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Happy New Year | Sri Lankan New Year Version | Sandaru Sathsara


Today is the "Sinhala New Year" in Sri Lanka. So for the fun of the Sinhala New Year, a Christmas carol was sung mixed with Sri Lankan folk music ☺️ 🔴 Credits Goes To Original Artist 🎧 *Follow me on Social media* 👇 Youtube - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 Website - 🤍 #sandarusathsara​ #happynewyear

Sinhala & Tamil New Year | Festival | Nifty's English


This is an essay about Sinhala and Tamil New Year & explanation.

Sinhalese New Year Recipes 🎉 Spreading Joy and Good Food during Avurudu (Sri Lankan New Year)


My cooking videos are usually themed based on a particular ingredient found growing near our home. ➡️ Today’s theme will be based on the Sinhalese New Year, also called Avurudu. sharing many of the recipes with neighbors and you’ll get a glimpse into my life beyond the kitchen and the farm. Today, I’ll bring you along for my usual harvest and I’ve added cotton to the list of items I’d like to bring home ➡️ I’ll be making undu walalu, a crunchy, fried sweet made with a black gram dough, konda kavum, a cake fried in coconut oil, and other Sri Lankan New Year treats. Finally, I’ll use the cotton to make homemade dolls that I’ll hand out to kids in my neighborhood. 💬 What are some traditional New Year’s foods where you are from? Let me know in the comments below! ✨ And if you like this video, consider subscribing to Poorna - The nature Girl using this Link! ⤵️ 🤍 * Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of Poorna - The nature Girl – Your foray into Sri Lankan cuisine, culture, and your virtual tour of our countryside! 💛🇱🇰 Does the idea of completely natural ingredients, eco-friendly cooking, or just seeing what life is like in another country appeal to you? ➡️ On this channel, you'll get to see me harvest and cook every meal by hand! It's my hope to show you a way of cooking that is kind to the environment and healthy! By the way, I'm Poorna! I'm from Sri Lanka, a lush paradise in the Indian Ocean. Ayubowan...! 🙏 I'll be your guide and introduce you to my country's landscape; authentic Sri Lankan meals, folklore, art, and more! I've carefully crafted the shots and audio so you can experience everything just shy of being able to smell and taste the food yourself. You'll also get to see a lot of the traditional implements and methods used in Sri Lankan cooking 🍛 Recipes of delicious authentic foods and the stories behind artistic drawings are included in my videos. Actually, this is going to be a different challenge for me on social media ➡️ I look forward to sharing my home and our traditions with you! You are warmly welcomed to this island of leisure! Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so that you are always notified when I upload new videos! Thank you, Poorna ❤️🔔 * All rights reserved Poorna-The nature girl ©️ * ✅ Follow Poorna - The nature Girl on social media: Facebook ▶️ 🤍 Instagram ▶️ 🤍 ✅ Watch all my videos(playlist) - 🤍 ✅ Music: Poorna - The nature girl ©️ * #Avurudu #SriLankanNewYear #PoornaTheNatureGirl#Poorna #TheNatureGirl #VillageCooking #Cooking #food #VillageLife #SinhaleseNewYearRecipes #NewYearRecipes

Sinhala And Tamil New Year Celebrations In Sri Lanka


In this video you will learn how to speak about Sinhala and Tamil new year.

I made so many festival sweets and pickles as the New Year is around the corner! | Traditional Me


Time to make toffees, festival sweets and pickles and much more...! As per Sinhala traditional custom, Our New Year dawns on the 14th of April. We do have a very authentic way of naming the 12months of the year as per the Sri Lankan customary calendar and the month of April is been called the month of “Bak”. The entire country comes alive in the month of April(“Bak”)with the advance frequent awakening call of the sweet song of the cuckoo bird. This traditional festival starts with the dawn of the 1st day of the month of Bak and considered to be a very significant summer festival. Farmers reap the bountiful harvest of their crops, and offer the first share of the fresh harvest to the Supreme Lord Buddha. I strongly feel that this is another way of showing abundant gratitude and appreciation to the Sun God as well as the dawning of the New Year and the related festivities are all based around the Sun of the planetary system. Since the dawn of the month of “Bak”(April), every household gets excited and get ready as per their best ability to celebrate the Sinhala and Hindu New Year! Buying of new clothes, preparing traditional New Year sweets, cleaning and tidying the houses are some of our ancestral traditional customs to welcome the dawning of the New Year! Since the New Year is coming closer, I also made in advance some varieties of “Aluth Avurudhu “(New Year) sweets which can be kept for some time without getting spoilt! I made Coconut Toffee, Potato Toffee, Cashew Aluwa(Cashew and Rice flour toffee), Sweet Samolina Tofees, Milk Toffees, Sugar Coated Murukku( crunchy deep fried snacks coated in sugar syrup), Sesame Balls, Muscat(a variety of sweet gooey toffees) in order to avoid the last minute New Year rush! Though It was a very good idea to make the New Year sweets in advance , safeguarding them from our dear brother will be a quite a challenge for me! Best thing which I did was to separate his lion's share and handed it over to him. But yet it didn’t work effectively as since there wasn’t any "seeni murukku"(sugar coated fried snack) in his bottle of sweets, he had wacked half of the bottle that I kept for the new year! Well actually it was not an issue at all since that was his way of enjoying and been happy. I truly didn’t mind at all as every ones new year always depends on their emotional happiness and the way that they prefer to celebrate it. After all, New Year is the joy and the happiness of the mind! I made a scrumptious fried mixture and a pickle in advance to go with the New Year’s Kiribath(milk rice) platter. The pickle gets more and more yummy when kept for longer period. I made extra pickle to send it to our Elder Aunty's place as the little sister really loves my pickle.The traditional way of making the pickle is by mixing capsicum, shallots, beans, carrots, raw papaya pieces after immersing them and quickly boiled in natural coconut vinegar. I know brother will whack a single pot of milk rice with this fresh pickle. Even the fried mixture is also outstanding. I got a opportunity to taste this fry during a visit to an alms giving of a relatives house in Weligama! Such a wholesome and a taste buds tingling fry got one addition of fried cashew nuts from me. It’s a very familiar and a common fried dish for the people of the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka . This fried dish can be kept for about 4 weeks in an airtight container. It’s a relief now as there are plenty of free days to clean and prepare the house for the dawning of the "Aluth Avuruddha"(Sinhala and Hindu New Year ), which is around the corner! Love you All! Nadee —————————————————— © All rights reserved I made so many festival sweets and pickles as the New Year is around the corner! | Traditional Me —————————————————— Please turn on CC (Subtitles) to know the ingredient names. 乡村烹饪 cuisine de village गाँव का खाना बनाना cucina del villaggio طبخ القرية Dorfkochen 村の料理 dorp koken 마을 요리 pagluluto ng nayon деревенская кухня cozinha da vila ഗ്രാമീണ പാചകം cocina del pueblo গ্রাম রান্না vesnické vaření landsby madlavning ចម្អិនអាហារតាមភូមិ kylän ruoanlaitto गाउँ खाना पकाउने masakan desa கிராம சமையல் masakan kampung หมู่บ้านทำอาหาร gotowanie na wsi köy pişirme làng nấu ăn ရွာချက်ပြုတ် μαγειρική στο χωριό villa coctione Inspired by 李子柒 Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge Watch all my videos(playlist) - 🤍 Music - Traditional Me © My life journey (web) - 🤍 FACEBOOK : 🤍 #villagecooking​​​​ #srilankanfood​​​​ #traditionalme​​​​ #village​​​​ #villagelife​​​​ #villagefood​​​​ #nadee​​​​ #countryfood​​​​ #dessert​​ #srilankancooking

