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Via Dinarica -- Connecting Naturally


Via Dinarica is a concept that binds seven countries and territories that encompass the Dinaric Alps mountain range: from Slovenia to northern Albania. The heart of this mega trail, similar to the Via Alpina and the Appalachian Trails, is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 🤍

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Via Dinarica White trail


In Bosnia and Herzegovina we embarked on a new adventure: hiking the Via Dinarica White Trail. However, this trip didn't go as planned. Poor preparations, no clear trail and a lack of water in the dry mountains forced us to stop. Watch the video and don't make the same mistakes we did. Song: Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette - Linked [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: 🤍 Watch: 🤍 Song: Kisma - Fly Again [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: 🤍 Watch: 🤍



On a tendance à oublier que les Alpes se prolongent au-delà de la Slovénie. Durant l'été 2021, je me suis muni d’un petit sac de moins de 4 kg, d’une bâche de bivouac et d’une paire de baskets pour m'en aller prendre le pouls des Balkans, cette zone de l’Europe qui mériterait un peu (beaucoup) plus de lumière. Direction l’est donc ! Par la Via Dinarica d’abord puis les méconnus monts Sar et Korab ensuite ! Depuis la Croatie jusqu’à Albanie à travers la Bosnie, le Monténégro, le Kosovo et la Macédoine du Nord, loin, très loin, des sentiers battus. Après 39 jours de marche, 1300 km, 60 000 m de dénivelé et des rencontres dont j’ai très vite perdu le compte, j’arrive sur la place Skanderbeg à Tirana avec la sensation d’avoir vérifié la phrase de Nicolas Bouvier dans son Usage du monde : « Si la France est un cerveau de l’Europe alors les Balkans en sont le cœur. » Instagram 🤍jerembige Pour en savoir plus sur cette aventure : 🤍 Réalisation : Jérémy Bigé Durée : 34 min Musiques : All the regrets - Loik Bredolese Horizons - Train Room Kindnessand Resonance - Naoya Sakamata Correlation - Branch Immersion Celeste - Dimatis Lover - David Mumford Hold On - Myuu Adventure - Bensound Quiet Tree - Thoribass Tender Remains - Myuu Tout et son contraire - Squatt Palace (= 🤍



VIA DINARICA - WHITE TRAIL 1200km 1200km in 59 days. 5 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania. The Via Dinarica is a mega trail that extends from Albania to Slovenia. The largest part of the trail slices diagonally from southeast to northwest. The Via Dinarica trail encompasses the largest karst field on earth. Plate tectonics have created a vertebrae-like limestone chain that has aligned itself over 1,000 kilometers through the heart of the western Balkans. Its head, veering far into the skyline, is a conglomerate of jagged peaks that dominates northern Albania, northwestern Kosovo, and the Plav and Gusinje area of northeast Montenegro. The torso and heart of the Dinaric Alps cuts through northern Montenegro and most of Bosnia and Herzegovina before reaching its legs in Croatia at Dinara Mountain. The limbs reach as far west as the Montenegrin and Croatian coastlines of the Adriatic Sea and as far east as Tara National Park in Serbia. The trails tail tithers off in Slovenia at two of Europe’s greatest limestone caves at Postojnske and Skocjanske. WHITE TRAIL This is the main trail along the entire length of the Via Dinarica that follows the natural flow of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps. The white trail includes all of the highest peaks in each respective country. Although there are a plethora of activities along this head trail, such as mountain biking and rafting, it’s main function is as a hiking trail. One of the best destination by National Geographic. Participated: Ante Romac Kristijan Karlušić Hana Geder Special thanks to all the people on the trail and to our families and to the Via Dinarica organisation. Sponsors: Alpina, Regatta Sport, Bim Sport, Decathlon. Other participants: Miroslav Dimitrievski, Rok Lavrič, Simon Tisler. Music: Little Chief - Mountain Song We do not have any rights to the song. If you have any issues with that please contact us. Please visit 🤍 for more information. If you need any help with the trail feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.

