielt mit uns! Event-Tickets gibt´s monatlich aktualisiert hier: 🤍 Weitere Infos zum Store gibt´s hier: 🤍 Auf Facebook finden ebenfalls regelmäßig Aktionen und Gewinnspiele statt: 🤍 Folgt uns auf Instagram: 🤍 Verpasst keine Gewinnspiele, (Pre-)Releases und Rabattaktionen indem ihr unseren Newsletter abonniert. Der Newsletter kann jederzeit einfach wieder abbestellt werden. 🤍 Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß mit Magic the Gathering! Disclaimer: Magic: The Gathering ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Wizards of the Coast, Inc, einem Tochterunternehmen von Hasbro, Inc. Alle Rechte an den Kartennamen, dem Tap-Symbol, den Mana-Symbolen und den Editions-Symbolen liegen bei Wizards of the Coast, LLC. Alle Rechte an Bildern liegen bei dem jeweiligen Künstler oder Wizards of the Coast, LLC. Alle Rechte Vorbehalten.

Drum mee met Queen - A Kind Of Magic - Online Drumles


In November is het Queen maand bij Online Drumles! Leer elke week de nummers van Queen spelen! Probeer Online Drumles GRATIS twee weken uit op 🤍 4000 leerlingen gingen je voor. Online Drumles: Nu kan écht iedereen leren drummen.

モダンにハマってMOに辿り着いたワイ!みんなも一緒に扉を開こう!\(^o^)/【モダン・Magic Online・MTGO】


モダンをバチバチに遊べる日を夢見て、色々と勉強してきまうす\(^o^)/ ▼MTGO公式サイト 🤍 ▼低音サーバー(discord) 🤍 カジュアルMTG勢の視聴者様向けdiscordコミュニティです\(^o^)/ ▼Twitch配信もやってます(^^)/ 🤍 ▼Twitterのフォローをお願いします(^^)/ 🤍takashi_sakaue​ ▼MTGのカード名だけで歌ってみた 🤍 ▼低音TAKASHIとは? このチャンネルでは、持ち前の「低音ボイス」で皆さんと一緒に楽しめるチャンネルを目指しています\(^o^)/ コンテンツはMTGがメイン!MTGアリーナを中心に、ちょいちょい1997年製のデジタルゲーム「マジック・ザ・ギャザリング完全日本語版(通称:シャンダラー)」を遊んだり、パック開封をしたり、いろいろゆるく楽しんでいきます(^^)/ MTGが好きな方、ゲームが好きな方、低い声が好きな方、そんな方に夜な夜な観ていってもらえたら嬉しいです! ▼チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします(^^)/ 🤍 ▼マイクラチャンネル「低音クラフト」もよろしく(^^)/ 🤍 ▼キャラクターデザイン Mayu web: 🤍 twtter: 🤍pecolis_design - ▼付録:僕のMTG歴 MTGとの出会いは約20年前、第5版やテンペスト・ブロックが最新環境だった頃。最初に買ったパックはエクソダス、出たレアは「憎悪」と「猫族の戦士ミリー」だったのを強烈に覚えています。そこから6年ほど、ハマりにハマって、MOMA、nWo、イリュージョンなど、様々なデッキを作って毎日のように遊んでいました。大会にも出たりしていました。 一番好きなカードは「生ける屍(テンペストver)」。最初に友人に使われた時の効果の衝撃が凄かったのと、美しくて物語を想起させるイラストがたまりません。 あとは「ネクロポーテンス」とか「新緑の魔力」も好きだし…挙げると切りがないですね。 デジタル版のMTGは、Windows XPが出始めたころにPCゲームとして売られていたパッケージ版の怪しげなゲーム「マジック・ザ・ギャザリング完全日本語版(通称:シャンダラー)」が最初です。アルファ、ベータあたりの古いカードが収録されており、荒野を歩いて行って敵が出現して戦う、というなかなかにハードコアなゲームでした。そこからドリームキャストで第6版が収録されたデジタル版が出て、即購入。それなりに楽しんでいました。 そして時を経て、最近、MTGアリーナにて復帰。過去のデジタルゲームとは比較にならない最高のUIUX。世界中のプレイヤーとストレスフリーでマッチング対戦ができ、構築戦だけでなくドラフトやシールドといった、なかなかアナログでも機会の無いリミテッドという遊び方も出来てしまう、最高のゲーム。末永く楽しんでいきたいと思います! - ▼環境情報 ◎PC 製品名:Lenovo Legion T750i OS:Windows 11 Home 64ビット CPU:11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900K 🤍 3.50GHz グラフィックス:NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3080 (LHR) メモリ:32 GB DDR4-3200 ストレージ:2TB 7200rpm + 512GB SSD ストレージ:500GB NVMe SSD ◎マイク ロジクール G Blue Yeti Blackout Edition ◎Webカメラ ロジクール C980GR - #ASMR #低音ボイス​ #イヤホン推奨 #マジック:ザ・ギャザリング

MTG - How To Buy, Sell, and Trade Cards on Magic: The Gathering Online


Part 1 in this series is here: How To Start Playing On Magic: The Gathering Online 🤍 Part 2 - A Guide To Building Decks And Gameplay On MTGO: 🤍 Watch me play MTGO on my 2nd channel here: Tolarian Public Library: 🤍 This video is heavily based on the following article by MTGOTraders: 🤍 I would like to thank MTGOTraders for allowing me to use their article as a rough outline for this series, and for being generally awesome people. Is it worth it to play Magic: Online? A Critical Review: 🤍 TCC Shirts! Playmats! - 🤍 Come hang out and play Magic with me on Twitch: 🤍 Support The Professor - Patreon -🤍 Twitter: 🤍 FaceBook: 🤍 Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 "Airport Longue" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 "The Machine Thinks" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 "Sunshine" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

MTG Arena is Fundamentally Broken


Brewer's Kitchen has shares his thoughts on the state of the Magic Arena economy. Today's video is brought to you by Card Kingdom. You can pick up some cards (and help support the show) at 🤍 Seth's Video: 🤍 Building a Computer in Magic: 🤍 🤍



Nos vemos este viernes 3 de diciembre en: 🤍 15:00 ESPAÑA 08:00 MEXICO 09:00 COLOMBIA 11:00 ARGENTINA y CHILE MI TWITTER: 🤍 MI FACEBOOK: 🤍 MI INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Against the Odds: The First Sliver(s) (Modern, Magic Online)


What are the odds of winning (and comboing off) with The First Sliver in Modern? Let's find out! ◼ This episode of Against the Odds is brought to you by CardKingdom. Support the show by using 🤍 for your next Magic purchase! ► Read more about this deck (full article): 🤍 ► View this deck with the latest prices: 🤍 ◼ Purchase this deck (paper): 🤍 ◼ Purchase this deck (Magic Online): 🤍 Games: 8:01

[TUTORIAL] Magic online do zero parte 1 - Criando a sua conta


Ja pensou em abrir uma conta MOL(magic online) mas é dificil de mais? sem problemas aqui estamos para mostrar pra voces como é simples e facil e fazer isso! 🤍

(TUTORIAL 2022) Como Começar no Magic Online (parte 1)


COMPRE O PLAYMAT OFICIAL DO CANAL! CÓDIGO DE 10%: WEBER10 🤍 Acesse o PADRIM do canal e veja as recompensas: 🤍 Quer me conhecer melhor? Me siga no Twitter: 🤍weber_mtg CUPOM NA LIGA MAGIC: WEBER

Introducing Magic Online Treasure Chests


Lee Sharpe, Digital Product Manager for Magic Online, walks you through what it's like to open a Magic Online Treasure Chest.

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