Day Vlog 8 : University Vlog | තුම්මුල්ලට අවුරුදු | Sinhala & Tamil New Year University Celebration


#university of colombo vlog #study vlog sinhala #university motivation video Hi, my name is Sandun Sanjeewa. I am currently studying in the Faculty of Management and Finance at the University of Colombo. This is my youtube channel. I will try to teach you everything that I know, as well as technical and entertaining things. So you all welcome to my channel. අඩුපාඩු ඇති වැඩිය හිතන්න එපා 🥲❤️ ✔️ My Gear :-DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo Facebook- 🤍 Instagram- 🤍 #mrsandun #universityofcolombo #dayvlog #dayvlogsinhala #colombo Srilanka University Student Life | Campus Life at Colombo university of Srilanka | University Vlog | University Life Sinhala | Study Vlog | Motivational video | Life of the Srilankan university Studen | Srilankan Best University | Study Tips | Sinhala Vlog | Uni Vlog | Srilanka | Birthday | Dj | Welcome day | Sinhala & Tamil New Year University Celebration

Sinhala and Tamil New Year | Speech | Sanul Dulneth | Rahula College Students' Circle


Rahula Students' Circle 🤍 English Speech by L. H. Sanul Dulneth Class: 6 G 2021 July #RahulaCollege #StudentsCircle

Our traditional New Year customs. ( Sinhala&hindu New Year)village kitchen recipe Sri Lanka cooking


hello friends- ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ this video is about Our traditional New Year customs. ( Sri Lanka New Year) village kitchen recipe Sri Lanka cooking this video includes- ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ In this video I will introduce you to 3 best recipes for a healthy diet. 1 this video is about Our traditional New Year customs 2 Sri Lanka New Year My Anoma Siriwardena .See you again key words- ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ New Year, New Year2021, New Year sri lanka,乡村烹饪 cuisine de village गाँव का खाना बनाना cucina del villaggio طبخ القرية Dorfkochen 村の料理 dorp koken 마을 요리 pagluluto ng nayon деревенская кухня cozinha da vila ഗ്രാമീണ പാചകം cocina del pueblo গ্রাম রান্না vesnické vaření landsby madlavning ចម្អិនអាហារតាមភូមិ kylän ruoanlaitto गाउँ खाना पकाउने masakan desa கிராம சமையல் masakan kampung หมู่บ้านทำอาหาร gotowanie na wsi köy pişirme làng nấu ăn ရွာချက်ပြုတ် μαγειρική στο χωριό villa coctione,cooking,recipe, traditional, traditionel indian food, nature girl, relaxing, asmr, country food, srilankan food, chinese girl, chinese,chinese cooking food,eating, nature, girl, usa, 滇西小哥, dianxixiaoge, nature girls, reaction, village cooking kerala, sri lankan foods, village girls, cotton eyed joe, nadee cooking, sri lankan food recipe, sri lanka cricket, sri lanka food review, indian street food, kerala food, kerala food, cooking, cooking recipe, indian ,nature , usa, my social media plat forms- ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ facebook page 🤍 🤍 🤍 my other videos- ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ Three special bitter gourd recipes for healthy food meal 🤍 Special(kiri aluwa) recipe that makes the dining table delicious 🤍 *කුරුම්බා කලුපොල්.premature coconut curry- 🤍 *chicken barbeque.. 🤍 🐠මාළු ජාඩි..🐡 Fish Jadi .🤍 *කොට්ට කජු🌴🌴 dried cashew curry ,🤍 *පොලොස් ඇබුල Traditional baby jackfruit curry ,🤍 *වන්ඩු හල් ගුටි. Vateria copallifera 🤍 it you like my channel like shere commetns #villagefoods#2021 New Year#Sri Lanka New Year#villagekitchen # 李子柒 Liziqi # Dianxi Xiaoge

Celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year at Exactpro's office in Colombo, Sri Lanka🥳


Celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year at 🤍exactpro's office in Colombo, Sri Lanka🥳 #exactpro #Colombo #SriLanka #celebration #office #NewYear #Sinhala #Tamil

BEST Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebration (I Cooked Kokis!) | Sri Lanka Vlog 🇱🇰