Via Dinarica 2019 Thru-Hike: Part 1 - Kosovo and Albania


My 1300km / 51 days long thru-hike of the Via Dinarica white trail in the summer of 2019. In part one of this series I start in Kosovo and follow the Peaks of Balkan route to the Valbona valley - official southern terminus of ViaD. From there I take an alternative route to the highest peak Maja e Jezerces. Unfortunately the snow stops me and I have to go back to the official trail and valley of Theth. Audio credits: Max Cooper - Waves 🤍 Max Cooper - Hope (Parra For Cuva Remix) 🤍

5 Days Solo Hiking in the Balkans - Via Dinarica White Trail - Prenj Mountains, Bosnia & Herzegovina


An epic montage of a multi day solo hike I did through the Prenj Mountain Range in Bosnia & Herzegovina, on the fourth day summiting the highest peak called Zelena Glava at 2155m. Just 5 days completely alone in the wilderness on one of the most epic and beautiful hikes I've ever done, trekking through the mountains, getting a bit lost and finding great hiker's huts to sleep in. This hike forms part of the Via Dinarica White Trail, which follows the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps in The Balkans. The section I did was from Jablanica Lake in the West to Boracko Lake in the East, passing through the village of Ravna on the first morning and Ruijiste on the 5th, but otherwise being pretty much completely isolated in the wilderness the whole time. This is one of my absolute favourite experiences from the 20 months I spent solo travelling, but it was also one of the most challenging as I had to face many trials such as getting lost, struggling to find water, having to navigate areas with landmines, taking shelter from hailstorms and racing the darkness to find mountain hunts to sleep in. Later on in my postings, I will publish a 2 part vlog of the journey, so stick around if you want to experience the adventure in more detail. Next up, we'll be officially starting our solo travelling montage series, which will take us around 10 countries on 3 different continents. Then we'll be continuing with solo hiking vlogs, wilderness camping and all manner of bizarre shenanigans in my home country. Stay tuned... The awesome music in this video is by JKE & Roots Grown Deep Track ID: Open Country Find it here: 🤍 Find out more about the Via Dinarica Trail at: 🤍 Ps. Besides making videos, I also love to write about all sorts of nonsense relating to travel, hiking, introspection and just life in general. I have for a while been using Instagram to share this form of expression. Check it out 🤍sweet_petes_wandering_feet: 🤍

The Balkans - Via Dinarica (2022)


Shot with DJI Mini 2 Music: "Unconditional" by Pondoore Thru-hiking the Via Dinarica trail from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Road trip through Montenegro and Albania

Via Dinarica Trip 2019


Two sisters on 350km hiking adventure :) Prenj Mountains in Bosnia Dinara, the highest peak of Croatia National Parks - Paklenice & Velebit

Via Dinarica Trail 2019: Boracko - Umoljani (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Song: Kygo ft. Parson James - Stole the show (instrumental)

Superhip's Via Dinarica Thru-Hike 2019


I hiked the Via Dinarica White Trail from Postojna, Slovenia to Valbone, Albania ~ June 9th till July 23rd 2019. It was about 800 miles or 1300 km. I then set the Fastest Known Time for the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. 53 hours and 52 minutes 110.57 miles ~ 38,885 ft elevation gain (177.94 km ~ 11,852.14 meters elevation gain). I did a write up here with an included gps track for proof: 🤍 The trail needs a lot of maintenance which is hard to show in a video where you just want to show the best and most beautiful. I think you really have to want to walk across these places and stop at all the bars/do side trails/really explore while dealing with the difficulties of walking on roads and through very poorly marked and overgrown trails. I have a blog post here which included my Waypoints : I have also hiked the Triple Crown, SHT, LT, and Hayduke. I a video for the Hayduke: 🤍 Also you can see me on Instagram as Superhiphikes I hope you enjoyed my video! -Superhip (Samson Clyde) Music: Cate Le Bon ~ Are You With Me Now? La Femme ~ It's Time To Wake Up (2023) Mahely Ba ~ Asiadji Andrew Bird ~ Sectionate City Helado Negro ~ Please Won't Please Paul & Linda McCartney ~ Heart Of The Country