🇱🇰 KANDY, SRI LANKA - The Sinhala and Tamil new year is coming. Are you ready? Avurudu falls on the 14th April and is characterized by the many traditional Avurudu food prepared for the occasion. Today I'll show you how they celebrate the Sri Lankan new year in my host family. They will boil milk as a hope for a brighter future and prosperity, and we will cook Kokis (Sinhala: කොකිස්), a deep-fried, crispy Sri Lankan food made from rice flour and coconut milk. I hope you enjoy. A huge thank you to the wonderful LALANGA HOMESTAY family in Kandy, for allowing me to share with them the new year celebration. You can find them on Booking 🤍 and Airbnb 🤍 🔔 Subscribe for daily travel videos: 🤍 🎥 Watch the full playlists: 🤍 → For more frequent updates from the road: 🟡 Instagram 🤍 🟠 Facebook 🤍 SUPPORT MY CHANNEL 🤍 WHO AM I? Hello and welcome! I'm Ely. Many years ago I changed my life and decided to follow my passion, not my pension. My goal and mission in life has always been to inspire people to be brave, follow their passion, open their minds and discover the kindness of other people and cultures. Here I show you the life of real locals, away from the tourist spots. #srilanka #kandy #srilankafood

Prepared a huge table full of festival foods for our New Year celebration | Traditional Me


Finally the waiting is over to indulge in all the delicious sweets, pickles, chutneys, fresh fruits and berries in the trees as the New Year Is Finally Here! Our most joyous childhood period was the new year(Avurudhu) season. It was a cherished and a memorable seasonal joy where we kids got brand new clothes, many varieties of yum sweets and delicacies in abundance, and all our relatives gathered in one house. The whole house is busy getting ready for Avurudhu and over and over again Those sweet childhood memories started to come into my mind in this Avurudhu season where the air is filled with sweet fragrance of oil cake(kavum), kokis(rice flour crispies) and ripe banana combs are smiling in the kitchen. The entire nature get dressed to welcome the oncoming new year with Erabadu flower trees in the edges of the fence are clad in deep tomato red Erabadu flowers and the cuckoo bird singing his sweet seasonal song and the Avurudhu sweets fragrances are flowing in the air, the rice pounding sound of the village mill, and the left over hay bundles that are stacked in the empty paddy fields, all says the same beautiful story of the arrival of the new year! Me and grandmother finished off those tasks but making oil cake(Kavum) was the most time consumable task! Since the rice flour was prepared very early, we were be able to fry the oil cakes by afternoon! Frying oil cake is a very delicate and an attentive task as one should concentrate for every tiny detail! The poured flour batter will be splashed with very hot oil, while a pointed skewer will be inserted into the middle. Then while splashing the oil into the middle, the skewer will be lifted slowly taking the uncooked flour batter out to form a hill shape. As I mentioned that it is complicated, the most difficult part is to splash hot oil while rotating the wooden skewer which will form a “konde”(shape of Knotted women's hair) or the top part of the Kavum! Once fried thoroughly, stored in an airtight container, this sweet can be preserved for about two weeks! I removed the burnt out cinder and clean the fire wood hearth and applied a new coating of clay to the hearth before I left for the temple for non auspicious time duration. Even the brother together with grandmother had erected a new lamp cell to invite the festival God(Avurudhu kumaraya). I finished lots of work this time as the non auspicious time duration was fallen during the night time. Our traditional new year dawned on the following day! Every task for that day is been done as per a auspicious time. The first auspicious tradition is to light a new fire in the the renewed new stove and too cook a pot of milk rice. Usually the rice is been used from the new rice harvest that was reaped before the new year! Some make a new hearth and boil a pot of milk. Mainly because boiling milk is a sign of prosperity. It is a very significant custom where the whole nation (about 20 M people) cooks their first new year meal at one auspicious time! Grandmother never allow us to give anything from home or take anything into the house during the non auspicious time. No task will start before taking a pot of pure water from the well. In exchange I put a pouch called “Ale”containing spices, and a coin to the well before taking a bucket of water. Brother started his first official task by planting a mango plant which was actually an act of exchange with the Mother Earth. Since the Dawn of the new year and all the other rituals that follows with auspicious times are greeted by lighting of crackers, amidst the beats of tambourine (raban) and the ringing of the village temple bell. Traditional villagers believed that by making all these loud sounds made the whole village aware of the dawn of the new year and expected to get rid of the evil entities in the village. This time light green color is the auspicious color for the new year. The entire nation over 20 M people following the same rituals together is a very special and a significant sing which expects to bring prosperity and unity! Like every year this new year also our elder aunty and her daughter visited our home for this new year with gifts to grandmother and the traditional new year sweets. Grandmother lit the oil lamp of the Avurudhu table and fed a mouth full of milk rice to everyone as she is the oldest of our family elders. Our brother whacked two plates full of new year sweets and got a loving comment from the elder aunty for his food power as well. Love you All! Nadee —————————————————— © All rights reserved Prepared a huge table full of festival foods for our New Year celebration | Traditional Me Music - Traditional Me © My life journey (web) - 🤍 #villagecooking​​​​​ #srilankanfood​​​​​ #traditionalme​​​​​ #village​​​​​ #villagelife​​​​​ #villagefood​​​​​ #nadee​​​​​ #countryfood​​​​​ #dessert​​​ #srilankancooking

Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Colombo, Sri Lanka


This year, the Exactpro team celebrated Sinhala and Tamil New Year for the first time. Congratulations to all our colleagues in Colombo, Sri Lanka🎉☀️🌴 #exactpro #Colombo #SriLanka #celebration #office #NewYear #Sinhala #Tamil #shorts Exactpro is a leading independent provider of software testing services for mission-critical technology that underpins global financial markets. The firm is experienced with trading, clearing and settlement platforms, market surveillance systems, market data systems, collateral and risk management systems, and post trade infrastructures. Exactpro provides functional and non-functional testing services to exchanges, clearing houses, securities depositories, trade repositories, digital exchanges, central banks, brokers, technology vendors and investment banks worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, Exactpro employs over 700 members of staff. To learn more about Exactpro, visit our website 🤍 EXTENT Conference website: 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Subscribe to Exactpro YouTube channel 🤍

Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations changing...?


Experts explain their views on the ever changing traditions and celebrating of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. සිංහල දෙමළ අලුත් අවුරුද්ද හා බැඳුණු චාරිත්‍ර ගැන කතා බහක්.

Sinhala Hindu New Year 2022 | A day in the life | Sinhala


Sinhala Hindu New Year 2022 | A day in the life | Sinhala #sinhalahindnewyear #adayinthelife #Giorno23 #sinhala #srilanka #gohomegota #srilankan #weeklyvlog #cooking #cook #srilankanfood #italy #couplelife #sinhalaawurudu ⭕Hi....welcome to Giorno 23, If you enjoyed this video do consider to Subscribed our channel...And share with your friends Thank you.. Thank you for checking out our channel Hope you'll enjoy this video. See you all soon in our next video.. ⭕Our equipment I phone 13 pro max DJI OM 4 ⭕Follow us ✅FB Page: 🤍 ✅Instagram: 🤍 ...Thank you so much...

සූර්ය මංගල්‍ය [ Soorya Mangalya ] 2018 | Sinhala and Tamil New Year CelebrationsSujatha Vidyalaya


Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow සූර්ය මංගල්‍ය [ Soorya Mangalya ] 2018 Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebration of Sujatha Vidyalaya Organized by : Sujatha Vidyalaya - Board of Prefects Official Videography : Pixalite Productions | #pixaliteevents Tags : Sujatha Vidyalaya , MEDIA UNIT Sujatha Vidyalaya , Sujatha Vidyalaya Matara - Old Girls' Association , Board of Prefects - Sujatha Vidyalaya Matara , Sujatha Vidyalaya Old Girls Association - Colombo Branch #pixaliteproductions #sinhalaandtamilnewyear #avurudu #avuruducelebration #traditionalgames #sujathavidyalaya #boardofprefects #Sooryamangalya2018

Golden harvest helps to celebrate the new year with lots of sweets|Poorna-The nature girl|


Our New Year begins when the grain is golden.I'm eager to wait until harvest time.I waited impatiently until March, but my hand burned a few days before the harvest, so this time I was standing by the window of the room listening to my father's poems. Usually the paddy is dried for a few days in the hot sun and then the first batch of rice is separated for the sake of the Lord Buddha. That is the sri lankan conventional. Rice is the staple food of the country.This new rice festival is also a sri lankan traditional festival that has been held since the time of the Supreme all four gens are about to hold the SOORYA MANGALLAYA. The earth remains alive because of the gives the energy and lives for all trees,animals as well as humans.with out sun nothing will be alive.hence we show our graduate to the god sun by celebrating thr soorya mangallaya(new year festival). So now is the time for everyone to start cleaning the house for the new year. The trees are full of 'Erabadu' flowers.It is very beautiful and a sign of nature tell peoples to that the new year season is soon.We are all indebted to the stove that has been cooked for a long time. It's three or four days before the New Year that we start making flour from fresh rice. April is the time when Kawum Kokis Mung Athiraha is in full swing in every home. This time,I made some 'thala karali'(sesame sweet)and made a favorite coconut cake for my family. I took a piece of chopped spicy to make Kokis, because my brother's favorite rice flour and mixed it with spicy raisins. When making kavum, put the spoon and fork across the oil to be symbolic in all four directions.The first kavum is hung on the side with leprosy. The next day I *tied the red lamision's hair beautifully* (its treditional way to explained konda kawum) with the flour that my mother had made the day before. It was my mother learned to me how to make such a nice kawum.Then I quickly went and sewed the rest of my mother's New Year's dress.My brother brought it from Colombo, I asked to buy for mum.Because he an expert to chooses beautiful clothes.Sakiya was playing nearby and looked me like saying "Please, sister, please give me a nice pair of trousers too" .. While we were making confectionery here, it was Dad and Uncle Sumith who prepared the royal food..mmm yummy... Dodol .. When I take the tea to them, the Dodol bubbling up. Somehow I collected one and a half bottles of coconut oil when finished make Dodol. I woke up the next morning and lit the stove with my mother for the auspicious time and made "*lunumiris*" with milk rice and then made the table beautiful. The well that gave us clean water to drink for a year is created with the feeling that we will not forget in this new year as well. In fact, nature and human are together .💛 After the meal, I gave some betel leaves to my parents and adore them.Then i took some per-prepared sweets and some clothes and left the house with Sakiya.To share happiness to someone lived with loneliness. Get closer to nature. Live this short life as a noble human and go out.🌿 Blessings of the Triple Gem .. !! May this Sinhala Hindu New Year bring peace of mind..💛💛 Your loving Poorna ❤ * ✅ Follow Poorna - The nature Girl on social media: Facebook ▶️ 🤍 Instagram ▶️ 🤍 ✅Watch all my videos(playlist) - 🤍 ✅Music :- Poorna - The nature girl ©️ * #villagecooking #cooking #food #nature #gardening #villagelife #recipes Thanks for watching the video [Best way to celebrate the New year with lots of sweet made by golden harvest|Poorna-The nature girl|]

අපේ අවුරුද්ද | We wish you a joyous Sinhala and Tamil New Year


This new year, Roar celebrates good content, great stories, and the wonder of diversity that makes up Sri Lanka. So, from our family to yours, we wish you a joyous Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Subscribe To Our Channel: 🤍 Follow Us On: Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Website - 🤍 #RoarMedia is a new media platform that offers coverage and analysis of current affairs, business, lifestyle, technology, arts, and culture in South Asia, across five languages. #RoarMedia #Awurudu

Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year


இலங்கையர் எம் அனைவருக்கும் சௌபாக்கியத்தை கொண்டுவரும் புத்தாண்டாக அமைய வாழ்த்தும் டயலொக்

President Mahanida Rajapaksa celebrates Sinhala Tamil New Year


#avurudu #newyear2023 #mahindarajapaksa Sri Lanka former president and prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Celebrate New Year with Namal Rajapaksa and family members in Carlton House, Tangalle.