Via Dinarica - The Macedonian Adventure


Follow the path of four personal adventure stories entangled on the Via Dinarica trail in North Macedonia, connected to one another by their love for nature, mountains, tradition and their passion to share it with the world. The Via Dinarica is a long distance hiking trail and adventure corridor that stretches nearly 2000 kilometers and extends the entire length of the Dinaric Alps, connecting the Western Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania. Its main goal is to improve the development of tourism in each country and focuses on the local communities and their sustainable development. Via Dinarica has been recognized by most of the influential media in the travel industry and awarded as one of the Best Destinations of the World for 2017 by National Geographic, among others. The organization Mustseedonia, as implementer of the sub-project Via Dinarica North Macedonia of the LRCP - Local and Regional Competitiveness Project is working on the development and promotion of Via Dinarica in North Macedonia and, in collaboration with Diverse Film Production and as part of the project activities has produced this promotional documentary. Crew: Producers - Aleksandar Donev and Samir Ljuma Director of photography - Samir Ljuma Editors - Andrej Gjorgjievski and Sergej Georgiev Camera and drone - Andrej Gjorgjievski Director - Sergej Georgiev

Hiking on the Via Dinarica - Thru-hike Europe LOG#20


We've already spent 3 weeks hiking in Croatia, the winter has started without any doubt, we made our first steps on the Via Dinarica trails and we discovered some of the most beautiful places of Croatia. The Via Dinarica is this network of trails that goes from Slovenia to Albania through several countries. As always, we don't really follow it with 100% of precision but we use it as a course for our way across the Balkans. We also recently discovered another trail called the Via Adriatica, it's a bit more along the coastline but we crossed it here and there. Finaly, meet Antoine, our 15th guest in this crazy thru-hike across Europe! Via Dinarica ►🤍 Via Adriatica ►🤍 ◄LOGBOOKS - A 10,000-KM-THRU-HIKE ACROSS EUROPE► The insane 10,000 km thru-hike in 17 countries of Southern Europe documented in video logs every 200/300 kilometers. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, share with us all our discoveries, encounters, pains, difficulties and joys! ▲ All footages are shot while hiking with minimum equipment. Olympus Ambassadors, shooting with OMD EM1 MKII To follow the adventure: ★ Subscribe to our channel here ►🤍 ★ Join us on Facebook ►🤍 ★ Our photography work is on Instagram ► 🤍 ★ Check out our website ►🤍 ★ Make a donation on Commeon ► 🤍 ♣ Take up the 1KG FOR THE PLANET challenge ► 🤍 ♫ If you are a musician looking for exposure, do not hesitate to send us your creations if you want us to use them in our videos ►Leave us a comment on the video ♪ Music Credits: ♪ © Deux Pas Vers l'Autre

Via Dinarica White Trail | Thru-Hike (1400 km in 44 days)


1400 km long distance thru-hike in 44 days. Through Kosovo,Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia. More informations on nebo

Solo Hiking & Wild Camping Challenges in the Balkans of Bosnia | Via Dinarica White Trail - Prenj


This is part 1 of a multi day solo hiking and wild camping vlog I made, trekking through the Prenj Mountains in Bosnia & Herzegovina and it is the first hiking vlog I ever made. This hike forms part of the Via Dinarica White Trail, which follows the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps in the Balkans and it took me 5 days to complete, although I was taking it very slow as I really enjoyed being alone in the wilderness, finding rustic hiker's shelters to sleep in and just embracing the solitude of nature. At this time in my life, I had very little experience with multi-day solo hiking or wild camping and I did it very unprepared, so it felt a bit like I was on some kind of wilderness survival challenge or an amateur solo hiker's initiation. From having no good hiking gear and a much too overloaded pack, to getting lost, struggling for water, dodging landmines and having to take shelter from hailstorms, it was quite an adventure indeed. This video covers the first 3 days of the journey; starting at Jablanica, spending the first 2 nights in a hiker's shelter at Meduprenje and then onwards to Vrutak where I intended to wild camp, but was forced by the weather to take shelter in an old run down mountain shack. In part 2 we'll be summiting the highest peak called Zelena Glava at 2155m before slowly making our way out of the mountains. PS. This is a rather rough vlog as it was my first attempt at talking to cameras and I was much too focused on not dying in those mountains, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. I have many more solo hiking and wild camping vlogs to share where we unfold a lot more, so do stay tuned... If you want to see more from this journey, check out the montages I made: 🤍 And check out this playlist if you want to see more of what it's like to go solo backpacking in the Balkans: 🤍 Find out more about the Via Dinarica Trail at: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍sweet_petes_wandering_feet: 🤍