How the people of our village celebrate Sinhala Hindu New Year | mali cooking


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අපේ ගෙදර අවුරුදු 2023 | ape gedara awurudu | sinhala new year in Australia | awurudu Australia


A mum's life in Australia,pregnancy,delivery,sri lanka,Sri Lanka,sinhala,day in life sinhala,day in life sri lanka,day in life sri lankan mum,sinhala pregnancy,pregnancy sinhala,pregnant with 2 kids,sinhala new year 2023,ape gedara awurudu,podi aya ekka awurudu,ඕස්ට්‍රේලියාවේ අපේ ගෙදර අවුරුදු,ඕස්ට්‍රේලියාවේ අවුරුදු,sinhala new year melbourne,sinhala new year in Australia, awurudu Australia, අවුරුදු Australia Songs by TELL YOUR STORY music by ikson™ Track - #191 Puppy (Official) Link: 🤍 Hi! I'm Paba. I'm a healthcare professional (medical scientist), living in Australia with two gorgeous babies and a handsome husband. I started this channel to record my baby growing up and share my motherhood experiences. On my channel, you will find videos related to motherhood, pregnancy, delivery and lifestyle. I always aim for my videos to be helpful and real. Thank you for subscribing and being part of this journey. You inspire me to keep creating content for you with every sweet comment, like, and view! ආයුබෝවන්. මම පබා. මම වෛද්‍ය රසායනාගාර විද්‍යාඥයෙකු ලෙස මගේ ආදරනීය මහත්තයත්, දරු පැටව් දෙන්නත් එක්ක ඕස්ට්‍රේලියාවේ ජීවත් වෙනවා. මම මගේ චැනල් එක හරහා ගැබිනි අවදිය, දරු ප්‍රසුතිය සහ දරුවන් රැක බලාගැනීම ගැන මගේ අත්දැකීම් බෙදාගන්න බලපොරොත්තු වෙනවා. මේ වීඩියෝ වලින් ශ්‍රි ලංකාවෙත්, වෙනත් රටවල් වල ජීවත් වන ශ්‍රි ලාංකික අම්මලාටත් උපකාරයක් වේවි කියලා මම හිතනවා. ඔයාලගේ හැම කමෙන්ට් එකකින්ම, ලයික් එකකින්ම තවත් විඩියෝ කරන්න මාව දිරිමත් කරනවට ස්තුතියි. #AmomslifeinAustralia #motherhood #SriLankanmom Check out the Facebook page: 🤍 If this video is health-related This video is only for general knowledge. The information shared should never replace the advice of your doctor. Speak with your doctor or another healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding your condition.

Sinhala Awurudu Songs Collection | Sinhala New Year Songs - LikeMusic lk


Welcome to My Channel. This Video is about - Sinhala Awurudu Songs Collection | Sinhala New Year Songs කාලයකට සීමා නැති හැමදාමත් අපගේ හදවතේ රැදුනු ගීත සෑම මොහොතකම අප වෙතින්. මෙම ගීත සහ ඒවායේ පද රචනා, තනු නිර්මාණයන් සඳහා අප කිසිදු හිමිකාරිත්වයක් හෝ අයිතිවාසිකමක් රඳවා නොගනිමු. අප මෙම නාලිකාව සහ ධාවන ලැයිස්තුව නිර්මාණය කළේ මුල් කලාකරුවන්ට සහ නව අනුවාදයේ කලාකරුවන්ට උපහාරයක් ලෙසය. මක්නිසාද මෙම ගීතවලට අප බෙහෙවින් ආදරය කරන නිසාවෙන්ද ඔබටත් එකම ස්ථානයකින් ඔබ ආදරය කරන කලාකරුවාගේ හෝ කලාකාරිණියගේ ගීත රසවිදීමට අවස්ථාවක් උදා කර දීම පිණිසයි. මේ වගේ ලස්සන වීඩියෝ දිගටම නරඹන්න අපගේ YouTube Channel එක Subscribe කරන්න.ඒ වගේම හැමෝටම බලන්න Share කරන්නත් අමතක කරන්න එපා යාළුවනේ. NOTICE : We do not hold any ownership or any rights to these songs and their lyrics and compositions. We created this channel and playlist as a tribute to the original artists and the new version artists. Because we love these songs so much that we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy the songs of the artist you love in one place. We hope you will like this video. Thank you all for watching and if you like this video, please don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe for more videos. My Other Videos - Priyashantha Abegunawardana Best Songs Collection | Priyashantha Abegunawardana Songs - 🤍 Roy Peiris Best Songs Collection | Roy Peiris Top Sinhala Songs - 🤍 Kingsley Peiris Best Songs Collection | Kingsley Peiris Best Nonstop | Vol - 01 - 🤍 Sinhala Old Songs Nonstop | Best Songs Collection | Old Songs Nonstop - 🤍 Damith Asanka Best Songs Collection | Damith Asanka Nonstop | Sinhala Songs | Vol-01 - 🤍 Madawa Indiketiya Best Songs Collection | Sinhala Old Songs Nonstop | Sinhala Songs- 🤍 Asanka Priyamantha Peiris Best Songs Collection | Asanka Priyamantha Songs - 🤍 Sri Lanka Deshabhimani Songs Collection | 73rd Independence Day | Deshabhimani Gee - 🤍 Top Sinhala Songs Collection | Sinhala Old Songs | Old Songs Nonstop - 🤍 Upul Asanka Best Songs Collection | Upul Asanka Popular Songs | Sinhala Songs - 🤍 Chandana Liyanarachchi Best Songs Collection | Sinhala Songs Collection | Vol - 01 - 🤍 Senanayaka Weraliyadda Best Songs Collection | Senanayaka Weraliyadda Popular Songs | Vol - 01 - 🤍 Damith Asanka | Chamara Ranawaka | Ajith Muthukumarana - Best Songs Collection - 🤍 Vijaya Kumaratunga Best Songs Collection | Vijaya Kumaratunga Songs | Sinhala Songs - 🤍 Key Words - Sinhala Old Songs Collection, Sinhala Songs, Sinhala Old Songs, Sinhala Old Hits, Sinhala Old Songs Nonstop, Sinhala Old Hits Songs, Sinhala old songs mp3 album download, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Songs, Sri Lanka Sinhala Songs, Old Sinhala Songs New Version, Sinhala Love Songs List, Lassana Sindu, ලස්සන සින්දු, ලස්සන සිංදු සිංහල, Sindu, Sinhala, Sinhala mp3, Sinhala music, music Sinhala, songs Sinhala, best songs collection Sinhala, Sinhala best songs, Hodama Sindu Sinhala, Sinhala songs best, old songs, Sinhala old songs, Lassana old songs, best mp3, old Sinhala hits, Sinhala old song collection, Sinhala old song download, Sinhala old songs album, Sinhala Songs 2020, Sinhala Songs YouTube, List of Sinhala Songs, best Sinhala Songs, sinhala classic songs, nonstop sinhala, best sinhala songs, sinhala new songs, sinhala love songs, Top Sinhala Songs Collection, Best Old Sinhala Songs Collection, Sinhala Old Songs Nonstop, Sinhala Awurudu Songs Collection, Sinhala New Year Songs, My Social Media Platforms - Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 මේ වගේ ලස්සන වීඩියෝ දිගටම නරඹන්න අපගේ YouTube Channel එක Subscribe කරන්න.ඒ වගේම හැමෝටම බලන්න Share කරන්නත් අමතක කරන්න එපා යාළුවනේ. අප නාලිකාවේ (LikeMusic lk) අන්තර්ගතයේ ඇති වීඩියෝවක් හෝ ගීතයක් පිළිබඳව ඔබට යම් ගැටලුවක් ඇත්නම් අපව සම්බන්ධ කරගැනීමට කාරුණික වන්න... Email :- likemusiclk4🤍 #LikeMusic_lk #Sinhala_Awurudu_Songs_Collection #Sinhala_Old_Song