Via Dinarica


Moje prvo planinarenje (Via Dinarica) | Davor Gerbus


Hej ekipa! Nadam se da vam se svidio ovaj vlog :) Ukoliko vam se sviđa ovaj video, pretplatite se na moj kanal te kliknite zvonce kako biste svaki put dobili obavijest kada izbacim nešto novo! Klikni ovdje za pretplatu - 🤍 Posjetite moj website : 🤍 Moje društvene mreže : INSTAGRAM : 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 Business Inquiries : gerbus1122🤍 Komentiraj “bikonje” ako vidiš ovo! Volim vas sve ❤️ Tagovi : #DavorGerbus #Vlog #Planinarenje #ViaDinarika

People of the Via Dinarica - Interview of Olja Latinovic, Project Coordinator, Terra Dinarica


If you have ever considered hiking in the Balkans, you probably know the Via Dinarica. This network of hiking trails connect 7 countries from Slovenia to Albania. We've hiked during our thru-hike across Europe and discovered amazing people and places. Olja Latinovic lives near Sarajevo in Bosnia, she is project coordinator for Terra Dinarica, the association in charge of developping Via Dinarica in Bosnia. Her testimony is an invitation to discover how rich and beautiful all those countries are! CONVERSATION WITH Olja Latinovic, Project Coordinator, Association Terra Dinarica. People of the Via Dinarica ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ◄CONVERSATION WITH - OUTSTANDING CHARACTERS OF EUROPE► We give the floor to the people we met on the road during our thru-hike in Europe. We believe that our ultralight hiking trip is the perfect opportunity to discover and share the life and vision of outstanding characters across Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey. ▲ All footages are shot while hiking with minimum equipment. Olympus Ambassadors, shooting with OMD EM1 MKII To follow the adventure: ★ Subscribe to our channel here ►🤍 ★ Join us on Facebook ►🤍 ★ Our photography work is on Instagram ► 🤍 ★ Check out our website ►🤍 ★ Make a donation on Commeon ► 🤍 ♣ Take up the 1KG FOR THE PLANET challenge ► 🤍 ♫ If you are a musician looking for exposure, do not hesitate to send us your creations if you want us to use them in our videos ►Leave us a comment on the video ♪ Music Credits: ♪ © Deux Pas Vers l'Autre

Kontekst: Via Dinarica


Od Slovenije preko Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore, Srbije, Kosova, do Albanije i Makedonije... Kakav je potencijal planina i područja Dinarskog luka za razvoj avanturističkog turizma? Kako očuvati i gostima predstaviti netaknutu prirodu jugoistočne Evrope? O tome u Kontekstu razgovaramo sa trojicom alpinista uključenih u regionalni projekat „Via Dinarica“: - Draganom Jaćimovićem, - Kenanom Muftićem i - Alanom Čaplarom. Emisiju vodi Irena Kuldija. Pratite nas: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Trekking the Via Dinarica "White Trail" with Ray and Glenn


Ray "Wall" and Glenn "Fiddlehead" hiked this trail in it's entirety in 2017, starting out July 4 In Slovenia with my niece and our friend, "Shagg". It is really a great hike with the friendliest people and beautiful country. I highly recommend it to any adventurours hikers. (it is a tough one though)

Via Dinarica


The Via Dinarica is a concept which connects seven countries and territories that encompass the Dinaric Alps mountain range: from Slovenia to northern Albania. The heart of this mega trail, similar to the Via Alpina and the Appalachian Trails, is in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia and Montenegro. The Via Dinarica project is an initiative of USAID and UNDP focusing on the portion of the mountain range in BiH, and it is implemented in cooperation with national partners. It intends to reduce economic, social, and regional disparities in BiH through the promotion of the Via Dinarica as a regional tourism attraction and increase BiH’s standing in the competitive nature-based tourism sphere. Video is produced by 🤍

Via Dinarica - Erfahrungsbericht


Ein Rückblick auf unsere Wanderung auf der Via Dinarica im Balkan. Falls ihr Empfehlungen für eine Wanderung habt lasst es uns wissen ;)! Detaillierte Reiseberichte zu jeder Etappe findet ihr auf unserem Blog: 🤍

Via Dinarica In Motion E1 - Bjelasnica Winter Adventure


We start our ‘Via Dinarica in Motion’ serial (more info on the idea below) with a video from Bjelasnica mountain - the very heart of the Bosnian Dinarics! On the last day of 2019, our team member Edo Vričić, discovered the ‘white magic of Bjelasnica’, together with friends from his mountaineering club PO PDS Velebit . During the snowshoeing ascent to its highest peak (Bjelasnica / Observatorij 2067m) they witnessed true beauty of winter in the Dinaric mountain range. ‘The magic’ was so strong that it fueled many new adventures in the year that followed (2020)…the year that turned out to be a great challenge for all of us who like to move, explore and enjoy Nature! Bjelasnica made that positive push that we needed just before the ‘halt’ that the 2020 brought. It inspired continuous activity and gave us ‘soul-food’ to keep on mountaineering in 2020, wherever and whenever possible and regardless of how limited our options during the pandemic were at times! It also marked the beginning of a turbulent period of our lives in which we realized again how only movement (inner or outer) can bring about change and only change can create new knowledge and personal growth! So, enjoy Bjelasnica and stay tuned for more short videos and stories from the Via Dinarica. A trail that helps us all to stay ‘in motion’ ! VMD Adventure Travel Croatia Team - About ‘Via Dinarica in Motion (VDIM)’ In many ways, the year 2020 was a year of contrasts…on one side, the whole world seemed to become deeply enclosed, as did the people. Travel became almost impossible, adventures turned into stay🤍home experiences and life became more static. On the other side (and thanks to the wondrous power of our Planet to create exciting diverse landscapes in small areas), many of us living in the area of the Dinaric mountain range and Via Dinarica Trail realized how life can still remain full, creative and ‘in motion’. How we can still learn, discover, grow and change through adventures! And that the only thing important is to ‘turn your compass’ from ‘far’ to ‘close and around’. Since often the world around us is as beautiful and exciting as the world far away! In honour of this ‘outdoor epiphany’, we start a small serial of amateur videos, dedicated to ‘life in motion’. A serial aiming to remind us to always seek new adventures, even when ‘limited’ only to the world close and around us. Fortunately for us 🤍 VMD Adventure Travel, that ‘world close and around us’ is the magic world of Via Dinarica! So, we bring you a glimpse of the beautiful Dinarics to help you remember to always stay active, healthy, strong, positive and ‘in motion’! Even when you are not actually moving! VMD Adventure Travel Croatia Team W: 🤍 F: 🤍

Via Dinarica au Monténégro, été 2021


Dans cet after movie de mes aventures de cet été 2021, il y a plusieurs parties. - 5 jours de trek en forêt noire avec une amie. - Le voyage en stop vers le Monténégro. - 8 jours de trekking pour traverser le Monténégro en suivant l'itinéraire "Via Dinarica". - 2 semaines de volontariat en France par après. Je ne suis pas un grand vidéaste mais j'essaie de transmettre les instants et les ressentis à travers quelques images. Au plaisir d'en (re)discuter avec vous, Julien