Grade 8 Sinhala and Tamil new year part 1


Grade 8 students will be able to talk about Sinhala and Tamil New year

අපේ ගෙදර අවුරුදු දා | SINHALA NEW YEAR 2022 | DAY IN THE LIFE SINHALA


#sinhalaavurudu2022 #dayinthelife #getingreadyforsinhalaavurudu2022 #cookwithmesinhala #srilankantraditions #සිංහලඅවුරුදුඋදාව2022 #අපේගෙදරඅවුරුදුදා #lifeinUSA #srilankanlifestyle #sinhalavlogs Hello Friends, In this video we share with you, how we ready for Sinhala hindu new year and how we celebrate the new year. Hope you friends enjoy this video. Thank you for watching! MUCH LOVE! Earn $30 with Rakuten: 🤍 ♡SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE! 🤍 ♡Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 ♡Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 ♡Follow me on Twitter 🤍 Here is a little bit of my journey this far : ) BUSY DAY IN THE LIFE | CLEAN AND DECORATE WITH ME 🤍 KITCHEN PANTRY ORGANIZATION SINHALA 🤍 DAY IN THE LIFE SINHALA | SHOPPING | EXPLORE THE NATURE 🤍 *NEW* DAY IN THE LIFE AS A MOM | GROCERY SHOPPING 🤍 COMFORTABLE BEDROOM MAKEOVER | SINHALA | ROOM TOUR 🤍 DAY IN THE AS A BUSY MOM SINHALA | DECORATE WITH ME FOR SPRING SINHALA 🤍 BUSY DAY IN THE LIFE AS A MOM SINHALA | GROCERY SHOPPING | COOKING AND MORE 🤍 Hey everyone!! If you are new here, let me introduce myself! My name is Heshi and I have 4 years old named Annabell and 3 years old named Emma. I'm stay at home mom who loves doing Sinhala day in the life of mom vlogs, Sinhala lifestyle vlogs, Sinhala cleaning, and organization, Sinhala home decor, food, and all things. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on any videos in the future! I'm so grateful for all of your support!! I love you all! xo

Sinhala & Tamil New year essay | සිංහල හා හින්දු අලුත් අවුරුද්ද ගැන අනුමාන රචනාවක් | English Essay


Sinhala & Tamil New year essay | සිංහල හා හින්දු අලුත් අවුරුද්ද ගැන අනුමාන රචනාවක් | English Essay #රචනා #English_essays #Sinhala&TamilFestivaldaySrilanka 🔹Sri Lanka, enriched by its multi-ethnicity is a treasure trove of culture. 🔹One of the main cultural events celebrated within the nation is the Sinhala and Tamil New Year,celebrated annually on April 13 and 14,. 🔹This joyous occasion is a specimen of the cultural diversity in the country and the way in which it enriches the nation in every aspect. 🔹Since ancient times, Sri Lanka has been an agricultural nation. 🔹Therefore, the Sri Lankan people of different ethnicities have paid homage to the main aspect of nature on which their livelihood depended; the Sun. 🔹The Sinhala and Tamil New Year falls during this specific time of the year as, according to Eastern astrology, it is the time when the Sun moves from Pisces (commonly referred to as Meena Rashiya) to Aries (commonly referred to as Mesha Rashiya), marking the dawn of a New Year key words Sinhala & tamil new year essay Sinhala & tamil new year sinhala avurudu nakath 2022 Sinhala avurudu charithra rachana English Sinhala & tamil new year traditional rituals Sinhala & tamil avurudu essay in english Sinhala & tamil new year sentences new year festival Srilanka Sinhala new year auspicious time 2022 rachana liveema english essays how to write english essays G.C.E O/L shishyathwaya 5 wasara rachana athwala සිංහල හා හින්දු අලුත් අවුරුද්ද 2022 රචනා

Essay about Sinhala and Tamil New Year



අපේ ගෙදර අවුරුදු🎉🕛| New year Vlog 2023✨| සිංහල | Sri Lanka🇱🇰#awrudu #dayvlog #vlog #dayinthelife


මගේ Channel එකට ඔයා අලුත් නම්,මේ වගේ video දිගටම බලන්න කැමතිනම් දැන්ම මගේ channel එක Subscribe කරලා බෙල්🔔 සළකුණ click කරන්න.🥰 Please don’t forget to 👆Subscribe, 👍like, ✍️comment & 📮share Follow me on👇 Face book : 🤍 Face book page : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 ❤️Thanks for watching ❤️ #dayinmylife #anneyelina #newyear2023 #newyearvlog2023 #2023 #newyear #sinhala #mealprep #dayvlog #day #daytrading #dayroutine #dayvideo #shopping #shoppingvlog #shoppinghaul #shoppinghacks #sinhala #dayvlog #dayvideo #shoppingvlog #onlineshopping #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypシ゚viral #keells #grocery #groceryhaul #groceryshopping ##suppermarket #viral #viralvideo #villagecooking #villagelife #villagefood #villagekitchen #village #villagevlogs #villagevlogs #sinhalabeautytips #sinhalayoutube #adayinmylife #dayinthelife #motivation #cookingmotivation #lifemotivation #lifeinsrilanka #life #lifestyle #lifehacks #lifeofasrilankangirl #villagegirl #cleaning #cleaningmotivation #cleanwithme #room #roomtour #roomdecor #dayvlog #food #vlogger #vlogging #vloggerlife #vlog #workfromhome #workoutmotivation #workout #srilankanfood #srilankanhousewife #villagevlog #youtuber #youtubedaily #youtubefamily #beautytips #beauty #beautyinfluencer #best #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareproducts #skin #lifeinsrilanka #whatieatinaday #shopwithme #sinhalayoutube #sinhalabeautychannels #groceryhaul #suppermarket #haircare #skincare #nailart #happylife #breakfast #breakfastideas #family #familyvlog #familytime #dailyvlog #beach #newstatus #newyearsinhala #newyearplan #awrudu #awrudushopping

Country ready for the dawn of Sinhala and Tamil New Year (English)


Country ready for the dawn of Sinhala and Tamil New Year (English) Watch More Video - 🤍

📅 New Year Celebration ☸️ Sinhala And 🛕 Hindu | Devil's Kitchen


The Sinhala & Hindu New Year in Sri Lanka is celebrated at the end of the harvesting season. The dawn of the New Year is based on the sun's astrological movement from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) by bringing to an end the harvesting season. This festival is celebrated in April, and at this time, the sun is directly above the island. When the sun crosses the point midway between these two houses, the Meena Rashiya and the Mesha Rashiya it is known as the dawn of the New Year. This transition period is considered a neutral period (Nonagathe). AIn accordance with the traditional dictates, it is advised to avoid material pursuits and to engage in religious activities or traditional games. Every part of this festival is followed according to astrologically determined 'auspicious times' or Nakath. ( According to astrological calculations). This festival's warmth begins when families start to clean and paint their homes and buy new clothes and gifts for family members. A significant purchase is the unique clay pot in which the milk will be boiled on New Year's Day. Traditional sweetmeats such as Kokis (a crisp, crunchy sweetmeat), Aluwa(diamond-shaped sweets made with rice flour), Kavum (small oil cakes), mung kavum, and many others. Thousands of firecrackers announce the auspicious times for lighting the hearth and boiling a pot of milk. Families gather around the fire to watch the milk boil over, which is considered a symbol of prosperity. Kiribath (milk rice) is prepared, and the family partakes of a meal that includes the previously scheduled sweetmeats and fruits (bananas). The first business transaction of the New Year too is carried out at a specified time. Lightening of oil lamps before having meals is done by father but in Devil’s Kitchen that tradition is done by the Devil. Giving elders a sheaf of Betel leaves and paying homage is a custom practiced on all essential occasions in Sri Lanka. Gifts are also exchanged. The rest of the day is spent engaging in New Year’s games and visiting relatives. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is a time for everyone who works in big cities to come home in order to celebrate with family. At the end of the festival, people leave for work at an auspicious time, usually a few days after the primary festival day. In between the day of festivities and leaving for work, a special ceremony is anointing the people with herbal oil (specially prepared medicinal oil) is believed to have healing powers that lead individuals with a healthy start of the New Year, is performed in the village Temple. Sri Lanka is a multinational country with a rich agricultural heritage. Therefore the Sinhala & Hindu New Year celebrated by both Sinhala as well as Hindu people are all accompanying traditions that have evolved with the village culture as their basis. 🖤❤️ Miss you! I’m your YAKĀ (The Devil) _ Please turn on CC (Subtitles) to know the ingredient names and much more in your own 🌐 language. Timecodes 00:00 New year table 00:44 Milk rice story 02:58 Lunu miris 03:34 Mung bean and Rice flour 04:44 Kokis time 06:48 Mung kavum 09:52 Konda kavum 11:16 Food’s ready! 11:51 Devil's time Feel free to 👍🏿Like ↗️Share ⌨️Comment 📣Follow: ▶️ Watch All (playlist): 🤍 🔔Subscribe: 🤍 👥Facebook: 🤍 📷instagram: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 🎵 Music: Devil's Kitchen © #SinhaleseNewYear #villagecooking #DevilsKitchen #srilankanfood​ #village​ #villagelife​ #villagefood​ #countryside #countryfood #cooking #traditional #traditionalcooking #tasty #Kokis #Murukku #Aluwa, #Mun-guli #Kevum #Mung-kavum #Paniwalalu #Welithalapa #Aasmi #Aggala #Bbananas #Milkrice #LunuMiris cooking, cookery, culinary art, cuisine, baking, grilling, roasting, steaming, broiling, barbecue, being made, begun, heating, stewing, haute-cuisine, frying, toasting, boiling, preparation, making, processing, currying, warming, Chinese food, primitive cooking, खाना बनाना, Cozinhando, การปรุงอาหาร, Готовка, 조리, cucinando, 料理, cuisine, Yemek pişirme, Nấu nướng, Kochen, cucinando, Memasak, Gotowanie, nagluluto, Cocinando, Koken, Приготування їжі, gătit, 烹饪, சமையல், রন্ধন, Μαγείρεμα, ඉවුම් පිහුම්, طبخ, cook, cooker, culinarian, cheff, cuisinier, culinary artist, hash slinger, gourmet chef, sous chef, mess sergeant, servant, breakfast, lunch, dinner, à la carte, buffet, appetizer, dessert, street food, foods, drinks, dish, recipe, course, eats, serving, beverage, starvation, bread, foodstuff, meal, meat, snack, menu, table, fast food, home cooking, yummy, tutorial, soup, charcoal, kitchen, gallery, tasty, Finger-licking good, delectable, delightful, how to cook Inspired by AlmazanKitchen, 李子柒 Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge

Sri Lankans celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year (English)


Sri Lankans celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year (English) Watch More Video - 🤍

MY ENGLISH TEACHER W.I - Episode 323|Essay on "Sinhala and Tamil New Year".


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New year wishes in English in Sinhala | Patashalawa


#New_year_wishes #Patashalawa #English_Grammar Partners The best thing I did this year was fall in love with you. Cheers to make more memories together in 2021! Time flies when you’re with the love of your life. Cheers to another year together — and forever to go! Every year with you is the best one yet... cheers to many more. Whatever the new year brings, I know I’ll achieve my goals with you by my side. Happy new year to my forever love! For Friends I’m so grateful for your support and love this year. Here’s to many more years of friendship! Here’s to another year of making memories with you, my cherished friend. Happy New Year! Day is the first page in a blank book: Write a phenomenal story! New year, new start. May all your dreams come true in 2021! For Your Boss or Co-Workers Cheers to more success in the new year! Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021! Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year! May you and your family have a blessed New Year. Nights will be dark but days will be light, wishing your life to be always bright – Happy New Year. Wishing you a fresh start with renewed energy and confidence throughout the New Year. Give wings to your dreams and let them come true in 2021. Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021! For parents There is no friendship, no love and no other feeling like that of the parents for the child, happy New Year 2021. No one in this world replaced you. You will always be in my heart forever, happy New Year Mom & Dad! This is my special New Year wish for my MOM and Dad I have never seen God, But you both must be like that. For teacher Happy new year to my teacher! May the new year bring you all the joy, peace and happiness you desire! Happy New Year to the best teacher in the cosmos! May your days be happy and bright with all the success and prosperity you deserve! Dearest teacher, happy new year. May this coming year be your best ever with plenty of laughs and happiness! Dearest teacher, you provided me with knowledge that lights the way to success. Blessings for the New Year.

Welcome Speech in Sinhala - Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2021 Adelaide Celebrations


Welcome Speech in Sinhala by student Punsisi Rathnayaka in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2021 Celebrations in Adelaide Australia organized by the Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara and Sinhala Buddhist School (SBS). Event was held on the 11th of April 2021 in Prince Alfred College Adelaide.

DIY Happy New Year card 2023 / New year card making handmade 2023 / #shorts #viral


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2023 Avurudu nakath | 2023 Sinhala avurudu nakath | 2023 සිංහල අවුරුදු නැකැත් | 2023 aurudu nakath


🤍learnsmile #2023_sinhala_avurudu_nakath #sinhala_avurudu_nakath_2023 #සිංහල_අවුරුදු_නැකැත් 2023 Avurudu nakath | 2023 Sinhala avurudu nakath | 2023 සිංහල අවුරුදු නැකැත් | 2023 aurudu nakath photo credit go to their original owners #සිංහල_අවුරුදු_නැකැත් #සිංහල_අවුරුදු_නැකැත්_2023 #tamil_new_year #tamil_new_year_2023 #sinhala_new_yaer #sinhala_new_year_2023 #sinhala_and_tamil_new_year #2023_sinhala_and _tamil_new_year #2023_sinhala_newyear #2023_awurudu_nakath #2023_awurudu_welawan #2023_sinhala_avurudu_nakath #2023_snhala_avurudu_nakath_welawan #when_is_the_sinhala_awurudu_2023 #when_is_the_sinhla_avurudu_date_2023 #date_of_sinhala_avurudu_2023 #date_of_sinhala_awurudu_2023 #date_of_sinhala_new_year #epa_litha_2023 #epa_litha_sinhala_avurudu_2023 #nakath_litha_2023 #2023_aurudu_nakath #aluth_avurudu #2022_litha #2023_horoscope #2023 #2023_avurudu_litha #2023_lagna_palapala #2023_sinhala_avurudu_nakath #2023_sinhala_avurudu_udawa #2023_suba_nakath #2023_nakath #2023_sinhla_aluth_avurudu_nakath #sinhala_avurudu #sinhala_avurudu_songs #sinhala_avurudu_2023 #sinhala_avurudu_songs #nakath_2023 #nakath_litha_2023 #nakath #nakath_sittuwa 2023 #kiri_ithiraweema_2023 #avurudu_udawa_2023 #ahara_anubawaya_2023 #hisathel_gama 2023 #nonakathaya #ahara_pisima ahara pisima 2022 sinhala avurudu udawa 2022 avurudu charithra gini melaweema 2022 gini melaweeme nakatha awurudu nakath awurudu nakath 2022 2022 awurudu nakath 2022 sinhala awurudu nakath sinhala awurudu nakath 2022 aurudu nakath 2022 2022 sinhala aurudu nakath sinhala aururudu nakath 2022 litha 2022 2022 litha

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Kingsbury New Year 2018-Welcome Speach Sinhala #kiranatv #kingsburybuddhisttemple #london #uk

Avurudu at Home - Shalani Tharaka


Sri Lankan New Year 2021

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sinhala aluth avurudu suba pathum 2019

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