She's not lost, she explores // Hiking Prenj 🇧🇦 VIA DINARICA VLOG #1


Hey there, I'm section hiking the Via Dinarica Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting from Mostar & hopefully finishing on Maglić. Three years ago I hiked the entire Via Dinarica White Trail from Albania to Slovenia. Now year I'm going back to the places I loved most, Prenj for example. In this video I explore a new old route that's connecting the White Trail at Ruište with mountain hut Fortica above Mostar. An adventurous hike. A typical Via Dinarica adventure with the typical Via Dinarica UPS&downs 😌 MORE INFORMATION ★ Fortica mountain hut: 🤍 ★ Via Dinarica: 🤍 ★ This hike on Outdooractive: 🤍 BLOGS about Prenj (2016) ★ Prenj party 🤍 ★ Descend from Prenj 🤍 ★ Beautifully Wild Bosnia & Herzegovina 🤍 ★ In de Hut 🤍 SUPPORT ★ Patreon: 🤍 ★ Ko-fi: 🤍 MORE ADVENTURE ★ Blog: 🤍 ★ Instagram: 🤍 ★ Facebook: 🤍 The GEAR I use: ★ Deuter Aircontact Light 45 + 10 SL 🎁 from DE TREK OUTDOOR, Hoorn (NL) ★ Vibram FiveFingers V-TRAINS 🎁 from DE TREK BAREFOOT, A'dam (NL) ★ Leki Micro Trail Pro hiking poles via TCK Sports Group ★ Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad ★ Anker 21 Watt Solar Panel #viadinarica #prenj #bosniaandherzegovina

hiking 120 km on the Via Dinarica in Montenegro & Albania


We spent six days hiking 120 km on the Via Dinarica. Our starting point was Mojkovac, Montenegro, which we reached by train from Belgrade. Our hike ended in Valbona, Albania. route - 🤍 music - Gavin Luke / Summer Memories + Nadir + What Once Was / courtesy of 🤍 thumbnail photo - 🤍 for the full itinerary of our trip read my blog: 🤍

Via Dinarica Green Trail - Discover Perun Mountain


Mt. Perun is situated in central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, between Vareš and Kraljeva Sutjeska It is part of Via Dinarica Green Trail. Read a story about the divine mountain Perun, written by Sabina Sirćo at 🤍

Via Dinarica Durmitor Mountain


Via Dinarica White Trail across Durmitor Mountain, Montenegro 🤍 Join us on our guided Via Dinarica tour through the majestic Dinaric Alps in Bosnia & Montenegro. More information at 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Zelena staza Via Dinarice / Via Dinarica Green Trail / Vlog


Zelenom stazom Via Dinarice vodi nas Ajdin Hasanić 🤍AjdinatoRR, kroz adrenalinsku vožnju kanjonom Grmuše na rijeci Uni u dužini od 12 km uz pomoć domaćina Amara iz Una Kayak Safari. Nakon doze adrenalina Ajdin je posjetio i druge korisnike Via Dinarica projekta na ovo stazi, prošao biciklističkim stazama u Bihaću koje održava udruženje Daj krug, te uživao u divnom krajoliku i razgovoru s domaćinom Borom - Visit Pecka u Mrkonjić Gradu. / Ajdin Hasanić (🤍AjdinatoRR) leads us along the Green Trail of Via Dinarica, through an adrenaline ride through the Grmuša canyon on the river Una in the length of 12 km with the help of the host Amar from Una Kayak Safari. After a dose of adrenaline, Ajdin visited other users of the Via Dinarica project on this trail, rode the bike trails in Bihać maintained by the association Daj krug, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and conversation with the host Boro - Visit Pecka in Mrkonjić Grad. Više o Via Dinarici na / More about Via Dinarica at 🤍 Pratite Via Dinaricu na / Follow Via Dinarica on INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 #viadinarica #morethanatrail #connectingnaturally

Introduction to Via Dinarica web portal


This video is about Tut1 Via D portal

Via Dinarica in Bosnia


Trekking along the #ViaDinarica White Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Via Dinarica - Staze zelenog i održivog razvoja / Via Dinarica - Green and Sustainable Growth Trails


14.decembar 2021: Via Dinarica prirodno povezuje teritorije, države i zajednice Dinarskih Alpa, a osnovna spona je stvaranje i očuvanje jedinstvene i široke turističke ponude. Povezuje i ljude, a na ovoj konferenciji je povezala partnere, donatore, korisnike, prijatelje i ljubitelje Via Dinarice. Preko trideset panelistica i panelista učestvovalo je u programu konferencije „Staze zelenog i održivog razvoja“ koja je organizovana u okviru projekta Via Dinarica, kojeg implementira i sufinancira Razvojni program Ujedinjenih nacija u Bosni i Hercegovini (UNDP BiH), uz financijsku podršku Agencije Sjedinjenih Američkih Država za međunarodni razvoj (USAID BiH), Agencije za razvojnu suradnju Republike Italije (AICS) i Federalnog ministarstva okoliša i turizma (FMOIT). Partneri i donatori projekta su prisustvovali i dali osvrt na dosadašnje aktivnosti kojima su Bosna i Hercegovina i cijela regija dospjeli na svjetski turistički radar. - 14 December 2021: Via Dinarica naturally connects the territories, states and communities of the Dinaric Alps. This fundamental link is the basis for the creation and preservation of a unique and wide ranging touristic offer. It also connects people and on this conference it has connected partners, donors, users, friends and fans of Via Dinarica. Over thirty panelists participated in the programme of the conference ‘Green and Sustainable Growth Trails’, which was organized within the Via Dinarica project and implemented and co-financed by the United Nations Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH), with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID BiH), the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism (FMOIT). The partners and donors of the project attended the conference and gave their overview of the activities thus far, which have placed Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region firmly on the world tourism radar. #viadinarica #connectingnaturaly #morethanatrail

Superhip Gear for Via Dinarica Thru Hike 2019


List with weights here: 🤍 🤍 I am Superhip - Fun Movies Here: 🤍 A quick video I shot of my gear on the Via Dinarica in 2019. Not the best video but I hope it helps someone out. I have a blog post here which included my Waypoints :

To follow the ridge // Hiking Omiška Dinara 🇭🇷 VIA DINARICA CROATIA VLOG #1


Friday 11/10/2919 Here's October's Via Dinarica section hike in Croatia! Hiking the Blue Trail on Omiška Dinara mountain. In this video I try to connect an hiking trail up on the ridge of Omiška Dinara to Biokovo mountain without going all the way down to the coast. I really really tried! MORE INFORMATION ★ Via Dinarica Blue Trail 🤍 ★ Via Adriatica Trail 🤍 BLOGS ★ Trail journal (2018) Omiška Dinara: 🤍 ★ Via Dinarica Blue Trail: Omiška Dinara Hike 🤍 MORE ADVENTURE ★ Blog: 🤍 ★ Instagram: 🤍 SUPPORT ★ Patreon: 🤍 ★ Ko-fi: 🤍 The GEAR I use: ★ Deuter Aircontact Light 45 + 10 SL backpack 🎁 from DE TREK OUTDOOR, Hoorn (NL) ★ Deuter Astro Pro 400 SL sleeping bag 🎁 from DE TREK OUTDOOR, Hoorn (NL) ★ Vibram FiveFingers V-TRAINS shoes 🎁 from DE TREK BAREFOOT, Amsterdam (NL) ★ Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad ★ Anker 21 Watt Solar Panel ★ MSR stove WhisperLite liquid fuel stove ★ Nigor Pio Pio Solo tent via Nigor EU ★ Leki Micro Trail Pro hiking poles via TCK Sports Group #viadinarica #viaadriatica #omiskadinara

Via Dinarica


La Via Dinarica de l'Albanie à la Slovénie via le Monténégro, la Bosnie&Herzégovine et la Croatie. Près de 1000km à travers les Alpes Dinariques. Trace GPS, ravitaillement, hébergement sur 🤍

Via Dinarica Long-Distance Hiking Trail


Have you heard of the Via Dinarica? It's one of the top long-distance hiking trails in the world. It spans 2000 km (1243 miles) and 7 countries. It's still largely undiscovered but won't remain a secret for long. We have a small group trip from Sept 12th to 21st, 2021 and a few spaces left that are going fast. Join us! More details at: 🤍

Croatia, Slovenia & Italy (Via Dinarica 3)


Stage 3: Sibenik (Croatia) to Trieste (Italy). Riding along the coast of Pag, Rab and Cres and across Istria to Triest. For more details check out our website entry: 🤍

Via Dinarica Trektocht in Bosnië


Bosnië is een unieke bestemming voor een paardrijvakantie, je maakt een trektocht door de Dinarische Alpen en geniet van de rust midden in de natuur. Hier ben je even helemaal offline!

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